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How to install a towel rack with a side connection?

Water towel warmers are an integral part of modern bathrooms. They allow to dry different small clothes, clothes and towels, help to create the most favorable and healthy microclimate, prevent the development of fungus and dampness. The waterproof

towels of the new sample are stylish, attractive and original design. With some effort, you can independently install a towel rack "ladder" in your bathroom.

How to install a towel rack with a side connection?

Preparing for connection

Waterproof towels have the following structure: Before starting the installation, prepare tools and materials that allow you to install a towel bag with a side connection. You will need the following:

  • The towel warmer itself.
  • Bypass.
  • A set of screwdrivers, and a better screwdriver.
  • Socket, suitable for installation in the bathroom.
  • Screws.
  • Transition Coupling.
  • Building level.
  • Fittings.
  • Ball Cranes.
  • Gate.

Before installing a ladder trowel with a side connection, you need to determine where the appliance will be connected. It can be connected to the plumbing or heating system. Most often coils are tapped into the system of the water supply. The advantage of this method is that the towel warmer will remain warm throughout the year. The same products that connect to the heating system will be warm only during the heating season. In addition, installing or replacing the failed stacker towels, which is connected to the heating, will be possible exclusively outside the heating season, in the winter you will definitely not be allowed to do this.

In case if your bathroom has a coil already installed and you want to replace it with a more modern "ladder" towel, then when choosing a new product, make sure it has the same diameter. In this situation it is more convenient to install a model with a lower connection. And if, during the repair work, the pipes were immersed in the wall, then you can easily implement the installation of a towel bag with a side connection.

In the process of connecting the towel dryer "ladder" it is necessary to carefully isolate all the connections. Be especially attentive at this stage, because further eliminating leaks requires a lot of effort and time, especially if the pipes are immured in the wall.

Before you begin to connect the "ladder" towel rack, you need to bring it to the correct shape. The fact is that the horizontal areas of new products, as a rule, are not perfectly parallel. This must be fixed. Any load on the surface of the towels "ladder" can be applied solely through soft material. Otherwise, you risk ruining its appearance.

Before installing and connecting a water towel with a side connection, start with special sliding supports( also referred to as "telescopes").

When installing a classic towel bag with a side connection, there will be enough 2 such supports. They provide fixing of the upper and lower parts of the tubes of the towel dryer before bending. For mounting on the other side, special squares are used. It is forbidden to install "telescopes" on the vertical parts of the towel bag, because of this the device may spoil.

To understand how to connect a towel bag with a side connection, see the following diagram in Fig.2.

How to install a towel rack with a side connection?

Step-by-step instructions for installing and connecting the "ladder" towel dryer

The technology of connecting a side towel bag provides for the step-by-step implementation of several types of work. First you will need to remove the old coil, if any. After that, the installation of ball valves and jumper is carried out, and then the towel warmer itself is installed.

To quickly remove an old sidewall towel, you will first need to shut off the water supply using the appropriate valve. In the event that the old coil does not represent a single system with a hot water pipe, it will be easy to unscrew the existing threaded connections. In the same case, if it is welded to a water pipe, disassemble it with a Bulgarian, and then simply remove it from the brackets.

The next step is to install a jumper, which is also often referred to as a bypass. This jumper is a relatively small section of the pipe with special connectors. To perform a bypass connection, a ball valve must be installed at the end of the coil. With their help you can turn off the water supply to the towel rack if this is necessary. The jumper is designed to ensure that when the water is turned off in a towel rack, its feed does not stop in the whole apartment. In the bypass itself, a ball valve is mounted, the main purpose of which is to remove air. Fig. 3 shows the diagram of the coil leads.

How to install a towel rack with a side connection?

After the bypass is installed, it will be necessary to mount the brackets, and then the towel rail itself. As a rule, brackets are included. If these are not available, they will need to be purchased. Next, you will need to insert the dowels and fix the coil with the help of screws.

The towel rail should be installed at a certain distance from the wall surface. So, if the diameter of the pipe to be installed is 2.5 cm, the device will need to be installed at a distance of 3.5 cm from the wall. If the diameter of the pipe is 5 cm, between it and the wall should be a gap of 5.5 cm.

Throwing nuts should be tight enough, but without excessive force. From an overload, they usually burst. After completing the tightening, tighten all the nuts on each side with any light metal object. The wrench is perfect. This will eliminate internal stresses. It is important that the diameter of the new pipeline is not less than the diameter of the old one. There will be quite enough pipes of 1.5 cm in diameter.

It is not recommended to install parts and different elements made of different metals in one system. This can lead to the formation of electrolytic corrosion, resulting in products just getting corrupted. To prevent this process, you can use Teflon gaskets.

What should I remember when installing a towel bag?

In the process of installation and independent connection of the "ladder" towel bag, it should be known that it can be connected to the upper and lower branch pipes. However, in the case of connecting the device to the lower branches, its performance will be reduced by about 10%.

It often happens that the water supply pipes and pipes have different diameters. In such situations, adapters must be used. It is forbidden to use adapters from a towel bag if their diameter is less than the diameter of the water pipe. If you violate this rule, then during operation the pressure in the coil will increase, which will lead to an emergency.

To allow the interior space of the towel to be completely filled with liquid and no air cork has been formed inside it, the unit is equipped with a special drain valve, known as the Maevsky crane. This crane is installed at the very top of the towel bag.

In the end, the towel warmer will need to be connected to the riser. It should be connected to the valves with fittings. To create a seal, use flax sweep. During the work of the towel dryer, the water must move from top to bottom, through which the riser should be attached to the upper bell of the device.

After completing the installation, be sure to check the tightness of the system. Water should not be leaked from the seams. Open the cranes slowly and smoothly so that the coil is gradually filled with water. If you open the water too sharply, it will cause a hydraulic shock, resulting in walls of the product can be deformed. More about the choice and manufacturer of towel rails look here.