2017 Year

Popular winter tours for the New Year 2017. Prices

Popular winter tours for the New Year 2017. Prices

Even some adults continue to believe that miracles and magic can occur in the New Year. To provide a more realistic notion, people are trying to create all the necessary conditions for this. One of these conditions is the New Year holidays on some

ski resort. To make such dreams come true, one should consider the most popular skiing tours for the New Year 2017. Choosing the direction of their New Year trip, many are waiting for exciting and unusual New Year's adventures and surprises.

Why choose a ski resort to celebrate the New Year 2017?

Every year, interest in ski resorts is growing. Especially their popularity grows during the New Year holidays. What exactly attracts in the ski resorts huge number of tourists? Firstly, it's entertainment, including skiing, snowboards and snowmobiles. Secondly, it is an attractive weather, characterized by the presence of bright sunshine in the areas of ski resorts. Thirdly, fresh mountain air, which is also good for health. Fourth, the enormous amount of snow, which in recent years is lacking in many regions of Russia. Fifthly, it is the emotions and pleasant memories of the time spent here. Sixth, the opportunity to stay in the best hotels and hotels. Well, and by the seventh, this is a grand New Year's entertainment program that will not let bored for a minute.

Popular winter tours for the New Year 2017. Prices

All this can be tested on yourself by choosing a particular route for your New Year trip. At the moment, travel agencies offer a huge selection of tours to the world's ski resorts.

The most popular ski resorts and their price.

Strangely enough, but the most popular among Russians is the ski resort of Russia - Chervona Polyana. At the moment, this resort has met all the world's standards. And it plays a huge role in choosing a ski resort. The cost of a tour on the Red glade in Sochi starts from 7500 rubles. The cost depends on the level of the hotel or hotel.

Recently, more and more popular among countries where there are ski resorts, is gaining Italy. Tourists of Italian winter resorts expect well-equipped trails and hills. In addition, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Prices for such a tour start at 21,000 rubles.
Popular winter tours for the New Year 2017. Prices
French ski resorts are also lagging behind. But it should be noted that these resorts are only beginning to gain popularity. Until an ancient time, few knew that France could boast of its winter resorts. Rest here will cost 38,000 rubles per person.

You can not bypass the leading European country among the ski resorts - Austria. They gained their popularity with impeccable descents. The length of the tracks here is about 22 km. There are about 3000 ski lifts on the territory of the base, which can deliver tourists to any slope. The price for a tour in Austria will be 36,000 rubles.

This is far from the whole list of ski resorts in the world. Each of them is interesting in its own way. But, of course, the New Year's 2017 meeting in one of these places will be a truly enjoyable journey that will be remembered for a long time.