Animal Care

How many cats and cats live Maine Coon

The giant, giant Maine Coons is a healthy and enduring breed. There is evidence that the average longevity of these cats at home is from 12 to 15 years old .

Statistics also shows( Animal Inspection Data) that, with proper care, more than half of

animals live at least up to 16.5 years and over .Cats of Main Coons live longer than cats on average for 1-1.5 years, which is typical of most breeds.

Of course, with the right content, the life span of the maine Coon can be greatly increased. In general, it is a strong and healthy breed whose life is mainly influenced by the diet, physical activity, oral hygiene and general veterinary observation.

There are several genetic diseases that Maine Coons are prone to, but, again, regular reviews and timely detection of problems can prevent severe consequences and increase longevity of the pitmets. In addition to regular veterinarian inspections, your cat also needs regular vaccinations.


The first thing you can do for a potential lifespan of your Main Coon is to provide it with a fat-free diet that is obtained from a high-quality dry mix. Watching that the cat is not overdone, and she kept her healthy weight - is the key to a happy and healthy pupil.

These are great cats, and in order to keep their body slim, they need to pay special attention to the diet. Talk to your veterinarian about a suitable diet for your Main Coon, given its size and age. The number and type of food that a cat needs depends, as a rule, on its age and stage of life.

Physical Exercises

Cats, especially Maine Coons, are very intelligent animals that can continue to live without human intervention, so that your cat needs to have physical and mental stimuli to keep your cat healthy and has the desire to live for as long as possible.

This means that attention, regular conversations, toys and games are an important part of the life expectancy of your cat. Give her toys that will stimulate her intelligence and you can enjoy playing with them together.

Oddly enough, the cats of the Main Coons are known for having them harness and lace and walking with them like dogs. This is a great form of exercise for your pet. Maintain regular exercise and play interesting games for you both to attract the cat to them.

So, how much your cat lives will depend on many factors, including genetics and the care it receives throughout its life. Nevertheless, although we can not influence the genetic factors, sometimes they can be outspoken by correct and responsible attitude towards the pupil.