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How to choose and use an automatic feeder for cats

If it is necessary to have an urgent departure for a couple of days, but a pet and nobody to leave, it is advisable to choose and buy an automatic feeder for cats. This is a very convenient device that allows you to adjust the amount of food received. With its help,

can provide the cat with food for up to 5 days. It is also best to install an automatic drinking bowl so that the animal does not in any way require the owner's departure period.

Purpose of the feeder

Automatic feeders are intended for the periodical issue of a certain amount of fresh or dry feed to a pet at the specified time intervals( 8 hours, 12, or 24).Uncomplicated arithmetic calculations indicate that when choosing the first mode, the cat will receive him three times a day. Also, when selecting 2 or 3 modes - twice or once. The maximum time for automatic feeding of the feeder is 96 hours or 4 days. Thanks to the use of such a bowl, owners can not worry about the timely feeding of a pet left home without supervision.

How to choose and use an automatic feeder for cats

It is not necessary to worry that the pet will be lost due to the absence of the owner, and will not be suitable for the dish. The fact that a new portion of food is available will give the pet a welcome signal. To do this, a device for recording and playing a host voice is installed in the feeder. You can record or play any signal announcing the start of a meal, in addition to the direct invitation to which the trained pet first originated.

The volume of the portion to be fed into the feeder is limited to the size of one bowl segment. He is picked up in a special way so that a medium sized animal( an ordinary adult cat) does not feel an acute hunger in the breaks between meals. If there is any concern that the cat will not have enough of the given portion, the owner can choose the required volume of the portion and the time interval between them independently.

How to choose and use an automatic feeder for cats

Automatic feeder

You can also buy a feeder with a dispenser suitable only for dry feed. So, in the cavity for a feed( volume 1.5 liters) the necessary amount of food falls, covered and set in the right place. Such patches are usually made of food plastic, and are provided with special anti-slip protection. The same feeder can be used as a drinking bowl, having washed it beforehand with food.

But it should be noted that some pets do not recognize anything other than the usual saucers and bowls. Therefore, a few days before departure, it is necessary to check whether the animal will be eaten from this automatic feeder. Some pupils are gradually getting used to new dishes, so it is strongly recommended to start accustoming a new dish in advance.

Material for manufacturing

Moreover, it is best to choose a porcelain feeder, preferring it to it, instead of silicone or plastic containers. Before buying a modern automatic feeder, check with what kind of dishes the pupil is eating better and only then, safely go for a purchase.