2017 Year

Lada Vesta in 2017.Complexity of the Message. PhotoHow much it will cost

Lada Vesta in 2017.Complexity of the Message. PhotoHow much it will cost

In recent years, Avtovaz's manufacturers have decided to seriously approach the creation of new models of cars. Recent modifications of the domestic manufacturer have become increasingly similar to foreign cars. To such a Russian model belongs also Lada Vesta. In 2017, the car will differ

with a new, modern design.

In addition, the model will include a number of other additional elements made from the finest material.

Exterior of Lada Vesta 2017.

Already in August, the inhabitants of Russia was officially presented this model, engineers in one voice claim that the front of the case is very similar to another new model of the Russian automobile industry - Lada X-ray. The

  • Bumper features chromed details that give the car an X-shaped front of the body.
  • Lighting system is divided into several parts.
  • Fog lights are located on special niches located in the front of the body.

A pair of dimensional shafts is located on the lattice part of the radiator, in the center of which is the manufacturer's logo. On the sides of the body there are clear depressions.

The 2017 Vest Package was created based on the fact that the car will often move on uneven roads. For this bumper and thresholds of the car, the developers have protected the hard plastic. The bottom of the transport is also protected by strong material. Thus, even the most unequal roads will not be terrible to Ladi West in 2017.

Photo Lada Vesta 2017.
Lada Vesta in 2017.Complexity of the Message. PhotoHow much it will cost

The rear of the car body, too, has adopted very original modern outlines. The car has unusual shapes of headlights and anti-wing dimensions. The rear bumper of the car is similar to the back of the modern versatile person.

Interior Lada Vesta 2017.

The interior of the car will not be much different from the previous versions. The front of the cabin will be highlighted with blue light. Car seats are quite comfortable. The center console is distinguished by its brightness, which can not but attract attention. Even basic equipment includes the presence of a touch screen climate control system. Thanks to its long body, there was more free space in the rear of the car interior.

Lada Vesta in 2017.Complexity of the Message. PhotoHow much it will cost

Key features of the Lada Vesta 2017.

The official information about the technical characteristics of the car from the manufacturer has not yet been received, however, it is known that the vehicle will be available at once in several modifications. But how much will each of these models cost? Despite its different technical features, the price of different vehicle modifications will not be very different. The average cost will be about 700 thousand rubles.

The exact information about the characteristics of the engine is not yet available, but there is an assumption that the engine volume will be 1.6 liters. The car will only work on gasoline.