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Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Timely Rottweiler training will help the host keep it under control. Dogs of this breed need some kind of skills development. Otherwise, Rottweiler will not only not be able to be used as an official dog, but even to leave

out to the street. In this article, we will introduce you to the basic training courses that Rottweiler must know.


  • Why training
  • important to know
  • Basic rules of training
  • rewards and punishments
  • course of initial obedience
  • Exhibit training
  • General course training
  • Protective and guard service
  • guided city dog ​​

Why training

When training a puppy Rottweiler basic skills host receivesopportunity to study his individual abilities, character. Based on the knowledge gained, the owner gradually removes his dog's habit and disrespects his behavior.

Dog behavior forms the interaction of Rottweiler with the environment. It varies under the influence of external and internal factors. An unregistered dog meets its needs: in food, self-defense, in the continuation of the genus, and so on.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Rottweiler - a dog of official use, capable of protecting the owner, his family and property from intruders. However, you can use animal skills only after passing training courses for him. Let's consider how to train Rottweiler at different stages of his life.

It is important to know the

The Rottweiler has high training abilities. However, dogs of this breed have a distinctive feature - delayed reaction. That is, the transition from one state to another in the rottweilers is a bit inhibited.

The owner should take into account this nuance during training so as not to be annoyed. Otherwise, there is a high probability of unknowingly developing bad habits in the dog, for example, unmanageable aggression.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

But rottweilers firmly laid memory in the learned lessons. It takes a lot of time to teach a dog of this breed with basic commands and skills. However, in the future, for the Rottweiler, you can reduce the number of hours of training by one third. In this case, the results will be the same as with other official breeds.

Basic training rules for

In order to train the dog calmly, it is necessary from the first meeting to show to her who is the owner of the house. Rottweilers will listen only to the leader, leader of the pack. It is necessary once and for all to determine for the animal limit allowed and never depart from its decision. Otherwise, the rottweiler will grow arbitrarily.

Having given the dog a command, it is necessary to achieve its full performance. You can not go to the next, until thoroughly studied the previous one. Skipping from team to team can not only confuse a dog. For Rottweiler, the order may lose its meaning and it will refuse to do so.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

If a dog does something wrong, it does not mean that it is stupid or naughty. In most cases, erroneous execution of commands or actions - the result of bad or wrong training.

During training, you need to monitor the physical and mental state of rottweiler. Any divination in the behavior of the dog, excessive anxiety or anxiety - an occasion to skip classes, giving the animal time to rest. If the rottweiler feels bad, it is best to consult a vet. Maybe he was ill. In the case of illness, you can continue training only two weeks after the animal is fully recovered.

It is necessary to explain the dog in a language that is clear to her, showing the expediency of the task. All teams should be short and given clearly, quickly, with a certain intonation. The promotion, which will be discussed below, will tell Rottweiler that he will receive a reward if he is obeyed.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

It is possible to wear it out, angry and disappointed by requiring the pupil of the impossible. In any case, the dog may stop listening to the owner. Requirements should be compared with the capabilities of the animal.

Can not be fooled by a dog during training. If the rottweiler gives the team a "walk", and instead of the promised walk to make him a prick, most likely, he will cease to trust the king. Training will turn into a burden if there is a trusted contact between the owner and the dog.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the "cleanliness" of the team's execution of the dog. By ignoring the wrong landing of Rottweiler after the "sit" command, it will be difficult to teach him to be on an equal footing at a later time.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Training should bring pleasure both to the owner and the dog. Therefore, it is better to do it in the form of play and in the fresh air. Usually on a day with a dog deal three or four times in fifteen minutes. The time and the number of classes can vary with the influence of various factors: bad sense of the dog or the owner, inappropriate weather conditions, and so on.

It is advisable to complete each class by a team that the rottweiler knows well. After the correct execution, the dog must be praised and treated with good taste. In this case, both the owner and the pet will have a pleasant feeling of success achieved until the next training.

Encouragement and Punishment

From the very beginning, training for the training of teams as an incentive can be used for treats. For each correct execution, the dog is encouraged by the favorite food: pieces of apples, low-fat cheese, granules of dry food. Rottweilers have a strong reaction to food. Therefore, delicacies contribute to the rapid consolidation of the necessary skills and preservation of them in the memory of the dog.

Encouragement in the form of delicacies establishes a trust relationship between the master and Rottweiler. Food also supports the activity of the dog during training. As a result, she feels fine despite the fatigue after classes. To help treat the treat in training, the dog should be half-starved. Training should be started three to four hours after meals.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

You can use stroking and friendly patches instead of delicacies. It all depends on what Rottweiler likes more. The dog will be happy to carry out the training team if it is waiting for the reward.

In five to six months, the Rottweiler can begin to manifest itself and get out of control. If delicious and friendly gestures no longer help in training, they will have to punish him for disobedience.

The main punishments of the Rottweiler include land plots and light shaking, snap closing of the animal's face for a short period of time, strict reprimand, lack of encouragement.

The main thing in punishment is not to overdo it. If the owner will inflict severe pain on Rottweiler, show his anger to him, the dog may mumble in response. It is very difficult to take the animal back under control.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Course of initial obedience

Training of Rottweiler begins with the first day of its appearance in the home. Moreover, basic training goes along with the upbringing. The dog must undoubtedly perform the basic commands and be able to properly behave as a family, and in public places.

With the initial training and upbringing of Rottweiler in the home and outdoors, you can find out in the article "Rules of Rottweiler Education".

Why to study rottweiler at different stages of your life can be found in the table:

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Exhibition Training You need to start preparing Rottweiler for exhibitions from two to three months. The earlier the training begins, the better the dog will behave at the exhibitions. Rottweiler should calmly relate to a large crowd of people and perform the following actions:

  • to show bite and teeth by team;
  • to run a rice set number of circles beside the host;
  • run rice along with the owner on a straight line from a judge and back;
  • to stand on a team stand and stand still number of minutes;
  • does not show signs of anxiety in a manual review by a judge.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

General Training Course

From six to twelve months, you can prepare a Rottweiler for compilation of official standards for OCD - the general training course.

During the exam, it is checked how a rottweiler team sits down, falls, approaches the owner and returns to the place, brings the item, stops the undesirable effect, does not raise the scattered food from the ground, shows teeth. The dog is checked at the endurance, the ratio to the muzzle and the leash. Under the order of the owner, the rottweiler must, without delay and fear, go through a barrier of obstacles: low and high barriers, stairs and others.

After working out any team at the judge's choice, the Rottweiler's relation to the shotgun from the starting pistol is checked. You can not shoot while you move the dog next to the master or the presentation of the subject. The shot is carried out at a distance of fifteen meters from the dog. To make the shot sudden, the animal should not see a man with a pistol.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

During the whole trial, the judge estimates the impression of the overall performance that the dog was able to demonstrate.

Protection and guard service

ZKS( guard and guard service) - special training, produced by Soviet cynologists. The training is aimed at working out the protective and protective functions in the dog, as well as the ability to follow the trail, to look for different items in smell. A special course is used by law enforcement agencies to train dogs for guard, search and other services.

However, such a course is not entirely relevant in normal life. Therefore, among the fans of rottweilers is becoming increasingly popular amateur course ZKS.With its help dogs are trained to protect the owner, his family, property and house.

After passing the course, the Rottweiler acquires skills, detain the offender and protect him until the arrival of the owner, keep the situation under control, without reacting to any sounds, tangled food, bright light.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

The rottweiler can not be younger than twelve months to complete the course of the SCS.The dog must be mentally and physically sound, without exterior defects, such as incomplete set of teeth, bad eyesight or hearing.

In addition to the amateur course, it is required that the Rottweiler unmistakably performs the basic command of obedience. For a special course ZKS it is necessary that the dog successfully passed the exam OKK( general training course) and received a certificate of the RKF( Russian Federation of Criminology).

Guided city dog ​​

If there is no opportunity or willingness to take official examinations in Rottweiler for the general training course, you can teach Rottweiler course UHS - a managed city dog. Unlike the OCD, where the assessment of the tasks performed by the experts of the Russian Cynological Federation, the course of the UGS will be held at any club dog breeding. Therefore, instead of the RKF certificate, the owner of the Rottweiler may receive a diploma from the club.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

A city dog ​​show course is especially recommended for masters living in the city and constantly appearing with Rottweiler in public. Training starts from six months.

The UGS course is designed for parenting from a Rottweiler companion, able to behave correctly in a city. However, the requirements for this course are higher than for the OCR.After all, work with the dog is not only on closed dog sites, but also in other territories, where many unpredictable city factors and strangers.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

After passing the course of the UGS, the rottweiler will learn the following:

  • perform commands "near", "sit", "lie", "stand", "to me", "can not", "fu";
  • Relax to walk accessories: leash, in a muzzle;
  • does not show signs of anxiety during the examination of manual teeth, wool, ears, paws;
  • quietly go out or go to the entrance, car, clinic and so on;
  • quietly pass with an underground or underground pedestrian crossing;
  • is quietly in public transport;
  • do not take food from strangers;
  • do not raise food or dirty items from the ground;
  • expect the host to leverage in public places;
  • overcome obstacle bar;
  • to focus on the host;
  • does not respond to city noise.

In addition to the course of the CSG, one year of the Rottweiler can be trained by the CSG - a protective city dog. In addition to the skills of the UGS, the dog learns to listen while working out protective functions, capture the attacker on the command "fas" and let go of the command "cast", repel an attack on the owner or other family members, delay and convoy flees.

Rottweiler training at home with photo and video

Like the CSG course, the CSG course is not official. After his passing Rottweiler will receive a diploma of dog clubs.

Please tell us in the comments how you trained your dog.

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