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What to feed a dog at home: monsieur, list, small, heat

What to feed a dog at home: monsieur, list, small, heat

Health, appearance and ability to carry off offspring and life expectancy depend on how well the food is picked up. The question of how to feed a dog at home should be taken seriously.

  • Natural or dry feed
  • Adults and kids: feed correctly
  • Correct nutrition for dogs
  • List of prohibited products
  • Feeding dogs during pregnancy
  • Dog diet during lactation
  • Useful video on topic
  • Feeding dogs of small breeds
  • Feeding large breed dogs
  • Whatfeed the pet in the heat
  • Nutrition of dogs with enterovirus
  • Nutrition of the dog in the postoperative period
  • Features of nutrition of elderly and sick dogs

Natural andof dry food

Select the type of feeding depends on the owner. Natural food is a cheap and time-consuming process that is directly related to the availability of free time and the desire to provide a good nutrition to your pet. Nevertheless, "natural" must necessarily be supplemented with a complex of synthetic vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal functioning of the body's vital functions.

In terms of dry feed, experienced breeders advise to use the premium and premium premium brands, which contain animal proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micro-and macro elements in the right amounts. Many manufacturers offer for sale a feed, designed individually, taking into account the needs of a specific breed of dog or the tendency to some diseases, such as allergies.
What to feed a dog at home: monsieur, list, small, heat
Cheap "drying" usually contains meat ingredients of low quality and of unknown origin, its television advertising - just a standard marketing move, from which profit makers. High-quality feed is expensive, but it's not necessary to save your pet by eating it - it can lead to health problems.

A mixed type of breeding is not recommended at all, as for the use of dry food and natural food, pets need a different amount of digestive enzymes. Such feeding can lead to serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract of a shoddy friend.

Adults and babies: feed correctly

Abandonment of feeding puppies from an adult dog, mainly to feed rates. The kid needs to be fed 6 times a day, an adult animal is quite morning and evening meals. Very tiny puppies, taken from the mother's chest and up to three months, have a physiological need for milk - a dry milk substitute for milk for dogs, presented for sale in pet shops or goat's milk, will satisfy the requirement.

By the age of three months, the enzyme that breaks down the lactose disappears, the need for milk fades away, which means that you can feed it with the foods from the diet of an adult dog, with the predominance of meat products.

Correct nutrition for dogs

So let's look at how to feed a dog at home, the monster or shepherd - it does not matter.

If the choice is made in favor of the natural type of feeding, the dog's menu should include the following products:

  • meat and meat offal - beef in raw or boiled form;
  • fish - mainly marine, cod or salmon families;
  • sour milk product - cheese or yogurt with a small percentage of fat, sometimes available for breakfast;
  • chicken or quail eggs in raw form;
  • vegetables and fruits - carrots, broccoli, it is better to serve in a pure form or mix with meat paste;
  • cereals and bran - rich cardamom, to offer them can be in the form of porridge in a meat or fish broth;
  • vegetable oils - sunflower oil and olive oil.

What to feed a dog at home: monsieur, list, small, heat

List of Prohibited Products

There is a list of products that are better excluded from the pet's diet to avoid health problems:

  • tubular bones - can damage the esophagus and mucous membrane of the stomach;
  • sweet food - the animal's organism can not split the sugar and, when it enters the stomach, sweets cause fermentation that disturbs the digestion;
  • sausages, sausages and smoked meat contain a large amount of spices and salt, the use of such food leads to a disruption of liver function;
  • beans and nuts - cause flatulence;
  • flour products and potatoes - lead to bloating and constipation.

Feeding a Dog During Pregnancy

A pregnant bitch needs a correct, balanced diet, for the full development of offspring.

In order for the dog to be able to bear and give birth to healthy puppies, one must take into account the peculiarities of feeding a future mother:

  • products should be "first freshness", intoxication of the body threatens to interrupt pregnancy;
  • the main part of the food should be products that contain a large amount: animal protein - meat and fish, calcium - dairy products, essential amino acids - eggs;
  • "pregnant woman" will go in favor of vegetables and fruits, as a natural source of vitamins;
  • increase the frequency of feeding to 5-6 times a day;
  • reduces the consumption of starchy foods;
  • to include in the diet a complex of synthetic vitamins for pregnant and lactating females.

Dog's diet during lactation

The more happy puppies mom means - the higher her need for food. Mother should eat plenty to offer enough milk to their children. In the period of feeding, it is possible to offer buckwheat cow or goat milk, kefir, ryazhenka, meat and fish broths.

In the postpartum period the body of the pregnant woman is attenuated, the ability to absorb the protein is reduced, so its amount should be strictly controlled.

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Pet dogs of small breeds

Dogs of small and large breeds differ in physiological development. Small individuals grow and develop faster, higher and their energy consumption. It is necessary to take into account the particularity of feeding small friends; otherwise, malnutrition threatens obesity, problems with the heart and liver.

In order for the pet to not turn into a fluffy sausage, some recommendations should be followed:

  • should not exceed the amount of feed specified by the producer on the dry food package;
  • enter feeding mode, at regular intervals;
  • to choose only fresh and lean meat products;
  • be sure to include vegetables and fruits in the menu.

Feeding large breed dogs

Large dog breeds are a standard menu, but they can not be fed. Excess weight is an additional burden on the joints, which is contraindicated for large dogs. The body of a large animal needs additional drugs of calcium and phosphorus, to strengthen the bones.

What to feed a dog at home: monsieur, list, small, heat

What to feed the pet in the heat

In hot weather, dogs eat more and eat more. Often, appetite appears until the evening, so it is worth looking at the pet's diet and offer him less caloric food - sour milk products or vegetable rago.

Nutrition of dogs with enterovirus

In case of intoxication and diarrhea, veterinarians are advised not to feed the pupil during the day and to provide the dog a profuse drink. Water will help clear the body from toxins and poisons that have accumulated in the body. For the second day, gradually introduce meat broths with rice, then beef and dairy products. A week later, when the work of the gastrointestinal tract of the pupil is adjusted, you can return to the previous diet.

Dog feeding in the postoperative period

After the operation, the animal can not be fed and watered. In the rehabilitation period, the dog should be fed finely in small portions. Food should be easily digestible in liquid or mushy-shaped form - meat broth, mashed meat with meat, burger.

Peculiarities of nutrition of elderly and sick dogs

The organism of the pupil is changing and, with age, food is heavily heavier. Therefore, eating older and sick dogs should be less caloric - it will reduce the risk of obesity.

More and more older dogs suffer from constipation, in order to avoid the problem, it is necessary to offer the nurse more sour milk products, as well as whole grains, bran, rich flour. The sizes of portions should be small, and the food - soft.