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Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

Today you will learn how to choose a pug puppy. We will tell you what to look for when looking at the baby, which seemed to you the most attractive in the litter. If, having determined the breed, you still doubt the color, age and sex of your dog, then our

explanations will help you make the final decision. In addition, you will become acquainted with the price policy for puppies and adult animals. This is very important, because the purchase and maintenance of the pug need some costs.


  • Three classes: show, bead, pie
  • Just a few «or»
  • Features of the body
  • Always remains puddle
  • With adolescents worry less than
  • Estimate in money

Three classes: show, beard, pie

Deciding to create a dog of a wonderful pugo breed, the first thing you must immediately think about, why you need it. If you want to participate in prestigious exhibitions in the future and win, then you need a dog show class. This means that he must have an elite parentage with the names of titled ancestors of four generations. The origin and proper preparation of the pug will allow your pet to become a champion.

For breeding and breeding puppies, a breed class pudding will fit. These dogs have good health and pronounced genetic qualities. They bring good offspring, but usually do not take part in exhibitions.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

And if you are dreaming about a pet who simply will be your loyal friend, a cheerful companion in games and on vacation, then there is enough pet class. And let his ears be placed not according to the standard, and the tail is twisted. Even such an incorrect, you will love him. And the innate mind of the pug and your patience will make him educated and obedient.

Just a few «or»

If you are ready to give a part of your time to a future pet, take care of him, feed, walk, treat, then you just need to clarify a few possible options for choosing a dog:

  • a dog or a bitch;
  • is a small puppy or grown;
  • color - black, beige or apricot;
  • price - expensive or cheap puddle.

But in any case, the puppies of the pug, presented for selection, must be healthy, fed and mobile.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

Features of the body

Considering the differences between a dog and a pussy bitch, it is impossible to conclude on the superiority of a floor. The opinion of each owner is purely individual.

Dog, as a rule, happens more, because he is still a man. For the same reason, he can disobey the owner's order, if on his way will meet a dull bitch. With this disadvantage it is difficult to fight, the smell of "women" almost always wins.

Only very rare pixies are brought up so strictly that they do not react to this scent. Mostly in such a situation, they completely cease to accept any commands. So, they can contact for a "girl" and eventually get lost.

Pug's pussy, like real women, are affectionate, consistent in character, more devoted, and therefore never change the host on the mountain past the "boy".But here their owner needs to take into account the features of the female body.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

A ticks in a female are twice a year and lasts 21 days. During this period, a dog that lives in the house brings some problems. Blood discharge can contaminate furniture and carpeting. So, if you stop your choice for a "girl", be prepared for additional cleaning.

To avoid inconveniences, it will be necessary to remove carpets from the room's room during the period, and cover the sofas and beds with waterproofing material. Possible variant of complete isolation of a bitch in a special room.

Alternatively, you can sew or buy special panties for your favorite, which will save floor and furniture from stains.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

Always remains


In the article on colors, we said that puppies of pug with age reaped. Therefore, considering the kids, to present their future hair color can only approximately. It is possible that the beige color recorded in the pedigree will eventually turn into apricot. But such a metamorphosis is unlikely to spoil your attitude to the pet. You will always see black puppies at once, as well as the dark "mask" on the muzzle of the light.

Keep in mind that the color of the wool does not affect the mental abilities of the dog, its health, character and temperament. The pug always remains and preserves its breed features in any suit.

Parameters to look at when selecting puppies from the pug are presented in the table:

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

With teens the hassle is less than

At what age to choose a pug, it also depends on your desire. If you prefer a little puppy, it's best that he was already two months old. Then he will be more independent. By this age the breeder will already teach him to eat from the bowl and maybe even go to the bathroom to the diaper.

When choosing a puppy, be sure to ask who was born on the account. Usually the first babies are stronger in terms of health. In order to have no problems with the diet, find out what it was fed and was made by running worms.

If you want to take an already grown puppy( 3-8 months), you can get a dog with a full set of vaccinations and already been trained to the toilet on the street. But there is also the risk of getting an animal with a developmental disability.

Pug for the age of a year is quite easy to get used to the new owner. Usually this period does not take much time. During the week the teenager will feel completely free.

When you choose your favorite puppy, you will clearly see the color, the condition of the teeth, the wool, the skeleton, the posture of the ears and the tail. When assessing posture, look especially at the dog when it will stand. It is in the rack that you can clearly see all the advantages of the case. It must be square, that is, the height at the withers should be equal to the length of the trunk.

Estimate in money

Now we have to find out how much pug costs. From the class to which the dog you choose belongs, it depends on its value. This is the basic parameter for assessing a dog in monetary terms. As shown by the analysis, it does not matter whether the pug's sex or suit is important here. Price is based on classes. The puppies of the pet-class are much cheaper than dogs intended for breeding or exhibitions.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

The small fluctuations of prices in the direction of decrease depend on the geographical location of the breeders. However, most often they themselves and offer delivery of puppies to the site for free.

In Moscow and other large cities prices range from $ 250 to $ 750.Accordingly, the initial amount - the cost of pets, do not participate in breeding or exhibitions. The final is for future champions.

In the middle zone of Russia and in the south, the cost of pills for the show does not exceed $ 450, and the countdown starts at $ 160.Such a spread of numbers is not due to the fact that the puppies in the provinces are worse. Simply implementing offspring in remote and sparsely populated areas is much more complicated.

It's almost twice as cheap as a breeding nursery, you can buy a good puppy from a private owner. Also, the price increases as the puppy grows, with the presence of his stigma and pedigree RKF.

Puppies Puppy, How much is a puppy pudding, how to choose a pug with a photo

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