How to determine the rabbit's gender correctly?

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  • When is it better to watch a rabbit's floor?
  • How do genital organs manifest in rabbits?
  • How to conduct a genital review in rabbits?
  • How do sexually transmitted ones grow to 1 month?

Many beginner rabbits are wondering how to determine the rabbit's gender. They are seriously concerned about this. There must be a certain knowledge base for competent maintenance and reproduction of animals. Experts know that there are several ways to distinguish between rabbits by sex. And before going to the pet shop you should familiarize yourself with them. Also, the ability to determine the sex will help to navigate with the choice of the appropriate nickname for rabbit.

How to determine the rabbit

The ideal age of rabbits when they are to be bought is considered to be 2 months. It is at this stage that the sojourning of the children from the female.

When deciding to buy a rabbit, it is not necessary to rely heavily on the experience of a sales consultant. Often, most of them do not even know how to do it competently.

The ideal age of rabbits when they are to be bought is considered to be 2 months. It is at this stage that the sojourning of the children from the female. If you have doubts in your own knowledge, it will be inevitable to invite with you a pet acquainted with a rabbit or veterinarian. A specialist always knows how to determine the sex of a rabbit, and also with pleasure will demonstrate it in practice. If you call someone with you, then it makes sense to carefully examine the recommendations below and even then take up the matter.

When is it better to look at a rabbit's floor?

It is not possible to determine the rabbit's gender by the lunar age. And it's better for babies not to worry. Only an experienced rabbit will be able to do it most correctly. When cutting off the feed from the female, the infants should be combined from the cells by gender. Otherwise, gaining females, males injure each other genitals, leaving the genital organs seriously damaged. This will only bring extra troubles to the owner in the further care of the animals.

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How do sex organs manifest in rabbits?

How to determine the rabbit

Identify the sex of a rabbit.

Need to determine: is this rabbit a boy or a girl? Sexually transmitted signs will come to the rescue, the main ones being genitals( ie, genital organs) of animals. In reaching puberty, males are clearly visualized by the testicles, located adjacent to the penis and in shape resembling small sizes of swollen tubercles. If the testicle is visible, then other signs can not be searched. There is a typical male representative.

When shopping, you need to carefully examine the sex organs of the rabbit. The male must have two testicles. If it is one, then the animal is injured or it has an anomaly of development. It is necessary to know that, feeling fear, the males intuitively hide the testicles, pulling them inside. And when rendering the reproductive organs to the rabbits from the first time it may seem that there is only a penis. Most often, in rabbits-males up to three months of age, testicles can be placed internally, and in this regard they are not detected during examination. After some time, the rabbit adapts and the testes are set to their former place. And then it will be simply impossible to confuse a rabbit from a rabbit.

Crocodiles with experience distinguish adult males from females, without resorting to the examination of genital organs, but only isolating for themselves the appropriate external signs. In males, the head is usually bigger and more expressive than females. Their kit is more muscular. The female is distinguished for a more fragile and sophisticated bone structure, small head. But more convincing is precisely the control genital examination.

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How to conduct a genital review in rabbits?

Before trying to distinguish a rabbit's female from a male, personal protective equipment such as hard gloves and an apron should be used. Since the hind paws in the rabbits are strong and strong, as a result of a sharp movement, it can cause injury to a person. There are two options for action.

How to determine the rabbit

Sex organs of females and males.

The first method. The rabbit is planted on a horizontal surface and taken for an ash. Hold the shoulder firmly in order not to let the animal get out of hand. Then, lifting the animal, try to immediately put it on the tail. The rabbit must lie half, and his abdomen - to be on the top, as well as his paws. In this position, the rabbit is most comfortable, and a person can safely consider it.

Hold the right hand on the fore without subtracting it. The other gently squeeze the skin around the perineum of the rabbit. With the help of two fingers( indicative and large), without effort, press around the sexual organ of the animal. In this case, special importance should be given to the position of the index finger. It should be placed between the sexual organ of the animal and its anal aperture. Fingers need to hold against each other, which will allow you to accurately set the floor of a rabbit. Note: in the rabbit, the gut is located close to the anal aperture. In rabbits, the small size of a rounded hole is a little farther from the anus than females.

The method is second. To establish sexual access you can resort to another option. For this, the rabbit is kept behind the hind legs and raised. The foreheads will rely on the surface. The rear ones are free to disappear. With the second hand, the fingers push into place, located between the anus and the genital organ. In females there will be a sex slit like pink small cone. In males, the penis looks like a pink tint( or white in babies).


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content How do sexually explicit rabbits get up to 1 month?

Sometimes it is necessary to establish a child's gender: boy is a girl or a girl. This is especially important when choosing decorative rocks. Here, the ways to detect the floor in toddlers will be somewhat different than that of adult individuals. Since this process is very complicated, it is not necessary to demand accuracy from it. A non-specialist can not distinguish between genitals in babies. For a more detailed detail, you can use a magnifying glass. Fingering is performed in the same way as an adult rabbit. Girls will not affect anything. In boys, there will be a small bugrochk with a hole in the middle.

Similarly, you can set the gender and the distance from the anus to the rabbit's sexual organ. In females, this gap will be very short. In males, the segment is equal to 2 mm or more. So determine the sex affiliation of small rabbits, which have reached two - and four-week-old age.

Having decided to do the breeding of rabbits and hoping to enjoy the conversation with fluffy pets, you should get some special knowledge that the pets are healthy and for many years, please owners.


And now, in order to learn how to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit, you will have to train a lot.