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Urticaria dermographism - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Articular dermographism is the most common form of physical urticaria. This skin disease is found in 2-5% of the population of the earth, while most patients with this form of urticaria do not experience significant physical inconvenience. The tongue is manifested by

by forming rashes in the form of blisters of linear form at the site of physical effects on the skin.

Unlike common and cholinergic urticaria, with urticaria dermografizma does not have a severe itching. This symptom is either poorly expressed or not at all. Of all the many forms of chronic urticaria, the share of dermographism in urticaria accounts for about 7-13%.

Still, what could be a dangerous urticaria? You can find out the answer to this question in this article.


  • 1 Causes of scarring on the skin
  • 2 Clinical picture of
  • 3 Methods of diagnosis
  • 4 Treatment of
    • 4.1 Treatment by folk methods
  • 5 Forecast and prevention of

Causes of scarring on the skin

Urticaria dermographism causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Corneal eruption, which is a characteristic symptom of dermatological urticaria, canbe caused by various skin effects. Often, the causes of rash during urticaria dermographism are due to mechanical stresses - pressure, rashes, insect bites, nicks, and others.

It should be said that the causes that cause dermatological urticaria are completely unclear. Nevertheless, doctors are of the opinion that the tendency to urticaria dermographism is determined by:

  • hereditary predisposition.
  • is a special skin sensitivity.
  • intestinal dysbiosis and parasitic invasions - giardiasis, opisthorchiasis, etc.
  • diseases of the internal organs and the state of the blood vessels are
  • emotional stresses can provoke relapse of dermografic urticaria.

Important! Dermatological urticaria is often due to conditions that lead to inhibition of the immune system of the body.

Clinical picture of

Urticaria dermographism causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Symptoms of urticaria dermographism can be induced artificially, if you spend on the skin, for example, a nail. In a healthy person with such effects on the skin, a white stripe is first formed, which blurred in a few minutes, and a small swelling that quickly passes can be formed at the pressure site.

In a patient with a mechanical hives, a noticeable scar occurs at the site of mechanical impact. Such a reaction with urticaria dermographies is possible with the provision of any mechanical effects on the skin.

Clinical manifestations of dermatological urticaria are divided into several subgroups:

  • . Cold-dependent dermographism, which manifests itself when exposed to the skin of low temperatures, as well as the usual cold urticaria.
  • Red dermographism is characterized by the appearance on the skin after mechanical effects of bright red, protruding over the skin of the stripes. This skin reaction is due to local vascular reactions in response to mechanical irritation.
  • White dermographism is characterized by the formation on the skin of white stripes, formed after any dull subject on the skin. The skin reaction is explained by high excitability of vasoconstrictive nerves.
  • Sprays in dermatological hives can occur in any part of the body, provided that the skin is exposed to mechanical effects.

    Violation of general state of health in urticaria dermographies is rare. Sometimes patients complain of dizziness, general weakness and malaise. And is it transmitted somehow urticaria you will learn here.

    Diagnostic Methods

    Urticaria dermographism causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

    Firstly, an external review of the patient is performed for the diagnosis.

    Diagnosis of dermatological urticaria is usually not a problem. The diagnosis can be performed by a dermatologist and an allergist-immunologist in the event of suspicion of an acute urticaria.

    To diagnose dermatological nettle, it is quite easy to look at and carry out the simplest skin tests by influencing the skin with a spatula or other blunt object. In patients with urticaria dermographism, a scar rapidly develops in place of action.

    In case of suspicion of cold-free dermographism, test with a cube of ice. To do this, place ice on the skin for 5 minutes, then observe the reaction for 10-15 minutes.

    A patient with dermatological urticaria should be referred to a specialist in related occupations. You need to visit:

  • Gastroenterologist to exclude the presence of gastritis, bacterial bacterial infections. If the patient suffers from constipation, it is necessary to find their cause.
  • Parasitologist. It is necessary to undergo a survey about the infection of worms, giardiasis, opisthorches, etc.
  • Endocrinologist. Necessary appointment of analyzes for checking blood sugar and thyroid hormones.
  • Immunologist. It is necessary to check the state of the immune system and, if necessary, to appoint an immunomodulator.
  • Treatment for

    Important! If during the examination of a patient with uretic dermographism, some diseases have been identified, then it is necessary to deal with their treatment. Since, quite often, dermatological urticaria is just a consequence of a general illness.

    Treatment of urethral dermographism depends on the severity of the symptoms and the overall severity of the disease.

    With a mild degree of dermatological urticaria, no specific treatment is required. In most cases, doctors recommend the following measures:

  • Admission of light antihistamines. Reception is prescribed once a day, preferably in the evening, however, the time can be changed depending on the daily severity of the manifestations of the disease.
    Important! The variety of the drug, as well as its dosage for the treatment of dermatological urticaria should be chosen by the doctor depending on the age of the patient, the severity of skin reactions and the general state of health.
  • For the treatment of dermatological urticaria, usually the first-generation antihistamines are used, for example: Tavegil, Suprastin, etc. The second-generation antihistamines have a delayed action, therefore they are used only in the chronic course of urticaria. In this case, apply Loratadine, Fexofenadine, Cetirizine or Ciprogeptadine.
  • It is recommended to avoid direct skin contact with fabrics of natural wool.
  • Patients with dermatological form of urticaria are not strongly recommended to overheat.
  • If there is a connection between the use of certain products and the skin reactions characteristic of dermatological urticaria, then it is necessary to adjust the diet, excluding allergen products from it. Therefore, a diet with honey can be varied.
  • When carrying out hygienic procedures for patients with uretic dermograph, it is recommended to select neutral detergents.
  • With dermatological hives you can not use rigid wipes, rubbing the skin with brushes. It is possible to swim in the hives, but you need to be careful with hygiene products that can cause allergies.
  • Treatment by folk methods

    Urticaria dermographism causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment With urticaria dermograph, especially if the disease takes place in a mild form, it is not possible to apply specific treatment. But the methods of folk medicine can provide effective help. Here are the recommendations of folk healers who will help to cope with dermatological urticaria:

  • Patients with urticaria dermographism are advised to replace morning coffee or tea with decoction decoction. This herb is brewed like ordinary tea. Drinking a broth is possible not only in the morning, but throughout the day.
  • When dermografizm urticaria it is very useful to drink herbal teas, for their preparation should use a sheet of black currant and raspberry, rosehip, mint grass, wood.
  • For the effective disposal of dermatological urticaria symptoms, it is recommended to take fresh celery juice. You can cook it in a juicer or simply by wiping it on a grater and squeezing it through a sieve or gauze. One day you should drink at least a third of a glass of this juice. You can mix celery juice with carrot juice, cucumber or beets.
  • For removing itching and faster removal of scarring due to mechanical effects on the skin with urticaria dermograph, you can use the infusion of nettle, slightly acidified with lemon juice.
  • A good source of licorice root helps with dermatological nettle. From well-washed and peeled root, cut pieces, resembling beans in size. Take, twice a day, thoroughly chewing and drinking with water.
  • It is recommended to use marijuana infusion to take baths with urticaria dermographies. To do this, two liters of boiling water need to take 200 grams of grass. Infuse for an hour. To dial in a bath of water with a temperature of 37 degrees, pour there an infusion( without grass).The bath time is about 10 minutes.
  • Forecast and prophylaxis

    The prognosis for urticaria dermographies is favorable.

    Urticaria dermographism causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment A mild illness can go on its own without special treatment. However, do not assume that attending a doctor is not mandatory. But if you are pregnant, it is better to visit a doctor, since the urticaria during pregnancy can adversely affect the fetus. In case of non-standard skin reactions, you must contact a dermatologist to determine the exact diagnosis.

    Primary prevention dermographism urticaria does not exist, because its causes are not clear. Secondary prevention is to exclude relapses. Necessary: ​​

  • For dermografism it is important to avoid mechanical pressure on the skin.
  • Patients should choose soft tissues that do not rub the skin.
  • Do not use rigid washcloths, do not rub the skin with towels.
  • If you have dermatological urticaria, you will have to exclude massage, do not visit the sauna.
  • Sleep in a cool room.
  • Avoid stress and try to maintain a good mood.
  • If necessary, antibiotics should be used to prevent intestinal dysbiosis by taking remedies that restore the intestinal microflora.