Australian Ostrich Him: his habitat and photo

The Australian continent is famous for its many wonderful beasts. Some of them live only in their ethnic homeland, while others are successfully divorced around the world. This being is an ostrich to Him. For many, he's just a character from a picture in a children's book and an amazing

creature. We will tell in our review how this bird lives and what it is interesting.


  • 1 Who is this to Him: beast or bird?
  • 2 Overview of the breed
  • 3 Living environment
  • 4 Video "Ostrich in a nursery"

Who is the following: beast or bird?

It belongs to the largest( second largest in the world) non-flying birds. The first place is taken by his African sister. He is a great bird, but the myth that he is a beast was distributed because of his inability to fly. Nevertheless, ornithologists are unanimous in their decision - it's a bird, not a beast.

Overview of the

The size of the ostrich sometimes reaches up to 2 meters and the weight is up to 60 kg. They run perfectly and often run at speeds of 50 km / h from predators hunting behind them in the Australian expanses. Runners are beautiful, but in a calm condition, when ostriches know that nobody is threatening them, they cross the area at speeds up to 7 km / h. On a day, the bird is able to go up to 25 km. In the photo below, you can see the graceful posture and appearance of the bird.

Australian Ostrich Him: his habitat and photo

They swim well, but they do not like long-distance swings, preferring to slip off the coast. This method of bathing allows the ostrich to respond more quickly to the approaching danger. The uniqueness of the breed lies in the fact that birds perfectly adapt to different temperatures. It is known that some breeders managed to breed even in Siberia. However, it is rather an exception.

The breed refers to people who are easy to come to terms with. Ostriches are very friendly if you feel good attitude and quickly get used to the owners, behaving like hand birds. The skeleton of the wings in the bird is underdeveloped, and therefore its wings are small, weak, unable to lift a heavy body above the ground. But the legs are very strong. They have three fingers, on the middle there is a massive clause that the ostrich can wound if desired.

Australian Ostrich Him: his habitat and photo

Adult Australian ostrich male is very similar to female, and vice versa. There are not many external signs that reliably indicate the field of the bird. Often, only experienced breeders can say male or female individuals in front of them. Determine the floor can be precisely only during the marriage period, males behave noisy and in every way pay attention to the females.

Ostriches become mature for 2 years. After placing the eggs, they throw them away, and the ostrich takes care of the progeny up to the hatching. He is not a family bird but contains them in groups. During the period of bearing in the season, the female may postpone about 50 eggs. In the photo you can see the dimensions and unusual color of an ostrich egg.

Australian Ostrich Him: his habitat and photo


Existence Environment Ostrich lives in the whole of Australia, and especially loves open areas of land that you can run on. The bird does not like dense forests or too arid areas. It is known that the ostrich damages the crops of farmers, so they mercilessly destroy the birds of this breed. Ideally, in the natural environment, he can live up to 20 years, but in practice his age usually reaches 10.

In the natural area, he is quite friendly, but still ornithologists recommend refrain from feeding these birds from their hands. For such entertainment it is recommended to visit special reserves or farms, where the ostrich also feels good. At present, farms with Him are not only in Australia, but also in China, Peru, North America and Canada.

Australian Ostrich Him: his habitat and photo The Most Merciful Enemy to Him - Dingo Dog

The favorite place to "walk" ostriches to Him is agricultural land. Farmers in Australia even specially set up scarecrows on the fields, and also use shepherd dogs as a protection. However, there are more modern methods of scaring birds from the fields, for example, electrical signaling. In addition, the rejection of the population carried out and ferocious enemies of Him - the eagles, hawks and dogs Dingo, one of which is depicted in the picture.

Video "The Ostrich Himself in the Nursery"

This video allows you to evaluate the dimensions of the bird, the manner in which it behaves and its appearance.