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Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Japanese animation over the past few years has become incredibly popular. Even those who have been skeptical about a similar genre of cinematic art, watch with enthusiasm the characters of modern anime.

Every year, the new

displays breathtaking pictures that feature high-quality graphics, a clear logical plot and original musical compositions.

Anime 2018 is a kind of wonderland in the world of cinema that is capable of moving the viewer to Japan and showing what the country is "breathing" from the inside. Would you like to join the army of fans of the Japanese anime? Take a look at the selection of the best movies and you will definitely find an option that you need to have.

Fate: Last Exorcist FDI

Chief Characters: Hakuno Kysinami, Sayber

Once upon a time, Hakun Kisinami woke up in an incomprehensible virtual world that had previously been unknown to him. No memory of his past boy was able to hemorrhoids from the depths of memory. In addition, he realized that in addition to the will was drawn into the battle for survival. True, the winner is waiting for an attractive prize - the fulfillment of any cherished desire.

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

In the process of battle, Hakunu gets acquainted with the girl who came to his side. Saber helps the protagonist to survive all the difficulties that pop up in the path. The most difficult challenge is a struggle with other players in the "game" for the Holy Grail. But in addition to the main prize, Hakunu also pursues another goal - he nevertheless hopes to deal with his past and understand who he is.

Sakura - Card Collector: CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main characters: Sakura Kinomoto, Keroberez, Siaoran, Tomoe Doyodzi

This part is a direct extension of the Japanese anime called "Sakura - Collector of Maps".The action unfolds at the time when Sakura entered Tomoeda's middle school primary school. All maps have been collected for a long time. Siaoran, at last, returned from a long trip to Hong Kong.

All the anxieties and fears fell, the native person is next door. Is this exciting adventure of the catcher cards going to end? But there was one story that completely deprived a dream of a simple student. Sakura had a strange dream, bringing with him irreversible consequences, leading to the world of magic, adventure, mystery and bright light.

Devil Man: Devilman: crybaby

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main Characters: Fudo Akira, Asuki Re

How many times mankind has been endangered by the terrible plans of various mythical creatures. This topic for a film never exhausts its significance, because people like to empathize with their own kind and observe how the most daring and desperate representatives of mankind save the world from imminent death.

This time, Japanese directors and scriptwriters decided to show their vision of how our land would be destroyed. The story of two guys, who learn that demons decide to seize the planet and destroy all living creatures that live on it, lay the groundwork for this movie in 2018.Fudo Akira and his friend Asuki Ree understand that people are not able to withstand so powerful evil. They decide to act cunningly: having secured the support of the demon, Akira himself becomes a "world evil", while having the heart of man.

Lord 2( Overlord 2)

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main characters: Momong

While there is no information about the plot, which is given this picture. Anime fans are convinced that this part will be the logical continuation of the first film and will show the story of the adventures of the desperate and sophisticated Momong. It is noteworthy that the picture is a screen adaptation of the famous Japanese computer game, so its release is waiting not only filmmasters, but also hard-core gamers. Probably, in the second season there will be arches of terrible lizards and Kotsita.

School Nanny( Gakuen Babysitters)

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main Characters: Ryuti Kasima, Kotaro Kasima

After a terrible plane crash, Brother and Sister Kasima were left without parents. Riyuthi and Kotaro were long mourning for their untimely passing people, but it's impossible to be upset forever - you need to live on. Riyuthi and Kotaro took over the head of the elite academy Morinomiya, which also lost relatives - her son and daughter were killed when they flew over an airplane.

However, at the time of adoption, a woman establishes strict rules for orphans, namely, that Ryuti should immediately begin to work in her academy as a teacher. Will a boy who survived the worst case in his life, become a teacher and withstand such a load of his nerves, the viewer will be able to find out after the premiere of this anime.

Sword Dance: Flower Circle 2( Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 2)

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main Characters: Sage Siniva

In the first season, the sage of Siniva instilled in the oldest soul swords and they came to life. This original move was made so that the artifacts won the awakening evil and forever destroyed it from the face of the Earth. In the second part, most likely, the audience will again see the spectacular battles of swords, the agility of which is impressive, as well as get acquainted with the new characters. Note that this movie is based on the Touken Ranbu collection card browser game.

Eureka 7: Hello, Evolution - 2( Koukyoushihen: Eureka Seven - Hi-Evolution 2)

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main Characters: Eureka, Ranton Thorston, Talhoo, Hap, Holland Novak

The sequel to the first picture released in 2017.All conceived films from this franchise are a detailed retelling of the original series, which appeared on screens in 2005.In addition, there are several computer games of similar subject and with the same name.

"Eureka" is a whole universe that includes all the details that adore admirers of the anime. The plot of the picture will tell the viewer about the 14-year-old boy Ranton Thorston, who lived in the house with his grandfather. One day the fur "Nirvash" crashed into their home and led a girl named Evrika. It was from this moment that Ranton's fascinating adventures began.

Love is like last rain( Koi wa Ameagari no You ni)

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main characters: Akira Tachibana

Love is a perpetual feeling, but at the same time it attracts millions of hearts around the world. Cute senior student and did not suspect that she would fall in love with a 40-year-old cafe manager. Despite all his sharpness and modesty, the girl gave up this sudden feeling.

Another manga screen adaptation, released in 2014.In due time, she gained a significant number of fans and their number continues to grow. Not surprisingly, there was a man who managed to pick brilliant seiyu and show on the screen a wonderful story of love, to which it is difficult to be indifferent.

Sanrio Danshi

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main characters: Kota Hasegawa, Shundunke Eschino, Yu Mizuno, Re Nishimiyah, Sayichiro Minamoto

This animated version of the multimedia project is due to be released in 2018.Guys "Sanrio" is a fun story telling the audience about the lives of five senior friends. These guys have one feature - they love the products of Sanrio. It should be noted that this company is quite realistic - it creates, quite, cute things and accessories for the school. Among the best-known brands owned by Sanrio, Hello Ketty and Jewelpet can be distinguished.

What kind of characters do you like guys? For example, Kota Hasegawa tends to Pom Pom, and Yu Mizuno loves the rabbit May Melody. Of course, such a passion can not but cause embarrassment, so the guys for a long time concealed their passions. But soon they realized that in their feelings there is nothing shameful - you just need to overcome the excitement on this occasion.

Aragne no Mushikago Cage

Anime 2018: A list of the best new items, a review of the scenes

Main Characters: Student Rin

This amazing picture was the result of hard work, ingenuity and love for the art of just one person. Director, scriptwriter, animator and composer of this indie-anime is Saku Sakamoto( "Ghost in Armor 2: Innocence").

In history, we will meet with an 18-year-old student, Rin, who got into an apartment building where crowds of spirits live. From this moment, the girl encounters mystical events, the result of which is increasingly pushing Rin to solve the mystery of the house.

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