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Why a cat can not be given milk - causes and consequences

Quite a few owners have ever heard that cats can not give milk. Some questions are asked "why?", Because the family of cats belongs to mammals, and therefore it is simply due to the birth of drinking milk. Well, you should understand this question and understand, so it is harmful to

Why a cat can not give milk causes and consequences

Why not be

The first thing you need to consider in solving the issue is / can not milk - it's a pet's age:

  • So, for example, little kittens just need milk for proper development. Actually, like any other child.
  • Adult cat is not desirable to give milk for one simple reason - the lack of enzymes in the body of the cat. Enzymes are special enzymes responsible for digestibility of milk. In addition, for example, in the composition of cow's milk, there is no lactose enzyme responsible for digestion in the gastrointestinal tract of milk sugar, which is necessary for pupils. However, this enzyme is in the body of the cat itself, but in a limited amount. After this stock is exhausted, the milk sugar ceases to be digested and gives a fairly strong laxative effect. The result is diarrhea, and so unexpected that a pet may just not reach the tray. If the owner is ready to clean his pet, you can safely give cow milk, but most likely there are a few.

Why a cat can not give milk causes and consequences

The second, taken into account in solving the "milk issue", is, in fact, the origin of milk:

  • Fresh cow's milk can be given only to kittens. Beforehand it is necessary to boil, cool and only then give the kitten. For the above reasons, it is not recommended to give milk to adult pupils.
  • Milk from the store, pasteurized will suit both grown-ups and kittens. Its difference is that it was subjected to a serious heat treatment, therefore, the pupils will not catch any unexpected infections. However, attacks of diarrhea from such milk occur much more often than from the cow from the market.
  • Goat milk is different from the previous ones, which contains less amount of lactose, which allows it to be easily digested. However, this does not mean that the pupil needs to be translated exclusively on goat's milk.
  • A milk replacer from Royal Canin, called Cat Milk. This is a pretty good nutrition fed by kittens who do not have access to fresh breast milk. Such milk will suit and kittens from birth, and even an adult pet. It is worthwhile, however, to warn that they also can not be permanently eaten by pupils.

Why a cat can not give milk causes and consequences

To feed or not to feed their stupefying households, decide only the owner. Nevertheless, if you really want to pamper something with your dairy, you can use other dairy products. Many cats simply go crazy from love for Ryazhnets, others worship creams, while others prefer kefir, and the fourth ones are ready to eat cheese every day. By the way, some owners learned to make some sort of milk on their own. To do this, they simply breed 10% -i cream to each other with mineral water. It must be remembered that the saying "how many people, so many thoughts" can vary depending on the situation.

Every owner needs a trial and error method to understand that dairy products are more like their favorites, from which they do not have toilet problems and how much( at one sitting) the pupil is ready to drink. In addition, only the owner to decide on the benefits or damage to milk, taking into account all of the above facts. Of course, some will prefer not to give milk at all and forget about the selection, but it is worth remembering that milk and dairy products contain calcium and some vitamins, necessary for normal development and work of the organism.

Of course, when a cat is as hungry as this video, then the milk directly from the cow will drink Why a cat can not give milk causes and consequences