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Why all cats love boxes - we open cat's secrets

Probably, every owner of a muzhdar Murchalky at least once asked himself the question: why are the cats so indifferent to the boxes? What attracts them so much and what force does their cute faces get into a small box, ignoring their own house? But still, a favorite will do and

to try as long as:
  • She does not climb in the box;
  • The box will come to a standstill. Simply put, only pieces of cardboard will remain.

Why does a cat love to lie on paper? And it does not matter whether a newspaper or this is a summary of material resistance. Be sure to make your favorite fifth place on paper, walk on it, sniff and only then decide whether to go or not. So why are pupils so eager to be in the box?

Why all the cats love boxes open cat

Causes of cat love for boxes

Personal space

Yes, everything is right - personal space is necessary not only for people, but also for kisses. For this reason, the box performs a kind of function of the room for the church. This is her place, soaked by her smell, from which, as we know, it is difficult to get rid of:) .This is her corner. The cat walks by itself, and do not forget about it. But also do not assume that the favorite where he fell, there, and sleeps. No, that will not be. She will not wander around the rooms, looking around at every corner, in search of another comfortable bed. If you put a warm pillow in the box and favorite toys, the joy of the kicks will not be the limit.

Game in the ambush

These big and strong hosts perceive cat hide and seek as a kind of game. But for a cat it's a whole ritual, does not let you forget the basics of hunting. This is an instinct and you can not do anything here. While hunting, cats are hiding, hiding and I can sit for hours, waiting to not scare the victim. A pet cat uses a box as a lag. In her, she can be concealed and wait for a bow or other toy that you can do for herself.


Where does the cat give birth to kittens? That's right in the box. It is from her that the kitten's life begins. Kitten from the first day is trained to smell the cardboard. And then, mom somewhere close and she will protect.

Why all the cats love boxes open cat

Properties and smell of cardboard

Very often, clams are located on bookshelves, stacks of books, hiding in paper boxes or cardboard boxes. How to explain such love of paper? Everything is very simple: paper, in spite of all processing still preserves the cosiness, aroma and heat of wood. And the cat to the tree is not indifferent, after all, let it be a bit, but still reminds her of wildlife.

A sense of security

As it may sound ridiculous, but it is. If you put in front of a cat several boxes of different sizes, it will choose the one in which the optimal fit. The kitsa will prefer the box in which it will fit completely. However, if the box is too small but very beloved - the pupil will make all efforts to squeeze her at least somehow. But, of course, it's just a game to sleep in such it will not be.
It is believed that mull will be able to relax only when it is in the box. Internal instincts make your favorite look suitable, a closed place for sleep. Inside the box, all body cats stand walls and create a certain illusion of security, allowing you to relax muscles.

Of course, all this is only guesswork, and perhaps a person will never know the secret of a cardboard box and a cat, but still, most likely, one of the listed reasons( if not all together) and reveals this secret. These same reasons apply to those cats who like to climb in the closet and explore everything there.

Finally, we are looking at a funny video about the Japanese cat Maru, who does not just love the boxes, but manages to fit even in the smallest of them: