A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Military pigeons have such an interesting name, not because they are beating or beating, as many think. This name is characterized by their special flight, in which the wings as if they beat the air, creating a certain sound. Today it is a very large group, which includes a large

variety of breeds. All these birds have a beautiful appearance, unpretentiousness and unusual flight.


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Characteristics of the slaughterers

So what combines the huge variety of these species of pigeons into a single group? First of all, they make transfers during the flight. But there are many birds in the air, many will be surprised. But the pigeon pigeons, when crossing over their heads, make a flick with their wings - a battle. They also come in a strange way to the pillar that you can see well in the video below.

It is important to note that all pigeon pigeons are different in their flight style and in air.

For example, many make frequent crossings with the impact of wings, while others in the unusual way climb to the pillar, and then sharply decrease. There are also breeds that literally walk in the air, making a vertical lift. One can not but say that a lot of fighting species are beautiful exterior. Among the ornaments there are different bangs, beautiful feathers, various variants of the beak and tails.

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Flight features

Flight of such pigeons, as we have already said, is different. You can see it on the video. Some, for example, Baku high-flyers can beat up to 30 times in a row, making a smooth circle. After that, they get out of the rack and fight repeat again. In this case, their flight can continue for several hours in a row. Most of the mercenary representatives climb up to 20 meters, as in the video, so they are called long-term.

Buccal qualities are shown to birds in about the third month. However, there are late varieties, in which the most perfect flight becomes only three years old. In this case, it is important to say that the later the pigeon begins a "battle", the higher it is prized among amateurs. Iranian and Baku birds enter the battle for about 1 year, later - Central Asian breeds. Let's talk about the breeding centers of these battles in more detail.

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Turkey - the capital of pigeons

In Turkey, there are many types of flying and decorative pigeon pigeons. All local birds have a beautiful appearance, which has long been beloved by poultry farmers around the world. Particular respect has earned the Tacala breed, which was derived from the nomads of Asia. Turkish pigeons have a number of similar characteristics, for example, feathered legs, the presence of bangs and other decorations on the head. It is also important to say that most Russian breeds were derived based on Turkish ones.

North Caucasus

Another center for breeding mortal pigeons. Of course, the most significant place is the Krasnodar Territory. It is here that the breeds are the most popular in our country. In Armavir, on the basis of birds brought from Persia, one of the most beautiful birds was slaughtered - the Armavir's bogus massacres. At the same time, among all breeds of the North Caucasus, there are several lines: white-eyed, white-tailed, colored, white-bellied, white-watered.

North Caucasian Cosmachi is a pride of the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. This breed is very old and also came from Persia, so until now, lovers call the birds Persians. These pigeon pigeons have solid colors that can be seen in the photo. They are white, yellow, blue and red. But among them there are their lines, for example, with a colored tail or buckwheat.

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Central Asia

This is probably the most important region for the development of slaughter pigeon. And the basis of all this was the breeding of the Uzbek breed. Among these birds there is a huge number of colors and ornaments. But in Central Asia, from time immemorial, short-haired birds are valued. For example, Tashkent became the basis for receiving Armavir and Uzbek. And in Turkmenia, beautiful shoals and agarans were brought out.

In the Iranian-Azerbaijani region, blueberries pay more attention to flying abilities than the appearance of birds. Therefore, mostly Baku is popular here, which is not distinguished by some ornaments. These birds can be seen on the video and read in our previous article "Baku Pigeons - flight recorders of our country!".

Western world

In the West, pigeon pigeons are popular, but they do not have their breeds. So, for example, all birds with overturns, they are called rollers and turmanami. And the most popular among them are Turkish and Asian breeds. It is customary to give the names of the birds at their place of origin.

Photo Gallery

We offer to view a few photos of these beautiful and unusual birds in our gallery.

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Photo 1. Turkish tourists in the cockpit

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Photo 2. Krasnodar beautiful pigeon

A review of pigeon pigeons: their characteristics, videos and photos

Photo 3. The flock of the Baku in the poultry house

Video "Flight of the slaughterers in the Krasnoyarsk Territory"

In this amateur video you will be able to see the beautiful flight of pigeons, as well as observe theirbehavior in the air and in the cage. As they climb up and how they do "battle," everything is clearly visible on the video.