Speed ​​of ostrich: which can develop km / h, speed record

Ostrich - a large and strong inhabitant of the Savannah, which, although it belongs to the category of birds, still can not fly. However, nature has compensated for such a mistake, allowing the attention with the small wings and strong legs to develop a significant speed. He is the only representative of the

bird tribe who can run so fast. The speed of the ostrich allows him to beat world records of running.

Speed ​​of ostrich: which can develop km / h, speed record Ostrich can not fly, but it is offset by the speed of its run

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Features of the run

Robust and long legs allow the birds to run faster and overcome the bigdistanceOn each paw for two fingers - long and short. One is an obscure process that is deprived of a claws. But on the second there is a massive clause that performs the following functions:

  • becomes a support during the strike when the bird is protected;
  • affects how fast the ostrich develops;
  • helps push off after a collision with the surface;The
  • gives you the ability to maneuver while running without stopping.

Significant distances overlap ostriches at an average speed of over 50 km / h. This indicator is higher than that of other animals. The construction of the extremities, according to experts, is a guarantee that these large birds run away so quickly. Zoologists in recent decades have conducted various studies of oporous-musculoskeletal system. The results of scientific works become the basis for studying the human body and identifying its additional possibilities. This is important for athletes.

Ostriches lack the ability to fly due to their characteristics:

  • weak muscle;
  • underdeveloped wings.

At the same time, strong leg muscles allow you to step elastically, gracefully and easily. Ostriches can take steps up to 4 meters in length. When running, it seems that the birds are simply moving their feet faster. The reason for this lies in the fact that the load allows the body to not bend forward.

Running of birds is characterized by calmness and smoothness. Ostriches overcome the distances, without much strain, while squandering energy.

Speed ​​of ostrich: which can develop km / h, speed record The speed of the ostrich - about 70 km / h, it will easily overtake any rider MAN

Record speed

The speed of ostrich riding in case of danger reaches the mark of 72 km / h( 20 m / s).In this case, the average length of the step increases, reaching 7 meters. Running bird is able to see the danger in kilometer and to run away from it in a timely manner. The peculiar temperament of bird lies in the fact that she prefers not to fight, although her forces are enough to repel predators.

The world record for ostriches is a maximum speed of 92 kilometers per hour. And this despite the fact that in the usual state of the ostrich rushes almost half-slower - at a speed of 46 kilometers per hour( 12.7 m / s).

Economical energy consumption is another advantage of ostriches to other birds. Due to this, they maintain high speed over a long period of time.

Interesting Facts

Though the ostrich is endurance lower, they are not lagging behind their parents. Starting from the second month of life, chicks are followed everywhere by parents, despite their small size. Young individuals after a long run at speeds of 70 kilometers per hour reduce the speed to 50.

The growth of the ostrich equals the growth of a horse, but at speed it exceeds the falconry. Feathery in a short time begins to run very fast, without reducing speed, in any obstacles. When running, the ostrich raises its wings, which seems to him to be taking off. So he keeps the balance.

The scientific name of the bird is translated as a "camel sparrow".It is completely justified, because the cumbersome and cumbersome at first sight the creature is fast and smart.

Speed ​​of ostrich: which can develop km / h, speed record Powerful legs and allow you to develop such a huge speed


Among other birds, ostriches stand out in large sizes. The weight of the birds can reach 160 kg, and the height sometimes exceeds 170 cm. They have a flat head and do not have a plumage for a long neck. Often birds are grown in a farm. The reason for this lies in meat that looks like beef. Useful and delicious, it became a delicacy on the tables of many peoples.

Birds are unpretentious in food, they consume food:

  • small vertebrates;
  • insects;
  • vegetable stern;
  • grain.

Since ostriches are indigenous inhabitants of the savannah, they are accustomed to spending a long time without water.


The ostrich is one of the largest and most powerful birds on the planet. This type of feathery differs from other speed, which is guaranteed due to the special structure of the body. Birds at long distances gain speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour, and in case of danger it increases to 72.

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