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Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

A reboot of the old good franchise awaits a large number of viewers. The main role in the movie "Lara Croft"( "Tomb Raider") did not go to Angelina Jolie. The world-class actress gave way to a new generation - the young, self-sufficient archeologist will play

sporty, cute and, of course, fit for style, the 28-year-old Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

Can fans of the game and the movie "Tomb Raider" love the new actress as a famous character? We will find out the answer to this question as early as next year. The premiere of the film in the world and in Russia is scheduled for one day - March 15, 2018.

Film studio GK Films has redeemed the rights to screen the updated version of the fascinating story of Lara Croft in 2011.However, shortly after starting to work on the film, the head of the company, Graham King, realized that he was not cope with the expectations that he was putting in, and soon three other companies joined the project: Warner Bros. Pictures, Eidos Interactive Ltd.and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

In 2015, the media leaked information about the director of "Larry Croft", it became Roar Uthuh. There are not many films on the Norwegian film director's account: paintings( Wave( 2015), Polonnyanka. Escape( 2012), Charming Silver( 2009), Stay alive( 2006), several short films: Regjeringen Martin»(2002),« A Fistful of Kebab »(1998),« DX13036 »(1996) and mini-series« Hellfire »(2012).

Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

Geneva Robertson-Duaret, who works on the scenario before"Sherlock Holmes 3."

Producer adventure action advocates Graham King, Gary Barber, Drew Crevelo, Tim Haddington, etc.

Three studios meet the special effects: ScanlineVFX, Makinarium and 4DMAx It seems that the movie promises to be spectacular in 2018.

The brilliant actors of Tomb Raider

As mentioned above, Alicia Vikander will play Tomb Raider in the new film, according to the girl, when she was offered this role, she was glad because shethe image of Larry Croft, and the character himself - religious, this is an example to follow, many girls like to be fearless Lara.

Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

Alicia noted that her heroine combines such contradictory qualities as stiffness and vulnerability, femininity and the ability to "pull his ass" to any enemy.

The Vikant himself admitted to the media that Lara Croft is very different from her previous heroines. We must admit that for Alicia the role of Lara is a real challenge to ourselves, leaving the comfort zone. Earlier, the girl played mainly in historical costume films.

We could see it in the paintings Anna Karenina, Memoirs about the future, Light in the ocean, Cleanliness, Agents A.N.D.L., To something beautiful,.The winner received the Oscar for the best female role of the second plan in the movie "Girl from Denmark".

Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

The main antagonist and opponent of Larry Croft will be Walton Goggins. The actor has played in several westerns of the legendary Quentin Tarantino. Also, Goggins does not shy away from the roles in the series, which is why his popularity only grows.

During his career, Walton Goggins was a bright path from the roles of the second and even the third plan, we will be frank, the favorite of Tarantino himself. We look forward to his new release in the movie "Lara Croft" in 2018.

Also featured in the film are James Pement, Dominique West, Helen Holmes, John Hannah Cayman, Bernardo Santos, Daniel Wu, Gintare Binoravichute, Alexander Villhouse, and others.

Will the story of the exterminator be left?

Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

Despite the fact that not all creators of the future masterpiece reveal, it is already known that the movie "Lara Croft" will be shot in the 2013 game of the same name. It is noteworthy that the Tomb Raider, as well as the 2018 movie, was once again a reload of a series of games about a purposeful and brave girl.

The most popular idea is that the viewer will see in the picture a young, indistinct defect of Lara, as well as trace its formation as a famous archaeologist, able to get from the tomb any trifle, even if it will be very difficult.

In modern cinematography, especially in the US, one can observe the tendency to lead a narrative in a film about an already familiar viewer of history. So the team of creators of Larry Croft in 2018 was by no means surprised by their tactics. In the re-launch of the franchise, we learn about a completely young and inexperienced Lara, when celebrity and popularity have not yet found their heroine.

Lara Croft 2018: Story, release date, premiere, actors of the new movie

The most sought after archaeologist Lara Croft will be a bit later. And now Lara is a young 21-year-old girl whose father was missing seven years ago. Inventive beauty does not want to become the heir to the great business empire of his father.

Instead of taking the pillar of the board of directors in their delicate hands, Lara is studying at one of London's colleges and forging on a leisure by a regular courier. Despaired to wait for the pope, Lara decides to find him, at all costs.

A girl will have to go on a long journey filled with dangers that will keep the young beautiful lady literally at every turn. Mr Croft was last seen on one of the islands off the coast of Japan. It is there that the path of Lara Croft lies.

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