Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant

Geranium is a kind of indoor plants, which today exists in almost 400 variations. These beautiful, delicate, perennial and annual flowers, which once were the favorites of our grandmothers, are now also desirable guests on our window sills. If you like the geranium fragrant,

find out which one to choose, how to properly care for such a plant and what its healing properties.


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Types of

In the last century a colossal selection work was carried out and now, thanks to the efforts of specialists, we have the ability to keep at home not only rowdy plants,but also varieties with white and two-tone, terry flowers, as well as dwarf shapes. The possibility of reproduction of this type of indoor flowers with the help of seeds was discovered only in the 80's and 90's, and now this wonderful flower, which possesses not only beauty and elegance, but also therapeutic properties, is again at the peak of popularity among florists.

If you talk about the types of pelargonium, they can be distinguished six - zonal or garden, plyuschist or ampelnaya, English magnificent or royal, vulgar, fragrant, as well as succulent. Such a classification was proposed by a scientist-botanist N. A. Hartvis, and it is based on differences in the colors of origin, biological and decorative properties. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant Over the centuries of breeding works, specialists have managed to create many distinct varieties - for example, varieties of the Irene variety are characterized by the presence of sophisticated semi-vertebrate flowers, the species Deacon - just small half-mauve, flowers of the form Rosebud in shape resemble roses, and Cactus can surprise with narrow, twisted petals. It is also worth mentioning about ornamental foliage varieties of geranium - such as pelargonium curly, head, felted, strongly fragrant, fragrant.

There are many varieties of indoor plants with different leaves and flavors. Only among the fragrant pelargonium can be found varieties with a scent of nutmeg, sandalwood, lemon and apples, anise, roses, verbena, pepper and others. Some of these beautiful patterns you can see in the photo. Modern pedigrees are so diverse that they can decorate not only their apartment or house, but also the balcony, garden, terrace. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant Both words - and geranium, and pelargonium - of Greek origin, only the first in translation means "stork", and the second - "crane".The first flowers of this magnificent plant appeared in the distant 16th century in Holland. And somewhat later, in the UK, geranium became a true Victorian style symbol. In Russia, it was customary to call it a "crane".

Geranium fragrant is a bush, shaped like a socket with round stems, which can reach up to 60 cm in length, and also vary in color and shape. The flowers of this plant are mostly single, but they can also grow in inflorescences, in which five petals are clearly visible, small saucers resemble the shape. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant With the onset of autumn seeds appear, with which the flower, living at home, is able to multiply. Also, the plant may well be multiplied by dividing the root system. Geranium has excellent properties - it is not too demanding for the quality of the soil, so it can easily exist in the shade and in the sun, and the degree of its need for watering can be defined as the average. Care of the pelargonium, which you can admire in the photo, at home is not so complicated, which is why it is so popular today among flower growers. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant


In order for a beautiful geranium appeared in your home, there are several options. You can buy seeds and grow flowers from them at home. It should be remembered that from the time the stairs come to flowering should take about 5 months. You can also take plants from friends, drop it in the garden soil with sand or a mixture of peat. Finally, in the spring you can buy a ready-made seedlings, from which later your own pet will grow. And it's so important to provide proper care for your flower. How to do it at home?

It should be noted that the plant is well-behaved in normal lighting, so care for it implies the placement of the vase closer to the sun, but without extremes.

On very hot days, it is best to remove geranium for some time from a place where direct sunlight gets in order to prevent burns.

If the plant does not have enough light, it will alert it with faded leaves. Experts advise to place a pot on the south side. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant If the geranium will be on the open terrace, make sure that it does not stand in the wind and in the stretch. When caring for a given indoor culture it is necessary to take into account that the optimum temperature for growing it is an index of 18 - 20 degrees, and in cold season it is impossible to reduce the temperature of less than 10. It is also necessary to monitor the normal soil moisture in the pot during care of the flower, andthe air will fit both wet and dry.

Care of this crop does not involve frequent transplantation, depending on the condition of the roots, it should be done once every two years. For a transplant you need to pick a medium-sized pot, as if you choose a very bulky, the root system will grow until you fill up with all the space of the bottom. Optimal experts consider such a container that has a height of about 12 cm and a diameter of up to 15 cm. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant It is in her that your favorite will feel comfortable and blossom intensively. A good option will be a pot made of burnt clay. Plastic containers are more cost-effective options, but it is unlikely to save on the health and beauty of their plants. At different times of year, a home flower needs a different kind of departure. For example, from the beginning of spring to the end of summer, during the irrigation of plants should be added phosphate fertilizers, which contribute to a good flowering.

In the warm season, advise you to bring the pot out to the street. After your favorite girl will be there for about a day, her leaves can get a light pink tint. Small temperature differences to some extent even useful for your plant. Proper care of the plant in winter implies its removal from the heating devices, it is best to put the pot in a dark place.

In winter, the culture always drops flowers, and fertilizing the soil at this time of year is not required. In the event that if you have done everything correctly, then from March to August your pet will delight you with beautiful, fragrant flowers. The choice of the soil is also an important point in the issue of care. You can buy a ready-made substrate today in a special store or cook yourself. An excellent mix of garden soil, peat and sand. Do not forget about the drainage of expanded clay. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant For pelargonium, better drought than excess moisture. It can be watered daily, the main thing is to ensure that the top layer is well dried up. The most careful care is necessary for culture in the beginning of spring. It is necessary to make a clipping of leaves that have died during the winter, and leave about five kidneys on each shoemaker. Geranium also needs mineral and organic fertilizers. When it undergoes a phase of active flowering, it is necessary to add to the water nutrition, which consists of potassium and phosphorus. Iodine water is well proven - for its manufacture, one drop of iodine should be taken per liter of water.

The healing properties of

All the favorite indoor culture has many healing properties. From it, preparations are made, which contain pectin, tannins and gum, gallic acid, starch. The plant has the ability to prevent excessive fluid production in the human body.

The healing properties of a flower flower are also manifested in the absence of nasal and other types of bleeding, pharyngitis. Also, the pelargonium will help cure insomnia, correct the nervous system, relieve fatigue. Tea from her has the ability to normalize the operation of the SLE-intestinal tract. Particularly healing properties are present in such plant species as fragrant and zonal pelargonium. Description of the species and care of geranium fragrant In folk medicine, this plant is widely used in the fight against various ailments, due to the presence in its leaf, stems and colors of more than 500 useful organic components. A simple infusion will be able to effectively fight angina, otitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, crushed leaves in the form of a compress will help with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, imposed on a corn - will get rid of them. Geranium juice is able to heal wounds and ulcers, helps to treat skin diseases.

The plant is irreplaceable in the cleaning of the body from slags and its rejuvenation. It helps with migraines, hypertension, relieves cramps. It also effectively absorbs poisons and carcinogens in the room, prevents the emergence of flies and moths. In cosmetology is widely used in hair loss in the form of decoction. And this is far from all the beneficial properties of this wonderful plant.

Video "Growing Geranium"

The record describes how to multiply geranium( pelargonium) by cutting, as well as the basic rules of plant care and some of the healing properties of this flower are described.