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Which filler is best to choose for kittens - all the options and their pros and cons

All doubts are over, finally a little fluffy mooring baby appeared in the house, needs caresses and attention. Eating a kitten is great, does not pick up in food, well remembered the location of the bowl( this is most important for him), but there was a problem with the pot.

categorically does not want a pet to walk in a tray. What is the reason?

The answer is simple - in the filler. Not every filler suits a kitten. First and foremost, it's worth remembering that young children are all trying to taste. And little pupils are no exception. The most important rule is only natural filler. If the cloak immediately begins to walk and completely without it - great! Less garbage and the ability to save on your pet for pet.

Which filler is best to choose for kittens all variants and their pros and cons

Options for a kit for a kitten

Some owners of kittens teach their pets to go to the newspaper. Of course, it is very economical and profitable, because one newspaper turn is enough for 5-6 "dirty cases".Another thing - the paper does not absorb the smell and, wherever there is a tray, guests will immediately feel that the apartment lives a cat or a cat. First, there will not be a smell, but eventually it will appear, and to bring out such "scents" is quite difficult because of their vividness.

Silicone fillers are more suitable for kittens after 9-10 months, which has already disappeared hunting all toothpaste. Nevertheless, it is in this age category that there is a strong desire for games, therefore, the breast of the filler( usually rounded form) will serve as a teenager toy, which is great for a ride. Having captured the game, the kitten may still bite or pull one or the other ball into the toe. The silicone filler has the ability to stick to the wet surface, accordingly, it will stuck on the mucous membrane of the paste and will deliver the inconvenience and trauma of the pet. In addition, the filler, as a rule, has its own specific smell or specially added flavor that will kill the kitten. If you decide to cook a goat to a tray with silicone filler - it is better to give preference to species without flavors, so that the animal knew exactly - this is my place, it smells with me, and here I will walk.

Which filler is best to choose for kittens all variants and their pros and cons

The option "without filler in general" will suit not everyone. Of course, it is very convenient to use a tray with lattice, do not need to bother cleaning bulky filler or pieces of wet newspaper. Three to four times the little one can go to such a small tray - all the urine stays in the cavity between the bottom of the tray and the bars. So, it will only need to be cleaned once a day. But the other side of this tray is the smell. Again, nothing detains him or prevents the spread of ammonia odor in the apartment. Remember, from an overly strong flavor will not save either Air Age Freestyle Matique, or all sorts of aromatic sticks. But perfectly cures lemon juice and apple vinegar. But, we already told about this. ..

Clean sand absorbs well, it can bury its "dirty things", but again, you should not forget that the kittens almost always want to play, and therefore all the sand( or the ground, looking what will be in the tray) will be behind the tray. Especially if the pupil likes to play a miner or bursts too much.

Clay filler will suit a kitten. It is not harmful, because it is an environmentally friendly product. In essence, it is compressed dry clay softening from moisture. If the kitten is long-haired and is not really accustomed to frequent washing, the clay, squeezed to quilts and wool, can deliver him some discomfort. In addition, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that part of the filler will appear on the floor near the tray and can be separated by households throughout the apartment.

Which filler is best to choose for kittens all variants and their pros and cons

Wood filler is also great for a new apartment dweller, but, like clay, can be rastacane on the paws and wool in the favorite places of the kitten. Nevertheless, if the pet is tidy, and mom accustomed him to toilet procedures and washes after visiting the tray - none of the above problems will arise.

So do not hesitate to take a large pack of filler. Experiment, take on a bit of friends. Firstly, it will save money significantly, because money can be spent on the wind if a kitten categorically does not want to go to the chosen masters of the filler. As it says "what do you understand in sausage scraps? .So with toiletries - you will not guess what the cat likes, and what is not.