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Multifel-4 for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Every house owner sooner or later asks: "Are there qualitative domestic vaccines that provide the cat with protection against common viruses?"

We will talk about the Russian medicines Multifel-4 for cats, and you decide - it's good for your favorite



  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage and timing of vaccination
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Product reviews
  • Price

So get acquainted, Multifel-4 for cats is a vaccine designed to protect the animal from major viral diseases.

Instructions for application

Immunobiological Multifel-4, according to manufacturers, with adherence to the terms of vaccination, forms an immune response to:

  • panleukopenia;
  • Chlamydia;
  • calciviruses;
  • infectious rhinotracheitis.

Do you wonder what the vaccine action is based on?

Immune response is generated by the formation of specific memory cells. In the case of Multifel-4, memory cells form weakened strains of the four diseases listed above and occur two weeks after the vaccination has taken place.

The same immune response is maintained for one year.

Multiphile 4 for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats


Medicinal product Multifel-4 does not have healing properties!

Dosage and timing of vaccination

The Russian manufacturer of vaccines, the international holding of the "Group of Companies Vetbiohim", produces a drug in transparent vials of 1 ml in 3 ml ampoules. The vaccine itself can be either clear or turbid. Do not confuse you with the color( yellow or pink) and the precipitate at the bottom of the bottle - shake the bottle before dissolving the precipitate before use.


If the vaccination period was due to the cold period of the year, the ampoule should be heated to a temperature of 36-38 ° C.

  • The first vaccination is done by a kitten at the age of 8-12 weeks. For this, 0.5 ml of vaccine is administered subcutaneously in the area of ​​the shoulder blades;
  • Second injection should be 3-4 weeks after the first;
  • Third - at the age of one year of the animal;
  • All next - once a year.

You probably need to understand what to do if for some reason you missed the term of a re-vaccination?

If re-immunization is missed, just run it as soon as possible!

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Basic rules for successful immunization:

  • The animal should be great;
  • A vaccine must BE DEALEMINATED before vaccination;
  • We recommend on the eve of vaccination to give the pet an antihistamine;
  • Follow sterility;
  • Place the injection site with alcohol;
  • Following a vaccination, it is important to follow quarantine for two weeks.

Following these basic postulates, the vaccine will work properly!

Advantages and disadvantages of Multiphil-4 for cats


  • Low cost;
  • Chlamydia in the list of diseases against which the vaccine is directed.

Indeed, we have not found any more obvious advantages. The list of shortcomings, incidentally, is also not great, but what are the disadvantages? !

  • Regular manifestations of local allergic reactions;
  • The drug is not recognized in Europe;
  • Trapping Animals.

Are you scared already? Warned - armed!


  • Sick animals;
  • Animals in the recovery period;
  • Pregnant cats on late terms;
  • Lactating cats;
  • Kittens up to 8 weeks of age.

Side effects

Among the possible side effects, the manufacturer only reports the probability of allergic manifestations. But the responses of those who inject the vaccine are much more critical. Read below!

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Reviews about the vaccine Multifel-4 for cats

Sergey: "I took a cat from volunteers who demanded that I should swear a cat" Multifel "(the first vaccine was already done), I am skeptical aboutvaccination of domestic cats, but then succumbed to persuasion. It was a big, huge mistake. Already three hours after vaccination, the cat disappeared. Then he began to lame, lay down constantly on the floor, abandoned water. In the morning the cat began to fever. During this time, I managed to read reviews about this drug and realized that I was in a hurry. The cat was not saved. "

Darina: "It's been 8 years old and somehow it turned out that we have long ceased to inject it, hoping for strong immunity. But here the cat became apathy, lost appetite, playfulness. Blown away the glees - it seemed to help, but not for long. They turned to the veterinarian and he advised to inject Multifelom. And we helped! The cat just woke up the dog's appetite)) and, it seems, began a second youth. "

Eugene: "And I, and my aunt to the animals Multifel-4 and without consequences. I do not go to veterinarians, but want to know how I do it? I tightly wrap the cats in a blanket, leaving only the part in which the injection is made. Then rub the place of the injection with alcohol and quickly inject the drug. There were no problems yet. "

Novel: "I support those who are aggressively tuned to the Multifield - an abomination to that. The veterinarian introduced the vaccine into the nape and let us go to the world. After 10 days there has grown a cone. A couple of weeks later, the wool was shattered over the cone, forming a large bark and it did not overgrown. Later, I heard that many are faced with such a side effect. "

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Price for the vaccine

The price of one dose( 1 ml) is not high. In Russia, it is 180 rubles and 91 hryvnia in Ukraine.

http://www.td-prostore.ru/ official site with information on the manufacturer and the vaccine.


  • Quadric;
  • Nobivac Tricat;
  • Vytafelwak;
  • Leocorifelina;
  • Quadricat.

Let's summarize the results of

Multifel-4 for cats - the drug is not expensive, but not safe. In a favorable case, the immune response is formed 2 weeks after vaccination and remains active for 12 months.