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Scottish express cats - features of character and behavior

One of the most cute breeds of cats can rightfully be called a Scottish sermon cat. The kittens are more like plush toys than the living representative of the breed. Their charm draws attention and conquers the hearts of millions of cats lovers.

The nature of the Scottish breeding cats

The Scottish cat is a temperamental animal. Each individual is not like a character to another. Some representatives will be tender and affectionate, while others will easily show their aggression. Some will be able to lie on the couch, moving calmly and slowly, others will definitely explore all the corners in the house, striking their curiosity and inexhaustible energy.

Scottish express cats feature character and behavior

Scottish cat finds it difficult to find a common language with rodents, showing aggressiveness, and with dogs, giving off hostility( why it happened, read here).Representatives of the Scottish cluster breed differ from their counterparts by a well-developed sense of independence. Some may even be called selfish, but this in no way diminishes their charm.

There is, however, one very important feature - a Scottish cat is accustomed to mastering only the information that will bring it benefits and benefits. For example, she will know clearly when the owner has time to get up on the sound of the alarm clock and it's easy to wake him up. And a few minutes after the rise of the beloved master the cat will have breakfast. If you need to learn something from a Scotsman, you need to be patient and prove to him that this is really necessary - here's a way to train cats.

Scottish express cats feature character and behavior

The dignity of the representatives of the Scottish breed is very much developed. A cat will not tolerate a bad attitude towards itself and can take revenge on a puddle in favorite shoes or slippers. Murkit will never impose its company, but will not give up the game, rushes to protect its owner not only from other animals, but even from people. Of course, this is the case only if the owner respects it.

Shotladstka excerpts breed is a great hunter. The cat will appreciate the tall house, the vertical cuff. At one point the Scotsman will cross the room silently, causing his booty to suddenly. Patient representatives of the Scottish breed knows no boundaries. They are capable of waiting for their booty in a cozy place for hours.

In order to angry the Scots, you need to work hard. In any quarrel, the speaker will never speak initiator. If she is to be treated rudely, this plush lady will simply leave the room.

Species of the breed

Unfortunately, the Scots terrible greedy and swallowed. They can easily eat more than they need to saturate, and then ask for additional supplements! Where it all fits, one can only guess.

Some representatives have more selfishness than others. If this is her place, then no one else dare to sit down at him. However, this character trait is characteristic of almost all cats.