Breeding ostriches at home and their content

At first glance, ostrich breeding at home, and even where the temperature in winter is far from positive, seems utopian. But this is far from the case, the lesson is extremely interesting, and, importantly, is beneficial. How to organize business and succeed, from which

to start, on what nuances to pay attention?

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Ostrich breeding in our country can be quite profitable and not very complicated business.

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  • 2 Business planning
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  • breeding methods 4 Which breed to choose
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Why it is beneficial

Ostrich business is consideredthe most profitable, since its profitability is high: with competently organized production is 100 and even 150%, which allows you to pay back expenses and make a profit already 2 years after the establishment of the farm.

Why breed ostriches from which income is generated:

  • Meat. A product with high content of high quality protein, low calorie, dietary. His willingly buying supermarkets, sports clubs, restaurants, private individuals. One year after the delivery of the chicks one can receive up to 45 kg of high-quality products.
  • Liver. Ten times more than goose, restaurants are eager to buy a delicacy for the preparation of exotic dishes.
  • Eggs. The weight of one egg replaces 25 large chicken eggs, not inferior to them in quality. You can store them in the refrigerator for a year. Sculptures are acquired by painters for the painting of miniature paint or for the production of exclusive souvenirs.
  • Feathers. Demand for them does not fall and in our time, they are bought by designers, dance groups. A smaller pen is suitable for the manufacture of blankets and pillows.
  • Skin. Valuable properties, unusual texture, the amazing slush of exotic bird's skin make it a valuable commodity for designers and designers. The skin pays back the cost of food, the square meter costs $ 300.
  • FatIt is used in cosmetology and pharmaceutical production. The most valuable properties are oatmeal fat to him, he has a bactericidal effect, restores and moisturizing effect. From one bird, depending on the size and fatness, they receive from 5 to 15 kg.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Not only meat is sold, but also other organs of these birds.

By the way, the claws are also in business, from which the original buttons for fashion clothes are made. As a result, if you breed ostriches at home, it produces waste-free production, with the same cost of labor, this branch of agriculture becomes the most profitable business.

Business Planning

Any business begins with planning, so the future farmer needs to make a competent business plan for the breeding of ostriches. What to take into account?

  • It is important to base the volume of planned production.
  • It follows from this that the amount of costs is taken into account for the purchase of livestock, equipment, electricity, feed, and associated costs.
  • Literacy Marketing - Half Of The Case. It is necessary to determine the variants of income, prices, to study demand, to identify a circle of potential customers, to develop advertising measures. Find suppliers, pick up staff.
  • It is necessary to calculate the planned profit, at the same time it is necessary to go from real prices, find the funds that will be needed in the process of business organization, should take into account and probable risks.

Even at the planning stage, you can understand whether it is beneficial to breed ostriches. At start it will take a lot of effort and money, therefore, there is a likelihood of losing money in the event of force majeure, if simpler, force majeure.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Before starting to breed ostriches, it is necessary to draw up a clear business plan for this process.

If you take into account everything at the maximum, scrupulously calculate, spare no effort, love your business, know how to breed ostriches, everything will come to an end.

Breeding methods

First, choose a way to keep exotic birds. In Russia, depending on the climate and the possibilities are used 3 methods of breeding ostrich:

  • Intensive method. This principle allows organizing production on the basis of stall keeping of cattle. Ostriches are located in the fronts, and eggs are removed only in incubators. In this case, with good nutrition and care, a female can give up to 90 eggs a year. But in the absence of pasture, green feeds will have to be harvested independently, which increases the cost of food.
  • Extensive method. The content simulates the natural conditions, ostriches are free to walk, graze on their own, mating on request, as a result many fertilized eggs are released. The method is suitable for regions with warm climates, which can significantly save on food.
  • Mixed Method. Optimum for beginner farmers, is a combination of content at will and indoors, so can be grown in areas with severe winters.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content You can plant ostriches in pits or stalls.

One more option - the breeding of ostriches at home is a one-level way: the chicks are bought at a tender age, then a year later they clog, selling meat and hide. The multilevel scheme involves the breeding of birds of all age groups, the sale of chickens and hatching eggs, and the cultivation of ostriches for slaughter.

What kind of breed to choose

Traditionally, a black African ostrich breeds on farms, and it is not by chance.

  • The species of ostriches grew from all existing ones, grows to a height of 2, 7 m, and a large male weighs 150 kg.
  • They are not afraid of sharp temperature changes, as in daytime, the heat reaches 50 ° C in the daytime, and at night the temperature drops to 5 °C.Therefore, the breed can easily adapt to different weather conditions.
  • A African breed of peace-loving ones, gets used to those who feed them.
  • Good breeds in captivity.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content The African ostrich is the most suitable for breeding in our country.

The species of this ostrich is bred even in Siberia, recently there are organized dozens of farms, which contain more than 4 thousand birds.

In order to be able to grow ostriches at home, beginners can purchase a minimum of 3 families.

Features of the Content

Before you buy a bird, you need to arrange a room for a future farm. Ostriches must be taken into account, so it is important to adhere to the following conditions:

  • To maintain ostriches, you need a good spacious birdhouse with high ceilings.
  • When preparing the room, ventilation should be provided, the bird does not like the air intake.
  • Walls are well insulated, clad with boards or clay.
  • It is better to make the floors wooden, and the bedding is good for straw.
  • The platform for walks and windows is located on the south side, and during the cold season, the light day should be extended to 16 hours.
  • Each family needs 75 square meters of indoor space. To contain ostriches by families is better separately, having divided sections by means of transverse boards.
  • The same fences do in the territory for the walk. The area for the family should be large enough for the bird to feel free, could run, its ideal area for the family is 2.5 ha2, the height of the fence to 170 sm.
  • If metal fences are used for the separation of the site, the mesh should be selected with small cells, so that the bird can not move its head and die: ostriches are interesting.
  • A place should be provided for the growing young.
  • The sizes of feeders depend on the age of ostriches: adults need an area of ​​one and a half meters, for young animals it is enough to 50 cm. For a drink the usual trough is suitable.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Birds must be kept in specially equipped enclosures with walk-in playgrounds.

And although ostriches tolerate temperature fluctuations, a favorable regime for their residence is at least 16-23 ° C, then they will feel comfortable and actively gaining weight.

The maintenance and care of ostriches in the home is the daily cleaning of manure, control over temperature and humidity. In the summer, the bird on the grazing site, so you need to provide it with additional feed and water.


In food, the ostrich is unpretentious, but eats a lot: in the winter on a day of adult poultry only grains of about 2 kg are required. The food gets twice, it consists of:

  • from plant fodder, with this type of food being 70% ration;
  • the rest - nutritional supplements, dry food;
  • like ostrich vegetables: carrots, cabbage, beets - excellent food in the winter and autumn;
  • in the summer is fed with grass: spinach, alfalfa, nettle;
  • in the period of oviposition requires a variety, good to add corn;
  • to make food better assimilated; small quantities of pebbles, sand are plowed in sufficient quantities;
  • add to the diet crushed turtles and shell eggs.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Food for ostriches needs to be crushed.

There are no teeth in the ostrich, so grind the food.

Reproduction of

Reproduction of ostriches is a responsible process, it is precisely for him the main place in the profitability of production.

Polygamy of males allows you to keep several females with it, optimal ratio of individuals for qualitative fertilization - 1: 3, with one of their chicken will become a favorite.

In female puberty enter 20 months, males become adults after reaching 3 years. The marriage period occurs in the middle zone, usually from March and lasts until October.

The beginning of marital games is characterized by a change in the appearance of males: the feet of the bird, the area around the eyes and the beak become red. How the ostriches fall:

  • Attracting the attention of a girlfriend, the male squats, dissolves feathers, and throws a head, produces sounds that are similar to growl.
  • The female also shows the location of the males: she screws her wings, clicks with a beak and bends her head.
  • Then falls to the ground and pulls the neck forward.
  • A male approaches a female, fixes it with a foot, squats, and pairing takes place.
  • At this moment, the male is swinging and again ripening.

After the pairing, the females begin to carry eggs, their weight from 1.4 to 1.7 kg, sometimes reaches 2 kg. During the season, everyone is able to demolish to 80 - 90 eggs, and the weight of young individuals is initially low, stable performance indicators reach up to five years.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content After folding, the females carry eggs weighing up to 2 kg.

Eggs are taken for incubation daily: in this case, females will be fed continuously in about a day, occasionally taking breaks.

Ostriches - parents are not bad, they hatch and care for the chicks themselves. But you can get a minimum number of eggs: from 10 to 20 from one lotion.

Features of the incubation

Collect eggs stored for no more than 10 days, during the day they need to flip over 2-3 times.

For conventional ostrich chicks, conventional poultry incubators do not fit, it will be necessary to purchase special devices for large ostrich eggs. You can buy models of foreign and Russian production. A modern incubator for ostrich eggs will allow control of the entire complex process of embryo development, provide:

  • requires temperature regime for incubation eggs at 36 - 36.4 ° С throughout the entire period;
  • controls the humidity required for each ostrich breed;
  • ventilation:
  • is a complete ten-fold egg roll.

Productive incubation of ostrich eggs depends entirely on:

  • from compliance with sanitary standards;
  • air purification;
  • temperature indices and humidity in the room where the incubator is located.

How well will these conditions be ensured, so that the output can be increased.

There is a basic rule: during the maturation of embryos, which lasts from 40 to 43 days, it is necessary for the entire period of incubation to constantly monitor their development, especially before sealing. Why do you need it? One can not miss the moment when the ostrich enters the air chamber. At this time, the eggs are transferred to an outlet, where the temperature is maintained, as in the incubator. There is the birth of little ostriches.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content To maintain the population of chicks it is very important to adhere to the temperature regime in the cages.

Sometimes chicks lack the power to handle a thick shell, so if the kid can not break it for 24 hours, he needs help.

In the closet they remain the day until they completely dry. Then they are translated into a special breeder. The room provides a constant temperature of 26 - 28 ° С, under a lamp 32 ° С, a maximum of 35 ° С, humidity - in the vicinity of 60%.The chicks are born quite large: their weight is 1 kg, and the height to 25 or 30 cm. In the month of the chicken increases by 25 cm, at five months it is already an increase of one and a half meters.

Growth of

Growing young - a responsible process, ostriches require care, especially during the cold period. Nutrition of chickens is different from the feeding of adult ostriches:

  • initially gives them cheese, eggs, small leaf clover;
  • for kids wet mixes are prepared from alfalfa with the addition of crushed grain, but it is better to use feed for broiler chickens;
  • limits up to 4 months of use of fiber;
  • allowed to give apples, carrots;
  • as a mineral fertilizer for the development of the skeleton requires shell eggs;
  • shellfish and limestone must always lie in the feeder;
  • add vitamins to each head.

How to keep chicks for the first time? Keep them on the floor in the poultry house, each chicken needs a meter of area. When the ostrich is a month, the space is increased to 5 m2, in half a year it will be necessary to place twice as much. Grown young animals are killed in 14 months.

Breeding ostriches at home and their content Growing young animals requires a high level of attention from the farmer.

If ostriches themselves have brought out chicks, in warm weather they are let out for a walk with parents, but it is necessary to ensure that the babies from different breeding lines do not mix, otherwise the birds will fight, and it will be difficult to separate young animals.

A full and diverse diet is a guarantee of the success of a business: getting all the necessary nutrients, chicks are rapidly gaining weight, and adult ostriches perform well in reproductive functions. Then it is beneficial to grow birds.


  • Ostrich breeding as a business is profitable, it is practically non-waste production.
  • For a rational organization of business it is important to make a business plan right.
  • It is necessary to determine the methods of keeping on the farm.
  • To grow ostriches it is necessary to create conditions: to provide the appropriate premises and the territory for walking.
  • In order for business to thrive, the breeder must know the characteristics of the breeding of birds.
  • Correct egg incubation will increase the number of eggs.
  • A diverse and high-quality food is the basis for the production and reproduction of ostriches.

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