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Purevax for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Sooner or later( and often early) in front of each owner of the cats is the issue of the inoculum of the pupil. Do a vaccine or not and if you do, what?

Do you want to know all about one of the most popular vaccines?


  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reviews of the preparation
  • Prices

Purevax for cats is a vaccine that forms a cat's stable and active immunity against many common and dangerous diseases.

Many, but not all.

Purevax for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

So, what infections Purewax gives red light?

Instructions for use of Purevax for cats

Veterinarians recommend vaccination with Purevax to create immunity against:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Panleukopenia;
  • Kalicivirus infection;
  • Viral Rhinotracheitis.


Chlamydia and panleukopenia are powerless already in 2 weeks after re-vaccination, and against rhinotracheitis and RNA of the virus causing a calicivirus infection, the drug occurs in a month.


Manufacturer, and this Russian company Mireal, whose office is in Moscow, lets out a vaccine in ampoules in one dose( 1 cm3).The package contains the same solvent.

So what do you need to know before you make a vaccine?

  • The cat should be absolutely healthy;
  • A cat or a cat must be proglisted;
  • An antiseptic for vaccination is not required;
  • The injection is subcutaneous;
  • The first vaccine is Purevax - at 8 weeks of age;
  • Repeat the first vaccination - after 4 weeks;
  • Repeated vaccination - a year later.

Single dose of Purevax - 1 ml.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Purevax for cats

Purevax is a delicate vaccine. It does not tolerate freezing and the storage temperature is higher than eight degrees Celsius, and the shelf life is only eighteen months old.

But all this will blow ahead of the main advantage of the vaccine - it gives your pet a chance, and it is expensive. By the way, how expensive is the vaccine? We will definitely tell about this, but above all - about contraindications and complications of vaccination.


  • Individual intolerance;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Depletion;
  • Bad animal health;
  • Not deelmintized cats and cats.

Side effects

  • Drowsiness;
  • Lower appetite;
  • One-time increase in temperature;
  • Local edema.

Reviews about vaccine with Purevax for cats

Maxim: "They made a vaccine cat Purevax, and after three days the cat became lumbar on one paw, two days later, lameness became apparently more noticeable. And then he became lame no longer on one, but on two paws. I began to call veterinarians, nobody could say anything expressively, eventually made a prick of antihistamines and lameness, it seems, I passed, I am afraid to snatch. "

Alexandra: "I was injecting my cat" Purevax "according to the scheme. Sleepiness was a few days, but the drug was strong and I was ready for it. In the place of the injections there were cones that went through a month. There was no fever, in general, the vaccine was satisfied. "

Alina: "I have a kennel and a good soul. In the sense that in addition to breeding cats, in our house periodically there are yard kittens, which have to be extracted from various illnesses. That is, my domestic, vaccinated with Purevax, the cats were contacted with cats with chlamydia and with a cat's herpes, but everything went wrong. From this I conclude that the vaccine is good. There was a case when one of the five kittens died after the vaccination, but I'm not sure what the matter was in the drug. "

Information on other drugs:

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For you, we found information about Purevax on the manufacturer's website:

http: //www.merial.ru/Cat/ProductList/Pages/ products_18.aspx

Are you interested in the cost of the drug?

Purevax packaging in Russia costs 480 rubles, in Kiev the price for packaging is 246 hryvnias.


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