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Forage for cats Hills - Feedback about feeding a cat

I do not want to sing praises in this recall, but still have to. I'm very happy with Hills food. Thanks to the balanced formula managed to put on your feet, excuse the paws, your favorite after the operation. We have twice removed the stones in the kidneys, since the nonoperative methods have already been used by

.And after the first almost six months they were in the hospital. It was scary to watch the cat! Eating is bad, almost everything then goes back. They both tormented her and me. Then spat at everything, turned to another doctor. He shuddered, but the essence is not in this. They did a re-operation, drank a ton of vitamin, both in the injections, and in the pills. They painted the diet. It was during this diet that my acquaintance with Hils began.

In the postoperative period, the veterinarian recommended Adult Sensitive Stomach for cats with sensitive stomachs. As our doctor said, the application of this feed will adjust the digestive system of the cat after the operation, and then you can switch to another food.

Cat food for Hills is a cat feed recommendation

The moon was fed only with this feed, then moved on to regular dry feeds for cats up to 7 years old. Went to the survey - all is well. Before this, even without thinking about the consequences of feeding Pusyu( my cat) the cheapest weight feed. If I knew then, what side would this savings come out of - no matter what I would buy! It was from this feed that problems with the kidneys began. Puska is sterilized a year later. In general, poor nutrition, sterilization intervened and went side by side in the form of urolithiasis. Long treated with nicks and pills - did not help anything. I had to operate.

Only after 8 months of torment we found what suits us. The cat is happy to eat( sorry for the jargon) so that the ears crack, and I like the package - bought a big package and forget that there is nothing to eat the cat.

Cat food for Hills is a cat feed recommendation

Now that I'm writing about this feed, Puska blows next to the feed for sterilized cats and pigs. I'm glad she liked hills. And honestly, if you periodically buy different types of Hills for wool, from the formation of lumps, etc., you can observe that the fluffiness of a pet will increase, and even less will fall out. This I have already noticed, and there is no special feed from falling out in our pet shop.

Of course, this is just my case, but I think I'm not alone and many will support me in that Hills is really good food. And one should not save on health not only his own, but also his favorites. Otherwise, then much more will be spent on its treatment.