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What should be the normal temperature in cats and how to measure it

What should be the normal temperature in cats and how to measure it It is believed that the temperature of the cat's body depends on the breed and length of the wool. Well, it's worth breaking down this myth and saying a few words about normal temperature and pet's state.

Adult Cat

The body temperature of an adult healthy slicer ranges from 38 to 39.5

° C.Do not be afraid if the cat of the breed Sphinx seems to be more hot to touch than, for example, the Persian cat. In fact, both temperatures will be the same, but because of the abundant long wool Perse does not seem so hot, because the internal temperature in the hairless breeds is exactly the same as in all other breeds. Naturally, petersburg and sphinxes seem hotter, so the owners perceive it as higher and immediately begin to panic. Do not worry and try yourself, without contacting the veterinary clinic to determine the temperature of your pet. How to do this - read below.

What should be the normal temperature in cats and how to measure it


For kittens under 3 months of age, a slight increase in temperature to 40 ° C is normal. For newborns this norm is even more - 40.5 ° C.Do not forget - just appeared on the light kitten is in a small shock to what happened to him, so do not immediately run a thermometer and poke it under the tail. It is best to make the first measurement at the age of one, if necessary. Without unnecessary needs, it's better not to bother the kids and mom at all.

How to measure the body temperature of a pet

Many owners encountered such testimonies as the veterinarian, as the control of the body temperature of their mutant friends. However, simply putting a hand on the pet's head, it is impossible to determine its temperature. So the armpit is not blocked by a thermometer. The only correct definition is the measurement of temperature through the anus( which is described in detail).Here you need to be careful. If a pet does not bite properly and not prepare for future manipulation, you can immediately rely on arrogant and scratched hands, as well as a ferocious image on the part of the animal.

What should be the normal temperature in cats and how to measure it

So, in order to determine the body temperature of a cat, it is necessary to arm the thermometer( normal mercury and electron fit), vaseline or greasy cream without additives, any cloth or sheet( to bite a pet) and patience, because it does not always workto carry out manipulations from the first time. The process of temperature measurement is then gradually described:

  • Apply a little petroleum jelly or cream to the back of the palm and rub it a bit to make it warmer;
  • At the tip of the thermometer, apply a part of the cream and rub it off, put it aside;
  • Make your pet wrap so as to protect yourself from claws that, by the way, would not interfere with the scratches. In this case, the place under the tail should be open;
  • Take the thermometer and gently, with easy rotational movements, insert its tip into the anus of the animal at 1 cm. Of course, this procedure does not like a cat, so you need to keep it tighter, but do not overdo it. Perhaps she will be angry with her indignation;
  • If the thermometer is mercury, it is necessary to take 3-4 minutes, if electronic - to the sound signal, or after 1-1,5 minutes
  • Write down the result.

The individual temperature of the pet

Cats are even more different than each other than humans. Consequently, the temperature of their bodies will also be different for each clown. To determine the individual temperature of your pet, you must record the results within 10 days. Measure, of course, every day. Yes, and the veterinarian will be easier to determine the possible diseases, and the owner does not need to panic.