2017 Year

New Year's Eve Competitions for Adults 2017. Competitions with New Year's Fingers

New Year

The long-awaited holidays are approaching, which means that it's time to prepare the New Year's contests for adults in 2017. Which New Year's Eve

does not have fun and games? !
Those who have not yet decided on such entertainments can use these fun gossip competitions for the New Year.

A fun contest "Who's Later".

Guests should be divided into two teams. Each team should make a chain consisting of clothes. The chain should be as long as possible, therefore, the more things the players will take away, the longer the chain will turn out. The team whose strike was longer is winning. If the competition is not held indoors, but somewhere in the city square, then two people are first selected. When they remove all possible things from themselves, they are offered the help of viewers who can also share their clothes.
New Year

New Year's game "Who is the coolest".

Only men can participate in this competition. Chicken eggs are spread out on the plates, and the eggs must be as many as the contestants. Then the participants must break the eggs on their heads. Before this, the competition leader warns that boiled eggs, except one. But in fact all eggs are cooked. Thus, during the game, the voltage increases with each broken egg. It is desirable to choose about 7 people for the competition. The

Contest looks very funny and perfect for the New 2017 year.

New Year's contest "Who is too big".

Participate in the competition should sit in a circle. The host of the game says that all participants are flying on a balloon that begins to fall. To prevent a bullet from breaking, one passenger should be thrown overboard. At this time, each player starts to argue, based on his profession, why he should stay in the balloon. The one who decides to drop from the balloon should drink a glass of vodka or brandy. For more fun, you can pour water instead of vodka.
New Year

Fun game "Drunk Checkers".

You can use a real chessboard for such a competition. But instead of checkers it is necessary to place the glasses with alcohol. The main thing - in glasses of drinks should be of different colors. For example, red and white wine, vodka and cognac. Then the game gets the usual rules. Only cut down checkers will have to drink. To diversify the game, you can sometimes be exposed. The master of sports from checkers will be the one who wins three consecutive games.
New Year

A very funny contest "What do you like about a neighbor?"

All contestants must sit in a circle. Each player has to say what he likes about his neighbor. When everything is already said, the leader must announce that each contestant kisses his neighbor in the place he likes most.