Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays

Each of us faces the need to go on vacation or business trip, leaving the flowers at home. It is not always possible to ask neighbors or friends to water and monitor the condition of indoor plants during weaning. But because the watering of flowers during the holiday is not the point about the

which is worth forgetting, because leaving green friends without water even for a couple of days means to risk their health. There are many good ways to organize watering during your vacation. We will consider the basic and most practical.


  • 1 Self-priming autopilots
  • 2 Autonomous watering systems from the store
  • 3 Pots for autopilot
  • 4 Tips for those who leave
  • 5 Video "Automatic watering system for houseplants"

Self-priming watering systems

Before you choose the answer to your question:How to water flowers during the holidays, you should first get acquainted with different ways of remote care of the plant. The automatic watering of colors is one of the most effective, besides, it is easy to organize, it does not involve serious material costs.

Flowers perfectly carry this type of food for more than three weeks. The essence of the method is to ensure a constant flow of nutrient moisture in the required amount to the roots of plants. To make such a system, we will need an ordinary plastic bottle, its volume must be calculated based on the amount of land to be moved.

Divide the bottle into two equal parts, cut the upper half with the lid to the size required for our volume of land( with a small margin).In a lid from a bottle we make a small hole and put a tourniquet or a rope from any cotton fabric in it( it is important that it takes good moisture).We plug the cork back into the upper part, and we have the rope in such a way that something like a circle or spiral is formed.

This will help ensure maximum contact with water. After that, pour water into the bottom of the bottle and place it in the upper part. In order that the water does not evaporate, it is worth gluing the seam between the parts with an insulating tape or an adhesive tape. The work is done, you only have to transplant the flower into this temporary pot and you can not worry about how to water the flowers during the holiday.

Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays The second method of watering is to use ordinary drops, as well as water containers. We need to buy as many drops as the plants require watering. To begin with, we prepare the device: we remove needles and check the integrity of the surfaces, then fasten them together, and we weigh more with any tips for their complete immersion in a water tank. We collect a container with water( the volume depends on the duration of autopilot), put it in the ends of the droppers.

Then put the entire structure on some kind of elevated position( for example, a stool).We let the moisture through the tubes, opening the regulators. Cover over water and put the other end of the dropper in the ground. Reopens the regulator. This method is effective, but before watering the flowers during the holiday in this way, it is advisable to test it a bit earlier than planned trip: so we will be sure what amount of fluid the plant needs, which feed rate is the most comfortable. Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays

Self-contained watering system from the store

If you do not have enough time before going on vacation to create a manually-operated system, you should not despair, wondering how to water flowers on vacation. In any flower shop, we will find a wand-hunter for home-grown lovers: an autonomous watering system. There are many such adaptations, their difference - the price category and design. The principle of work is always the same: a small capacity with water, which on the tubes gives moisture to the pots. The more complex the design of the automatic watering system, the better the water is distributed. The standalone system is costly, but its advantages are reliability, so-called "smart" watering, as well as the possibility of long-term use from year to year. The system consists of the following components:

  • Liquid reservoir, tube for flower transfer;
  • Tips from porous materials;
  • Watering time regulator( timer);
  • Controller for water entering the soil;
  • Pump that pumps water.
  • Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays Interesting development of agrarians are special cones, which, after filling with water, are stuck with an acute "leg" in the soil of plants and will also help you decide how to water flowers on vacation. The principle of their work is simple: when the soil of the plant dries, the oxygen penetrates into the leg, pushing out the fluid in the required amount of cone. Such products of a diverse design are full of shop windows, they are really practical in use and besides, decorate the interior of the room.
    Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays For so-called "passive" irrigation, so-called capillary mats are also suitable - mats made of specially absorbent moisture. The mats are expanded on any surface, before putting the oilcloth under it, and then dropping one of its ends into a water tank. It happens that the area of ​​the rug does not allow such manipulation. Then we cut off the equal lane from the product, put one end in the water, the other - for the most part left. Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays

    Pistons for autopilot

    Pistols for autopilot are often called "smart" because the system incorporated in the device really differs with a reasonable approach to irrigation of domestic plants. Flowers consume as much water as they need, depending on the time of day, weather conditions, the season, as well as the banal location relative to the sun. The autopilot in this case is the transmission through the cone-shaped holes of liquid from the reservoir into a container with a flower. After filling the tank, we can forget about watering for 12 weeks( the exact time depends on the conditions of detention).Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays

    A smart basin is equipped with an indicator that tells you the need to replenish the liquid stock. Prepare a flower for this type of food is quite simple: distribute a small amount of drainage to the bottom of the vase, fill the soil with the top and plant our plant. Lastly, pour water into the reservoir. Simplicity and time-saving are the main advantages of pots for self-tapping to other systems, so many stop at this option, deciding how to water flowers on vacation.

    Recently, another kind of pots for the autopilot has become popular - a pitcher with a water tank. Such a model consists of a pot, a water tank and a squeegee. The system monitors the level of soil fluid, as well as regulates watering.

    It is important to know that watering a flower that grows in a pitcher with a water tank only takes three times a year.

    This option is ideal for those who go on vacation, as well as for those who lead an active lifestyle. Adaptations for watering flowers during the holidays

    Tips for those who leave

    Finally, we give some tips that will help you to make indoor planting during holidays absolutely safe when using the autopilot method:

  • In order to allow moisture from the soil to evaporate as slowly as possible, it is necessary to remove vases from the window sillsor places of high illumination. With the decrease in the amount of light that falls on the green mass, the plant life processes are slowed down. As a result, the amount of water consumed also decreases.
  • A few weeks before departure, it is necessary to exclude "fertilization" with different fertilizers, as well as carefully check for pests or diseases. In the case of detection, it is advisable to immediately treat the flowers with drugs.
  • Remove dried leaves, as well as cut flowers and buds. So we will help the plant to save energy longer.
  • By placing pots with flowers closer to each other, we will increase the humidity around them. As an option, pots can be placed in a large bowl with claydite filled with water.
  • Adhering to these simple principles, watering indoor plants during your holidays will no longer be a problem for you, and you will enjoy your vacation, being completely confident in the safety of your houseplants.

    Video "Automatic Pot Plants Irrigation"

    This video shows how you can make a system of drip irrigation for indoor plants. Thanks to this watering system, plants not only do not fade during your departure, but it will also significantly save you time in the summer, when plants have to be watered more often than usual.