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New Year's garlands with their own hands 2017. How to make a garland for the New Year? Where to buy?

New Year

How to make a garland on the New 2017 with your own hands?- perhaps one of the many issues that worries each homeowner on the eve of the New Year holidays. And here it is not about those lights with glowing light bulbs, but about garlands of paper and other materials. So the New Year's

element can decorate the rooms and windows of the house. Below you will find descriptions of how to make New Year's garlands with their own hands in 2017.

New Year's garlands of paper.

At the mention of the paper garlands, the garlands of the Soviet era are mentioned right away. Every adult remembers how in the school they cut colored stripes of colored paper and glued a chain of them. At the present time, this method has undergone some changes. To make a paper garland, you need thick paper or cardboard. The instruments will need a punch and stationery knife. From the cardboard it is necessary to cut a lot of circles, and inside the circles to make a hole. Moreover, if the diameter of the circle was 3 cm, the diameter of the hole should be a little more than 2 cm. Half the circles need to be cut. In this way, they can be joined together, alternating the cut circles with the whole. Such a garland can be decorated as rooms around the perimeter, as well as a Christmas tree.

New Year

The original garland of whole circles will look more original. Holistic circles will have to sew threads together. Circles can be of different sizes. Some of them can be decorated with crystals or sparkles.

You can sew not only ordinary circles but also other shapes: men's, snowflakes, hearts, stars, fir trees and more.

Garland from felt to New Year 2017.

As a material for garland, you can use not only paper but also fabric. Very good for this felt fit. To begin with, you need to cut out a lot of small fur-trees from the green felt. On each of them you can sew a few small buttons. Fixing such Christmas trees can be on the satin ribbon. You can attach them using threads. And you can show originality and attach the fir trees with small wooden pins.

New Year

You can make a garland of lollipops. This requires two-color felt. One piece of felt should be applied to another and glued together with glue. Then you need to twist a dense roller from it. Loan roll should be cut into pieces in the width of a couple of inches. So, get rid of funny candy. You can combine them by extending the thread through the lollipops. You can add beautiful beads to the decoration. Such garland can even be given to someone.

New Year

Of course, you can not waste time on making garlands and already buy ready. Probably everyone knows where to buy such decorations for a home. They can be sold in specialized stores where there are decorations for holidays.

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