How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

Pigeons are beautiful birds, but in large quantities they pose a risk to the crop, as well as damage the various surfaces by foot, leave scratches from the claws. Want to learn how to get rid of pigeons and what methods to use for this? Then let

work together.


  • 1 What methods to use to scare?
    • 1.1 ultrasonic repeller
    • 1.2 Byoakustycheskyy apparatus
    • 1.3 Diazynon
    • 1.4 Spices
    • 1.5 Irrigation water from a hose
    • 1.6 Disclaimer feeding birds
    • 1.7 Scarecrow predatory feathered
    • 1.8 Protyvoposadochnыe needles
    • 1.9 Noisy and reflective objects
  • 2 Learn to scare away pigeons
    • 2.1 The balcony
    • 2.2 From the eaves
    • 2.3 From the surface of the machine
    • 2.4 From the land plot
  • 3 Video "Let's scare our hands"

What methods to use to scare?

There are quite a lot of methods, and, as a budget, rather economical for the owner of the home, and more expensive. A very popular diazinon drug is an insecticide that helps to remove not only birds but also saves both ants, bugs, and cockroaches.

But how to get rid of pigeons as quickly and effectively as possible and what to use to scare it? Let's talk about it in more detail.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

Ultrasonic Scrubber

Special pearl scanner is an ultrasonic device that produces sounds that are unpleasant to the human ear and frighten them. Such ultrasonic devices are used everywhere not only in Russia but also abroad. The most advanced ultrasound devices are equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the approach of the birds. The average impact area can be 4 km.

Bioacoustic device

Bioacoustic devices are similar to ultrasonic. The main method of scaring it is not only the ultrasound signal, but also the sounds of hunting birds bird predators - hawks, eagles, falcons. All parameters are adjustable, have automatic and manual adjustment mode. The most expensive devices are equipped with a solar panel and can protect the area of ​​more than a dozen hectares! They can operate in different modes, often used in ports, at private berths.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos


Diazinon is an intestinal insecticide. It is sold as a liquid in special plastic bottles. The method of removing pigeons in this case is the most radical. Birds pound processed grains or other fodder. Exposing toxic properties, diazinon destroys birds and survives the relatives understand that arriving at this place of feeding - it is dangerous.


Unpleasant for sensitive scent, but safer than diazinon, for birds different spices. Cayenne( one of the most bitter) peppers, as well as mustard, cinnamon, and ordinary black pepper, is most effective in helping. These spices are not toxic, like diazinon, and are not dangerous to other animals, such as dogs. And if for stray animals there is a danger to eat poisoned with diazinon bread, then spices in the form of a hammer do not exactly attract them. Sprinkle the window sills, cornices, railing or other areas of birds landing with cayenne pepper, and you will find that persistent visits stop.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

Watering with

Hose Water The simple way that makes pigeons clear is that after getting closer to this place, water gets into them. Systematic use on the sites helps to remove irritating volatile guests. Garden sprayers are usually used. The strike that strikes under pressure effectively frightens the birds, but that this method works, watered systematically and diligently at their approximation.

Abandonment of Feeding Birds

The best and proven way. Where stray pigeons do not feed, they do not live and do not breed. Most often in the problem of uncontrolled reproduction of birds guilty themselves. Not understanding how loyal the birds are, feed them, and then they themselves are angry at a record number of them. Remove the food residue in the garbage bin, and not out of the window. Do not throw bread and seeds from the balcony, otherwise you will quickly attract the birds to your railing.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

Scattered from the predatory


It is desirable to put it on a balcony or terrace. It should be of natural size and very plausible. Usually put a stuffed hawk or falcon, their pigeons are afraid of most. However, the effect of such a method is temporary, because the scar is motionless. As addictive birds will have to look for something else.

Anti-slip knitting needles are fastened to any surface because they have a glue base. Looks like sticking in different directions metallic needles with a moderately sharp surface. Spokes can be bought in large commercial stores, they are mounted anywhere - at least on the roof of the house.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

Noisy and reflective objects

Mirrors, razors, rattles or ringing hanging items like "wind music" or Mexican souvenirs are very effective for scaring. The displayed elements are an additional element of the bioacoustic apparatus. A rectangular longitudinal mirror hanging on the balcony with a reflective surface outside is a great method of protection against unwanted birds. The ringing and cracking objects are also good for these purposes. True, urban pigeons are not intimidated by noise, so the noise methods of scaring are rather good for suburban areas.

Learn to scare pigeons

How to scare unsolicited battles and drive them out of the most popular places of living near a human being? Consider some options and give your recommendations.

From the balcony of

Probably many residents of the high-rise building were wondering how to scare pigeons from the balcony? The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the neighbors on the floor feed the birds above and sees no problem in it. At first, it is advisable to talk with neighbors, and ask them to stop feeding birds. If persuasion does not help, it remains to be hoped for contactless methods. On the balcony you can place an automatic air freshener, it can be the cheapest with an unpleasant smell. Pigeons will definitely feel it and do not want to fly close to the source of smell.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

A home pet who sits on the balcony frightens intrusive winged guests. Just be sure to take care of strong mosquito nets so that the fluff does not fall outside when it starts to hunt and bounce when seeing the birds. To catch all, of course, will not succeed, but the presence of the cat exactly scares them! If the cat lives in the house, do not use diazinon to bully the pigeons.

From the eaves of the

The bird's cornices are kept at the expense of tight legs. If they slip, they will not be able to hold on to it. For scratching from cornices and handrails apply sticky side and a slippery tape that can be glued with a sticky side. If the tape does not help, use special studded lining around the perimeter of the cornice. Birds will be inconvenient to land, and keep the balance even more.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

From the surface of the machine,

The car's paint pad is the worst thing( other than an accident) that can be thought of to damage the integrity of the machine. The litter contains urea, which literally corrodes the painted surface. To remove a trace from an auto owner, it will be difficult to wash your transport.

The first way is to keep the car in a closed garage, then no birds are dangerous to you. But there is not always such a possibility, the garage may be away from home and many prefer to leave the car under windows. This is a big mistake. If on your balcony someone will feed the birds, then their litters will fall right on the car. From here, we went to the method two - do not put the car under the windows.

How to scare off and get rid of pigeons: tips and photos

The third option is to hang inside a cabin toy device - a black ball with a yellow point in the middle. This object reminds pigeons of the eyes of the predator, and they are afraid to fly to the place where they see it. Another option - to cover the machine with tarpaulin or other dense material, birds do not scare away, but protect it from scratches and scratches precisely. For a private home, effectively content in the yard of one or more cats. Where cats live, pigeons are afraid to fly, so the car in the yard will stand without bird tracks.

From the land plot

How do you scavenge pigeons from crop or shrubbery, because they slide kidneys instead of harmful insects? !First, there should not be unnecessary items on the site - abandoned sheds, bulk garbage. Where there are garbage collectors or nesting places, pigeons will settle for sure. Keep track of the area clean and do not allow the feeding of these birds. Extremely valuable plantings simply pull the grids on supports across the perimeter.

Video "Let's scare it with our own hands"

Leading transfers "Handcrafted pens" will show how to make a self-made device for scaring birds.

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