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Pregnancy in hamsters - how much does it last, terms, signs and births

If you want to breed your hamster, or if you think your female may suddenly get pregnant - then you need to know how long it will be pregnant before you have a whole suckling baby hamsters.

It is important to understand that the pregnancy period varies

from hamster breed:
  • In Syrian hamster average pregnancy: 16-18 days
  • In Jungar hamster pregnancy lasts: 18-21 day
  • Uhamster Campbell : 18-21 day
  • Pregnancy term pregnant : 23-30 days
  • And pregnancy term Chinese hamster: 18-21 day

If you intend to breed yourit is important to note the period of pairingBecause it helps you learn about when you can expect the birth of pups.

How to Determine Pregnancy in a Hamster?

If you do not know when pairing happened, you can skip some signs of pregnancy up to delivery. Sometimes it's hard to say pregnancy or hamster at all.

Some hamster behave in a slightly different way at the beginning of their pregnancy. They can become more nervous or annoying, and they can also begin to collect nesting material. However, the first and main visible sign of pregnancy in hamsters is often that their tummy begins to grow.

If you notice that your little pet is expanding, you are most likely to expect a childbirth in a few days. It is important that the female gets proper care as soon as you see that she is pregnant.

Care for

Pregnant Hamster During pregnancy, it is important to keep a close eye on hamsters, especially for their health, to make sure that the hamsters are born in safe conditions.

You may have learned about the pregnancy of your hamster at a later stage, but as soon as you know it, you should check out a few things:

  • Make sure that the hamster receives a high-protein diet
  • Provide him with sufficient fresh and clean material.for the
  • socket Make sure the hamster cell is clean in 2 or 3 days before you expect the hamster to grow
  • Stop contacting the hamster
  • Keep the hamster location safe, quiet and safe

As the child approacheserekonaytesya that nest hamster quite comfortable and safe. Sometimes they make separate nests specially for childbirth.

You do not have to worry about a hamster. She knows what to do when she becomes my mother. All you have to do is just give it the appropriate food and nest stuff.

What happens during labor in hamsters?

In the end, there will be a time when the hamsters will be ready to come to light. Your hamster is quite successful in coping with your childbirth so you do not need to interfere. Although Syrian males should not be kept together with the fetus during pregnancy. In dwarf hamsters, such as dzungarsky( dzungarik) and hamsters Campbell, males sometimes stay with the female. If so, then you should separate the male and female immediately after delivery.

The number of cubs that you can expect in a litter depends on the breed, as well as the individual characteristics of the hamster.

Syrian hamster usually has 6 to 10 hamsters in the litter, while in the dwarf jungar and Campbell usually there are 5-6.It's known that hamsters can give birth to over 15 cubs, so be ready!

Hamsters are born blind and bald, their mother must protect them in their nest. You should not touch newborn hamsters or disturb the nest. After 4 weeks, the kids become mature and each one can be placed in a separate cage( in the case of Syrian hamsters).At this age, females of dwarf hamsters( Dzungarsky, Campbell, and Roborovsky) can be left with their mother, and males should be placed in a separate cage.