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The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video

The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video

China is crazy about Tibetan dogs: for the inhabitants of the Celestial, these majestic dogs are equated with totemic animals. Having gone a long way from guarding the inhabitants of Tibet, the mastiff reached the highest status of "the most expensive dog in the world."

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  • Genetically the closest to the wolves
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The first among the most expensive

The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video According to the results of the annual ratings of the most expensive dogs, mastiff is gaining ground during the last decade.

In 2009, at the elite Chinese show, Mastiff puppies went for 500,000 US dollars into one business lady. Puppies gave the name of Yangtze No. 2.Such a price caused a real outrage. And after two years the record was beaten by a new insane amount of $ 1.5 million. In 11 months, a puppy named Hong Dong, which translates to "Big Flash", weighed 90 kg and reached the 80 cm height. The paternal puppy was pocketed by a coalminer tycoon. A little more expensive for his owner cost the puppy Emperor in 2013.Then for him was given 1.6 million dollars.

In 2014, the most expensive puppy on the earth was bought. It was acquired by a Chinese developer, having leapt on astronomical 1 million 950 thousand dollars. Judging by the news, this is the richest dog: he eats only steamed meat and even has his own servant. Most likely, the owner plans to get off puppy offspring.

A red-haired wool mastiff is the most expensive dog breed in the world, sold for unbelievable amounts. This color is considered to be elite. In order to achieve the highest intensity of color, the breeders are even ready to go to family crosses. Highly valued and distinctive features of the muzzle: slightly bump, hanging over your eyes, over the arches. There are even cases when dogs of this breed tried to provide such expression by means of plastic surgery. Its cost reaches 100 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, in 70% of cases such experiments lead to a fatal outcome.

In addition to the characteristic appearance and pedigree of the pupil, much importance is attached to many factors, alien to the western person, for example, the zodiac sign and birth date according to the eastern calendar.

Genetically the closest to the

The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video wolves There is a perception that the Tibetan mastiff is the ancestor of modern moles. Studies on the origin of this breed were conducted at the University of Neujanzhin. His scholars came to an interesting conclusion: more than 50,000 years have passed since Tibetan dogs were separated from the wolves, and the vast majority of modern breeds made it much later, 42 thousand years ago. However, not everyone agrees with such conclusions.

There are many references to these dogs in the history. In 350 BC before Aristotle described in detail the appearance and peculiar bite of the mastiff. This animal and Marco Polo, who visited China in the expeditionary warehouse in the 15th century, recalled. Chinese collections feature a large number of artistic sketches depicting Tibetan mastiffs.

A pair of dogs was presented as a gift from the head of the English kingdom of George V in the 19th century. According to witnesses, they liked the king so much that he practically did not part with the animals. Due to this case, mastiffs gained popularity among representatives of higher society. Unfortunately, the war came out of life a significant part of this breed. In England, for example, there are only 300 individuals of Tibetan mastiffs.

But in China, this breed has continued to grow and is now a sign of the high status of its owner. Even in the old days, she was valued for her excellent guardian qualities. Found that the Tibetan mastiff is able to repulse from the wolf and even the leopard.

Self-sufficient and independent from birth

The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video By nature it is a fairly calm and balanced breed. The photo of the most expensive dog in the world proves that the breed is quite self-sufficient, self-assured and independent. He only needs respect for his appearance. He is a stranger cowardice and impolite aggression.

This is a vivid representative of dogs that are distinguished by a strong but stubborn character. Most of them are in favor of the courses of obedience, but their natural independence and obstinacy will, to a greater or lesser extent, remain with them for life. This giant dog needs a strong hand and iron will. Then the host and dog will become equal partners.

For a healthy mental development, the pupil needs daily communication. These dogs are internally very tied to their owner. No other family members will be left without attention, especially not indifferent to children. Kind regards to all home pets, including dogs of other breeds.

Loud and pretty rough bustling mastiff scares unwanted guests. According to the temperament, it can be attributed to the "owls", so he prefers to sleep during the day, and at night it is active. In the evening, it's best to start a dog home. Because of the inherent sense of ownership, these dogs will behave cautiously even with close family guests.

Mastiffs are very poorly transposed by changes and innovations, for example, moving or coming to a family of a new person. These changes can affect the behavior of dogs. Therefore, they are considered unsuitable for service in state bodies.

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The beauty of the care of the Tibetan giants

The most expensive dog in the world: breed, photo, details of care, useful video Because of the temperamental nature and large size of raising and keeping Tibetan mastiffs is quite laborious. For a comfortable stay a dog will fit a large country house with an adjoining yard, as in a small apartment the mastiff simply could not live.

He needs space and freedom of movement.

This breed is very picky for food. Mastiff food should be well balanced, enriched with vitamins and essential minerals, necessary for the good health of such a large dog. She needs to feed steamed meat. It may be veal or lamb. In addition, the mastiff eats vegetable and butter. Such a diet is observed in China. And the owners of dogs outside the Celestial Kingdom give their pets a high-quality premium food. It is important that the dog at any time could quench the thirst with fresh water.

It is good if there is a canopy in the yard under which the dog could hide from the heat of the sun, as these animals are especially sensitive to heat. Careful care requires thick wool of the dog. To brush it well, you need several varieties of brushes. Puppy should be washed once in a month and a half. Folds on the face need to be cleaned daily with damp napkins.

If the mastiff suddenly becomes bored, it can begin to dig a hole, gripe everything that happens, loudly creep or curl. And, offended by the owner, he is able to escape. On average, these dogs live about 14 years. The highest bloom reaches in the middle of his life.