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Novice for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Do you vaccinate your cat or think that an animal that lives in an apartment does not require additional protection?

If you are a competent person, then you know that even a domestic cat can suffer from common animal infections.


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What to do, stab or not to stab? It's up to you to decide on this, and we will only suggest the appropriate drug - this is the combined vaccine Nobivac Tricat Trio.

Instructions for use

In one dose The Noble Triplet Trio for cats contains panleukopenia viruses, cats rhinotracheitis and cats of cats. Thus, the field of activity of the vaccine:

  • viral rhinotracheitis;
  • calcium infection;
  • panleykopenia cats.

Novice for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats


Want to know how to properly prepare for a vaccination program?

  • The first vaccine is administered at the age of 9 weeks.
  • Second - at the age of 12 weeks.
  • Revaccination 1 time per year.
  • On the eve of vaccination, the pet must give anti-helminthic drugs.
  • Only healthy animal is in good spirits.
  • The vaccine is dissolved before being injected in a phosphate buffer solvent.
  • The vaccine is injected into the body no later than half an hour after the dissolution of 1 bottle per 1 cat.
  • IMPORTANT!The vaccine should not come in contact with disinfectants or alcohol, otherwise it will not work.
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    Advantages and disadvantages of Nobivac Triquet Trio for cats

    Benefits of a Vaccine Nobivac Trichter Trio:

    • Efficiency;
    • Ease of use;
    • Formation of a stable immune response to major cat infections;
    • The producer country, the Netherlands, is famous for imposing high demands on the quality of its products;
    • We will talk about another bold plus at the end of this material.


    • High Price.


    Some instructions for use have stated that there are no contraindications. But still veterinarians do not recommend vaccination Tobacco Tricat Trio:

    • If you are going to do it simultaneously with other vaccines;
    • If the animal is hurt or weakened;
    • If there is no anti-parasitic program;
    • If the cat is pregnant.

    Side Effects

    Possible Side Effect - Hypersensitivity reaction. After all, the solution Noble Triket Trio is essentially a substance containing an alien protein. If this reaction is observed, adrenaline should be administered immediately under the skin.

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    Reviews about the drug Noviwak for cats

    Katerina: "I did not turn to veterinarians to inject my kitten. I have not been the first animal, and I have already seen how Nobivak is introduced. I'm doing skills myself, so there were no problems. The kitten carried the whole vaccination program exceptionally well, I, by the way, also followed his chair too. So, the chair was never liquid at all. Therefore, I'll put a firm five! "

    Angelina: " Before you vaccinate the Noble, read on the internet reviews. A lot of this means is written about both good and bad. But my feedback will be rather positive. Kota, we had to vaccinate for the first time as an adult, since when he was 6 years old, we moved to the village. I waited a long time before making a shot. He traveled in his mood, appetizing, drove the worms. Everything went well, without bad consequences. "

    Inessa: "They brought home a cat, washed, parasites were shoved and inoculated in a veterinary clinic Nobivac. This was when the cat was still small. But when we came to make vaccinations at the age of one - there were problems. My little broke, sweating, she refused to go to the toilet in a proper place. It turned out that the cat is a scum. Doctors acknowledged that this was due to the vaccine. The cat was saved, but Nobivaka I no longer trust. "

    Masha: "I'm studying at the Veterinary Faculty in Kiev and for a long time I've decided for myself everything about vaccination. They need to be done and most cases of infection after vaccination are due to the fact that the animal was ill or infected with parasites. Anyone who has been exposed to the infection of their pet, say, panleikopeniey, will never refuse to vaccinate. Nobivac is a good import vaccine that will not harm you, just do everything by the rules. "

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    For the entire "Nobivac" line, see the link: http://www.msd-animal-health.ru /species/Cats/ VaccineCats.aspx

    Cost in Ukraine 1 dose of vaccine is 155 USD, in Moscow - 340 rubles.


    • Leocorifelina;
    • Quadricat;
    • Multifil.

    And finally - the promised teddy bear for the patient. Noble Triket Trio for cats gives immunity to Panleukpenia virus for 4 years!