How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

Having decided to settle at our house an exotic tropical guest, we usually go to the flower shop. The range offered today by specialized floristry departments impresses with its diversity. However, not always offered goods meet all

quality requests, so to choose a new orchid needs to go very seriously and responsibly.


  • 1 How to choose the right plant
    • 1.1 Condition of the root system:
    • 1.2 Condition of the leaves:
    • 1.3 Condition of the flower:
    • 1.4 Age of the orchid:
  • 2 Which form is better to stop?
    • 2.1 Phalaenopsis
    • 2.2 Cymbidium
    • 2.3 Dendrobium
    • 2.4 Phalaenopsis hybrid
    • 2.5 Shoes

How to choose the right plant

Buying an orchid is a very responsible process, because only healthy and well-groomed plants will continue to delight you with its exquisite flowers. Therefore, when you go to the flower shop, arrange with the necessary knowledge that will help you choose a viable green friend.

How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

So, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention, crossing the threshold of the specialized department for selling orchids:

  • Condition of the root system.
  • Status of the leaves.
  • Condition of the peduncle.
  • Age of orchids.
  • Condition of the root system:

    It is best to stop your choice on a plant with fairly developed roots. Take the pot in your hands and look carefully at the color of the roots. Thanks to the transparent walls, it's easy to do. The root system of a healthy orchid usually has a green or grayish color. Very well, if the tips of the roots are bright green, this suggests that the plant is in the active phase of growth, which means no pain. Pay attention to the roots, they can even be felt. Healthy roots are firm and elastic to the touch. Soft and hollow roots are the first sign of inappropriate care. Shake the pot a little, if the root system is all right, the flower should not hang and leans toward one side.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

    Leaf Condition:

    To properly choose one of our exotic ones, carefully examine the condition of the leaves. A healthy and viable plant usually has strong, dense leaves, rich green. Also allowed is a color, close to the grass, light green and the color of the green apple. The edging of a healthy sheet is usually delicate - red. It is not necessary to buy a flower with lean, wrinkled leaves. Also, they should not have sticky, whitish plaque. The dark hue of the leaves indicates that exogenous lately lacked light, and the yellow or reddish color, on the contrary, speaks of its excess. The letters, compiled by a harmonica, usually appear in orchids growing in conditions of insufficient moisture, and all kinds of specks and spots are a sign of damage by harmful insects.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

    Condition of the peduncle:

    Often, we stop our selection on the orchid, due to its extremely beautiful flowering. Therefore, buying a new tropical pet, you must carefully assess the condition of the peduncle. It is best to buy a plant that has flowers on the flower peduncle, but not buds. After all, because of the stress received as a result of transportation to a new place, the orchid can drop the existing flowers, but the buds will still open, and will please you with their flowering for a long time.

    In order to choose a healthy plant, pay attention to the color of the plant. They should look fresh and elastic. If diluted flowers are very sluggish and covered with small spots and black dots, it is better to refrain from buying such a plant.

    Equally important is the state of the growth point, it must have a natural color, be solid and firm. Decay and mucus, suggests a strong overflow, which can lead to the rapid death of the flower.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

    It is very important to choose an orchid that is not affected by harmful parasites. After all, most often the tropical beauty, brought from abroad, does not have the appropriate quarantine certificates. Having bought a plant that is attacked by pests, you are at risk of infecting all the houseplants that live in your home. Therefore, when buying a flower, carefully examine the root system and leaves, which can hide shields, tryps, polygons, snails and other dangerous pests.

    Age of orchids:

    Another important fact to take into account when buying a new orchid is its age. A mature plant, capable of flowering and reproduction, will always cost more than young seedlings. Learn to distinguish between these two types of colors. Unlike adult orchids, the Syvanian has a much smaller number of leaves. Another distinctive difference is the lack of a flower peduncle. The roots are in the period of active growth of new leaves, note that each new branch should be several times more than the previous one. The mature exotic is always more expensive than the young one, since it can rejoice you several times a year with your flowering, but the Sivanian will be able to form flower stalks only in a few years. Therefore, if you buy an orchid solely for the sake of its luxurious flowers, it is better to stop your choice for an adult.

    Which way is it better to stop?

    If you decide to choose a new exotic one, it is important to get not only a healthy plant, but also one that will comfortably feel in the proposed conditions of living and meet your aesthetic needs. The most common types of orchids are found on the shelves of flower shops:

  • Phalaenopsis
  • Cymbidium
  • Dendrobium
  • Phalaenopsis hybrid
  • Shoots
  • Phalaenopsis

    The most common species found on our window sills, of course, is phalaenopsis. Flower gardeners with love call this orchid flower - a butterfly, because of its amazing inflorescences and multifaceted color, it really resembles a winged insect. Phalaenopsis is unique in that it can produce two pedicels, each of which is covered with a large number of large flowers. The color scheme of the plant is amazing and varied. You can find phalaenopsis with flowers from white to almost black. This kind of orchid is very convenient for keeping at home. The main thing is to avoid getting direct sunlight and maintain an appropriate temperature regime. In a reward for the right and attentive care, twice a year, phalaenopsis will please you with its amazing flowering, which usually lasts for several months.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot


    Flower shops are the most commonly found hybrid form of this species. Cymbidium has a very wide color palette. The plant is characterized by thickened, rounded pseudobulbs, which look more like bulbs. The leaves of the orchids are very narrow and long. Under good conditions of retention, in this cyst diphtheria, several canopy can develop at once. For their formation, the plant needs adequate lighting and a significant difference between daytime and night temperature. If the total room temperature is high enough, bleached flowers may fall before the time. The flower is ideally suited for holding on a glazed, heating balcony or in the winter garden. For the conditions of a typical city apartment, it is better to approach the hybrid form of cymbidium.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot


    This type of orchid is most commonly used in its hybrid form. During flowering the plant is covered with beautiful, large flowers of white, red and yellow shades. It is best to have an orchid in cool conditions. The heating balcony or loggia is perfect for this. In too warm conditions, the plant blooms quite rarely and more often lets out babies, which can eventually be transplanted into a separate pot.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot

    Phalaenopsis hybrid

    To the nearest relatives of dendrobium, it is possible to include phylogeny hybrid. The flowers of the orchids are very similar to the common peduncles of the phalanxis, and usually have a white, raspberry and violet coloration. The plant is favorable to warm climatic conditions, so it fits well in urban apartments.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot


    The most unpredictable kind of home-made orchids is the Papiopedilum. The folk plant named Shoe. The whole thing in the unusual structure of a flower that has a lip, very similar to slippers or women's shoes. With good care, the orchid throws flower peduncles several times a year. The flowering period lasts for several months. There are quite a few hybrid species of this orchid. Most of them are quite easily adapted to home living conditions. The distinctive feature of the Shoe - an amazing form of leaves, which can be covered with intricate patterns of dark stripes and spots.

    How to choose an orchid in the store, choose a pot