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What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

The topic of the article - what to feed the German spits, included in the small group of breeds: medium, small and miniature. Also, let's talk about how to keep these decorative dogs and how to care for them. The general recommendations described below are suitable for all the owners of the

Spaniards in the small group, since there is no difference in feeding, maintenance and care between them.


  • Comfortable comfortable place
  • Safety Above all
  • Dishes, toys, tray
  • Tasty and nutritious food
  • Necessary prevention
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Hygiene - a guarantee of health
  • Good teeth, bad teeth
  • Mezhpolovaya hygiene

Cozy comfortable town

You can not bring a German spitz to the house if the room is not prepared for the pet's residence. The dog needs his own place. It should be in a cozy place, where the movement of households will not interfere with rest and sleep. Places around the batteries or do not fit, - the spitz may catch a cold, or it will spoil the wool and skin. To keep the puppy from lonely, you need to choose the room where you are most often, for example, a bedroom.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

As a "crib" for spitz suit a special basket or a house will fit. In pet stores there is a wide selection of similar beds of different colors and shapes. When choosing the appropriate model, give preference to natural materials: cotton, linen, felt. They do not cause allergies and do not electrify. In order to maintain purity, additionally purchase a mattress and several covers that will change as pollution.

The size of the place to rest depends on the size of your spitz. In this case, the dog should be able to trample, twist and stretch for the full height. The approximate data for a standard bed is shown in the table:

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Define the width of the "crib" by measuring the dog sleeping on the side from the ends of the legs to the shoulder.

Safety above all

It does not matter if you own the German spitz you are: medium, small or miniature. In any case, these decorative dogs are able to shove their interesting nose anywhere. If you take care of his safety in the home in advance, the pet may suffer: getting stuck, squirming, falling and injured, poisoning. To avoid an accident, you need to do the following:

  • to pick up all sticking wires, unstable and small items, chemicals, garbage bin;
  • close slots under armchairs, sofas, cabinets;
  • block the exit to the balcony;
  • cover slippery carpet floors.

Protect Spitz from troubles will also help the crib, especially if you plan to go home on a regular basis. You can buy it at the pet shop or do it with your own hands. In the second case, note that the construction should be at least 80 centimeters in height and an area of ​​two or three square meters. When making an enclosure you need to use non-toxic and durable materials - metal mesh or wood. No sharp spikes or details should be, otherwise the dog can scratch.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

If the spitz likes to live in the cage or you like to keep it there, it does not mean that the puppy should stay in it forever. Without space, energetic games and communication with you, dogs can begin to experience problems, both mental and physical. Let the pet run the house as often as possible.

Utensils, toys, tray

As long as the spitz is small, it still can not move around the house. Therefore, next to the lodge, you need to install two bowls: for water and food. Underneath it is recommended to lather an oilcloth or disposable napkin - it will make cleaning easier. If there is a carpet next to it, it's best to clean it at the time. When the dog is strong enough to get to the place of feeding, set the bowls there.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Also set the toilet next to the bedside table. For the German spitz it is desirable to buy a tray, where to put newspapers, disposable diapers or a special filler. Any substrate needs to be changed daily on a clean basis. For dogs, you can buy a column tray.

A spicy spitz is very pleasing if you treat it with toys: balls, cord, rings. They not only diversify the life of the dog, but also turn it away from your shoes, wallpaper and furniture. Choose high quality latex toys. If the dog and able to snatch a piece, then it will come out in a natural way.

Spitza can also be enjoyed by edible off-products or live, designed for long-term storage. However, if a toddler catches an edible thing to a small size, it should be thrown away; otherwise, the puppy is in danger of getting crammed.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

You should not buy dozens of toys, two or three enough. Like children, they quickly get bored with dogs, so occasionally give your pet a new toy, removing the old one, especially if it's broken. Old toys in good condition can be given again in two weeks, and the spitz will rejoice them as new.

Delicious and nutritious food

From what you are feeding spitz, its health, quality of wool, condition of internal organs and teeth will depend on what you are feeding spits. In order not to disrupt the digestive system of the dog, the first time you need to give her the food she ate to the breeder. If desired, in two or three weeks, you can begin to gradually transfer the pet to the type of food you choose: natural or ready( dry feed).

However, it is not enough just to buy food or ready-made food and feed them spitz. You need to know certain rules for choosing food, how to prepare it, and how to store it. You also need to know what you can feed a dog, and why it's better to give up. About all this and many other things are described in the article "What to Feed Pomeranian Spits".

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Necessary prevention of

You will be able to protect the health of the German Spitz and strengthen its immunity if you are on time to vaccinate hepatitis, parvovirus, stomach, enteritis, adenovirus. Without them the dog can not be let out into the street, the more it is taken out of town. Yes, and to exhibitions or competitions will not allow it.

Vaccination( vaccination) is the introduction into the body of an animal of attenuated or killed pathogens of a particular illness. Do not worry if, after vaccination, the spit has become sluggish, it has begun to give up food or it has raised the temperature. Such medical measures are not harmful to the body. The dog tolerates the disease in a mild form, but as a result, immunity is generated for possible infection.

All subsequent vaccinations should be done with the same drug. The widespread complex vaccine Nobivac Puppy. If the breeder has already made spicca vaccine, find out exactly what he used( in the veterinary sports should be a mark), and choose the same. For your convenience, we specified the vaccination scheme in the table:

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Repeat the vaccination once a year, at the same time, plus or minus a week. Vaccination from rabies can be done in a year. Always check spit temperature before vaccine. The norm is 37.5-39 degrees. If the dog has a high fever, diarrhea has begun, there is rash on the skin, eyes, ears, nose flow purulent discharge, or you are observing other deviations from the normal condition, most likely, she became ill. In this case, the vaccine should be delayed until it is fully recovered, and spit show veterinarian.

Two weeks before the vaccination, make spelled deworming( run of worms).Anti-glycemic preparation: "Helmimax", "Dirofen" or "Azinox", use two days in a row according to the instructions. For a week treat the dog from fleas and ticks. For this purpose, the perfect remedy for such drugs as "Bars" or "Effitex."

Fresh air and exercise

The German Spitz is an extremely playful and active animal. In order for a dog to feel good, it needs somewhere to devote its inexhaustible energy. Of course, periodic home games help to spill out the accumulated forces. But what could be better outdoor walks, where the pet will not only have plenty of space for games and jogging, but also the ability to explore new lands.

Regular walks have beneficial effects on spit health: the sun's ultraviolet promotes its proper development, physical activity stimulates blood circulation and strengthens muscles. So the mental condition of the pupil will be in the normal, due to games with you and your family, communication with my sister in special areas for decorative dogs. The places of walking of big dogs are better to avoid - spikes love to pluck them.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

A kidney can go out into the street two weeks after the first vaccination( see above), otherwise it risks picking up infection from stray dogs, cats, small rodents.

At first hikes, spend no more than 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to two hours. For walks it is necessary to choose a good weather, without rain, wind or snow. If the spit blows, or it gets wet, it can catch otitis or chills. In severe heat, too, will have to stay at home. Overheating is threatened with dehydration, and the burning sun is a blow.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Hygiene - the guarantee of health

The appearance of German spitz should be looked after: clean the eyelid, eyes, handle the claws, care for the hair, removing dead wool and freeing from the ducklings, bathing, trim. The complex of these procedures is called grooming. More in the article "Grooming of the German Spitz".

Regular examinations and hygiene procedures allow not only to maintain a neat appearance of the dog, but also timely notice the first signs of illness: from skin dermatitis to inflammation of the ear canals. Spitz, whose care is carried out regularly, and looks good, and feels great.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Good teeth, bad teeth

The owner may encounter dental problems in the pet. This is especially true for the owners of miniature spits. For the teeth, the dog needs constant care. Otherwise, a plaque forms on them, which gradually turns into a dental stone. This, in turn, accumulates harmful bacteria that provoke inflammation of the ash and oral cavity as a whole. As a result, even a young spitz can get rid of its main weapons.

Before changing the teeth, which begins in three to four months and ends in six to seven months, you should regularly inspect the spit dental system. In the formation of plaque and for prophylaxis, it is possible to give the dogs a special clog toothbrush or edible toys. You can find them in veterans or specialized stores.

Rooty Spitz teeth need regular cleaning. Three to four times a week will be enough. For this procedure, buy an artificial bristle toothbrush, a flexible sponge or a special silicone scarf in the pet store, made in the form of a brush. A great alternative is a sterile bandage that needs to be wound on your finger. He not only brushes his teeth, but also polishes the surface.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

You will also need a toothpaste or dog powder. Human paste or powders are not suitable - they contain harmful substances for the dog's body.

With regard to the very change of teeth, to accelerate the process and reduce spice discomfort, during the entire period let him bite carrots, an apple or a brain stomach. If the process is delayed, it is advisable to contact a veterinarian-dentist. Only he can remove the teeth that interfere with the appearance of the native. Failure to do so will result in a risk of bite, deformation or injury to the jaw.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Interdimensional Hygiene

Hygiene of the external genitalia is not the last place to care for the spitz. Allocation has the property of accumulation on the wool and to allocate an unpleasant smell. In addition, they create a favorable environment for harmful bacteria and fungi, which often leads to problems with the quality of the wool or the condition of the skin of the dog.

As a rule, spikes are cared for by themselves intimate places, especially cautious on this issue of bitch. Any liver or inexperienced puppy can be trained to take care of themselves, daily lubricating sex organs with sunflower or butter. A pleasant smell will make Spit erase delicacies. Gradually you bring it to the cleanliness.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

Owners will have to wash the bitch after the end of the turtle, as the smell of excrement can remain on the wool for a long time and attract the dogs. Bathing will help avoid such problems. Pregnant female spitz should be washed daily, especially in the second month of pregnancy, because because of an enlarged stomach, they can not always reach the genital organs.

Needed care and ugly bitches. They need to walk in a cover that covers the stomach. If you are not a fan of dog clothes, then, after each walk, remove the dirt from the dog's nipple with a weak solution of manganese. Otherwise, it may start mastitis - inflammation of the mammary glands.

What to feed German Spitz, care and maintenance( photo and video)

We introduced you to the basic rules of care and maintenance of German spitzs. If you have questions or thematic information, please leave a comment.

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