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The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds

The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds

There is a pattern - the smaller the genotype of a dog differs from the genotype of wolves, so it is stronger. In total, there are 14 ancient species most closely related to these wild animals. The breed, bearing the title "the strongest dog in the world" - molossi.

  • Mastiff - bright representatives of ancient rock
  • huge dogs - champions of growth
  • Dobriak Newfoundland, he's a diver
  • South Bourboule - hunter of elephants
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  • Cane Corso - courage that is proverbial
  • Secrets forces fighting breeds
  • Chotyrylapi tugssnowstorm
  • The strongest representatives of the dogworld

Mastiff - bright representatives of the ancient breed

The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds All varieties of mastiffs, whether English, Tibetan or Bulmafever, different dimensions and powerful musculature. These dogs are incredible sizes - standing on their hind legs, they become significantly more human. Physical activity will help the mastiff to be a strong and lean body throughout life.

Huge Dogs - Growth Record Holders

The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds Many Guinness World Records are officially the largest dog in the world - it's doggy. Strong muscles, tremendous speed, massive jaw and high growth( pines - above 80 cm in the withers), combined with inhuman reaction, make dogs one of the worst opponents in the dogworld.

Goodwill Newfoundland, it's the diver

The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds Newfoundland, and in our opinion - a diver, refers to strong rocks due to its bulky dimensions, but from birth endowed with calm and kind character, these dogs can attack a person only in extraordinarysituations.

South African Burbuel - Elephant Hunter

The strongest dog in the world: photo, which, mastiffs, dogs, bourboles, breeds South African Burbulus - Not recognized by the international dog breeder cynologists federations. The structure of the body and the developed musculature of the barbules' backs allows them to gain an incredible speed. Due to these natural qualities were widely used in baiting animals, and the ancestors of this breed participated in hunting for elephants in their South African homeland.

Boerboes have a restless temperament and are prone to aggression, so their training should be very strict. In Russia, there were many cases when these dogs attacked people.

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Kane Corso - Courage in the saying of

These Italian dogs are renowned for their courage and are used primarily for protection, and their TTX allows them to fully provide security. During the Ancient Rome, this breed was used in gladiatorial battles, where dogs often won a victory over humans.

The secrets of the fighting forces of the

We determined which strongest dog in the world looked at the photo, but did not find out what their secret was.

Sufficient competitors of the strongest moles are warrior dogs that are distinguished by those that were specially derived by man selectively from the most powerful and dangerous individuals.

Fighting dogs are not a separate group in the classification of official cynological associations and are allocated only in amateur clubs.

It is important to know that a fighter dog does not necessarily have to be big and strong, as in the battle, not only these qualities are important. A good fight dog achieves success at the expense of the speed of movement and reaction, agility and flexibility, grasp and aggressive mood.

For example, boulevards and pitbulls often engage in battles, despite their large size, due to their powerful jaws and strong muscles.

Fila braziliero with an increase of 75 centimeters in the shoulder and weighing up to 50 kilograms is also a frequent dogfighter. Bulldogs, in particular the English bulldog, also achieve significant success in the battle.

Another dangerous opponent - the Spanish alano is a really big and powerful dog, but its main advantage in the battle is a thick skin that protects its strong body from the teeth and claws of the enemy.

Quadruple Tug Snow Desert

Riding dogs rightly deserve the title of the most enduring and best on long distances. These northern breeds can freely overcome in a harness for 60 kilometers a day, moving from "cruising" speeds of 15 km / h, and with record raids and reaching 40 km / h.

It is worth mentioning the dog breeder breeds. Not for nothing, for the protection of housing, most people choose shepherds: these strong, obedient and faithful animals will become a reliable protection of their master.

The strongest representatives of the dogworld

In America, there is an entire International Dog Association Association, designed to formally put a stop to the question of which dog is most powerful.

For this purpose, competitions are conducted in which the animal must overcome 5 meters when attached to a loaded cart or sleigh.

There are 4 types of competitions:

  • movement of the carriage with natural cover;
  • movement of the trolley by artificial cover;
  • movement of snow sledges;
  • movement of artificial snow sledges.

Similar events take place annually. The participants are measured by forces in different weight categories.

Recorded by the Association records are impressive. For example, the English Mastiff Slay in 1997 shifted 2447 kg in natural cover, and 2,668 kg in two years earlier.- by artificial! His records still remained unbeatable.

When it comes to sleighs, it's no surprise that the record figures show riding breeds. So Malamute Moses got 680 kg.on natural snowHowever, in the competition for artificial snow since 1998, Mastiff Redl leads with a result of 1215 kilograms.