Rules for multiplying dracena with apical cuttings

Dracena - a beautiful indoor plant with a variety of species. This palmide plant can reach 1.5 meters in height, so for such a high plant is important proper care, so that it was still attractive and healthy. Dracena attracts not only his appearance, the

, but also the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the care. Also, these perennial shrubs are easily reproducible, and the use of aphids and cuttings is almost always one hundred percent. This article will describe one of the most common ways: multiplication of dragons with apical cuttings.


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What is the meaning of the way

When the plant reaches the adult age, it can grow even up to the ceiling. But over time, due to lack of light and space, Dracena begins to lose its attractive appearance. The leaves become false, the shoots are thin or at all cease to grow. Due to the high height the branches "collapse" in different directions, become unstable and cease to hold in the correct position. Also, with the age of dracaena "bald", on the lower part of the trunk falls leaves, and dracena loses its attractiveness. It is at this point that one has to think about how to multiply and rejuvenate the plant. The three species of dracena are particularly well tolerated, the dracaena is fermented, woody and fragrant.

Rules for multiplying dracena with apical cuttings

It is necessary to start the process of division in the spring, in March or in April. If there is an urgent need to divide the drainage at another time of year, then you will need to take care of extra care, so that the ostriches could catch up.

The described reproduction method is called "tipping".With a sharp knife, it is necessary to cut off the upper part of the stem. The length of the tops should be at least 15 centimeters. The advantage of this method is that you can determine the future height of your plant by cutting off as much as you thought. Thus, not only will you receive another new copy of dracena, but also rejuvenate an old man who has grown and became unattractive. Cut the stem should be firm and confident. You can not allow the "sawing" of the stem, otherwise it will begin to split, it will become loose and when rooted it will not be able to cling to and rooted. If you can not make the cut even and without damage, it is better to throw it out, since the chances that he will give the young roots, practically no. With the correct execution of the cut, the apex can be rolled up immediately.

The simplicity of the method is that the dweller can be rooted initially either in water, or immediately in the soil.

Rules for multiplying dracena with apical cuttings

When you rotate the stack in water, you need to add a special fertilizer that will help the young to grow quickly to roots. To root the florist often use "Zircon".When diluting it in water should take into account such a proportion - 1 liter of water 10-15 drops of the drug.

It is better to use a light and loose soil when multiplying the plant with the help of apical cuttings in the soil. For this procedure, an inert substrate will fit perfectly. For better rooting of the germ, it is also necessary to use additional drugs. In this case, powder formulations that stimulate the formation of roots are used. This tool needs to be cut cuttings cuttings. For processing cut with liquid means, sodium humate and heteroauxin are often used.

At apical nuts and rooting of the processes in the soil it is necessary to remember about the danger of rotting the petiole. This can happen because of constantly wet soil, in which microorganisms can develop and gradually destroy the germ. Fatal for the stalk is also dry soil, in it it does not survive and dry.

Rules for multiplying dracena with apical cuttings

Step-by-Step Instruction

1. For sharpening need sharp knife or scraper and alcohol. Blade blade must be treated with alcohol. Now cut the upper part of the stem in the length of 10-15 centimeters. We make the cut even or at an angle, most importantly, there is no deformation on the barrel. The surface of the cut must be smooth and without splitting. If a leaf without a leaf can be rooted, and if it is with leaves, then they should be removed first.

2. Rooting in water: In a small container pour warm water, add a drug "Zircon"( a glass of water 2-3 drops of the drug).Alternatively, you can add 1 activated charcoal tablet instead. Thanks to coal, the water remains fresh for longer. In the water put a cut off handle. When rooting in water it is necessary to monitor the purity of water. It is necessary to change it at first turmoil. The water temperature should be roomy. The rooting process lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. After the roots appear, the staple must be transplanted into a constant pot.

Rules for multiplying dracena with apical cuttings

3. It is necessary to take a small pot or a plastic glass for rooting in the soil. At the bottom of the tank, put a drainage layer so that there is good ventilation of air and the soil is not pril. Pour into a container soil( sand, perlite, hydrogel, soil soil).In the ground, add a small amount of special tools for better rooting. Cut the cuttings into a tree hole. When planting germ in the soil, be sure to monitor moderate and regular watering. To make the sprout faster roots, you need to create a greenhouse effect. To do this, above the sprout, you can put a glass jar, a plastic container or cover with cellophane. In such conditions, the stack will soon release the roots. But in this case, it is important to regularly spray the leaves( 3-5 times a day) with warm water, and also daily ventilate the appendix for about 20-30 minutes. In this way, excess moisture will evaporate and there will be no rotting of the roots. Also once a week it is necessary to spray leaves with a special fertilizer for palm trees. In the greenhouse environment, the plant gets moisture through the leaves. This is all you need to know to successfully propagate dracena to the "top".

Video "Dropped Dragon Rope: Instruction"

This roller detail shows the process of propagating the drag racing with top cuttings.