How to raise a boy

To grow a personality and a bright personality - the main goal set by parents of almost every child. By the nineteenth century, scientists believed that the person identify hereditary factors, that is, ancestors and genes. But in the twentieth century it was proved: the formation of the

personality at a young age is influenced by the social environment and the atmosphere in which a man comes after his birth. The structure of the person consists of abilities, temperament, character, volitional qualities, emotions, motivation and social settings. This "psychological set" is subject to adjustment, which is called upbringing. This is in theory, as to practice, then everything is much more complicated, especially when it comes to bringing up boys.

Table of contents

1. How does the gender difference in children
2. The role of father in the education of his son
3. The role of mother in the upbringing of his son
4. Tips parents in the education of his son
5. Typical mistakes of parents or what should not be done
6. Insteadconclusion

As the sex difference in children shows

No parent will become news that in our time girls, as individuals, are stronger than boys. They are self-confident, hardworking and motivated. Most often, boys, unlike their peers, can not boast of communicability, they do not seek knowledge, avoid difficulties, at an older age they often fall into dependence on alcohol and drugs.

In all secondary schools you can see a typical picture: girls are busy with business, and their opponents are fooling and arresting fights. Until the third grade, boys prefer to communicate with single-component phrases like "Wow!", "Ok", "Norm" and others. In addition to sports sections, where they work on pumping biceps, intellectual circles and other optional classes they are not interested.

The worst thing is that adolescents are three times more likely to face violence, accidents and suicides than the opposite sex.

Often, adolescents do not know how to attract the attention of girls, behave comfortably, reveal a painful timidity, indecision. Often you can find the type of boys who are different melancholy, tearfulness, indistinct language and other traits, more characteristic of the representatives of the weak sex. The worse happens when the boys are rude and aggressive. It is therefore important to explain from a young age to the child what traits they want to see around others, but it is important to do so softly, without breaking his psyche.

How to raise a boy

Sexual difference manifestation occurs at the genetic level. The baby boy quietly reacts to the faces of others, more actively grows up. Girls have more need for tactile contact. In the future, they love to mess on the floor, and the boys like to conquer the space for games, while grabbing toys, building towers. When a new kind of kindergarten appears in a group of kindergartens, girls willingly go to contact unlike the opposite sex, who prefers to ignore the newcomer.

Boys more than girls need help in learning the skills of adequate communication. If mother is inspirationally engaged with a jerk, constantly tells him something, then it helps to improve his speech skills. Accordingly, in the future, the child will have communicative skills and not be lost in dealing with the opposite sex. But it is equally important when the child is equally paid attention to both parents. The kid should see an example of the relationship of his parents, the peculiarities of the behavior of the pope with respect to his mother and vice versa. At the same time, the harmonious atmosphere in the family, in the house is of great importance.

The role of father in the education of his son

The role of father in the upbringing of his son is undoubtedly quite significant. It is considered ideal that the father, who since childhood shows no less cares and caresses than his mother, to his son. Let him do it in a man's hand: he fights with a kid, teaches him the basics of sports games, plays in war, martial arts, teaches sports, fishing, etc. Read the book before the child, to redeem it, to help the mother at home andthe other will also serve as a good example for the boy. With his father he is interesting and comfortable, if the house is dominated by mutual understanding and love.

In situations where the tyranny of relatives is in the house, rude and disrespectful towards others, the lack of love will be affected by the child. Over time, it will develop complexes in the baby, causing the appearance of neuroses. Among peers, a baby can become weak and vulnerable because of uncertainty in itself. With a powerful mother and a soft father, the boy will develop fear for the opposite sex. If a family has a leader in a family then, as a rule, in the future, the child risks becoming a tyrant in his own family.

In any case, it's important to understand that the son will continue to build a similar model of family relationships.

The father must understand that the fate of the child will depend on his authority. Always keep the word given to the baby, even if it was a little bit about it. After all, all that adults want to instill in their child, should be shown on their own example with the involvement of the boy in this process. When raising children, everything should be balanced. Strict education, engaging in strict discipline, will be perceived as tyranny, and full freedom of action, as indifference.

How to raise a boy

The role of mother in the education of his son

As a rule, the mother most often deals with the issue of raising a son - the person of the opposite sex. If the process does not interfere with the father, the child's life can be greatly complicated by the fact that the mother is a person who thinks and perceives the world somewhat differently than men do. The personality of a son she can consider through the prism of a portrait of an ideal man: with a balanced temperament, solid character, strong will, controlled emotions, etc.

Even in childhood boys are sharper to bear the lack of a mother than girls. If it happens that a woman moves away from her son, goes away from communicating with him, the child's consciousness shakes sadness, the connection between relatives breaks out.

When the child's feelings are not responsive to the mother, an instinctive boost is made of a warm emotion. In the future, from this child will receive an inadequate, emotionally cluttered person who will treat the members of his family badly.

Parents' Tips for the Education of a Son

Anxiety is an aspect of a more rigorous attitude towards future husbands. They are given less caresses, to a lesser degree communicate, but punish more severely. In many respects the process of becoming a person and developing a baby will depend on the mother's attitude. Given the love and affection of his son, a woman is an example of warmth and sensibility for him.

A child from birth to three years

In the first months of life, the main thing for the boy is the period of knowledge of the world. Every minute of waking a little researcher is devoted to the study of everything that falls into the field of vision and of itself. The task of adults is to provide him with security. Spinning on hands, instructive explanations, strict words do not save a child from threats to his health. Therefore, it will be correct if the parents will clean the dangerous items, and in his actions not consider the thirst for destruction. In this way, the carapulh acquires skills and experience.

Be patient, because knowing the world around for a child is a complicated but exciting process. At the same time, at the same time, not all of you came out immediately, you were not born with the skills already acquired, but they knew the world just like your son.

Pre-school-age child

At pre-school age, boys perceive the world through the game. The game is exercises, and any personality skills are developed through training, transforming into experience and ability. During this period, it's still difficult for a child to focus on something alone, so you should work on concentrating his attention. Games for the development of motor skills, memory training, wit and perseverance will help prepare a boy for school, will help him achieve better performance, facilitate his learning and understanding of new material.

How to raise a boy

A child of junior school age

An intensive period of accumulation of knowledge occurs in children at junior school age. Psychologists argue that the period of adaptation to school, the school process in boys is worse than girls. Fatigue, distraction, breakdown of them, oddly enough, also comes faster. At this age, there is a need for cooperation with representatives of only their gender.

In the issues of rigor and accuracy it is not necessary to strongly put pressure on the boy, it is better not only to talk, but also to demonstrate on his own examples.

A child is a teenager

Active mental and social development occurs in adolescence when physiological changes occur. Parents need to communicate as often as possible with a teenager, pay attention to him, provide care and affection, find answers to all questions, but not impose their opinions. It's important for a boy-teen to learn how to deal with peers, and if something's in conflict, then it's important to do it constructively. He needs to explain that any aggression generates another aggression. The education of tolerance in this period lays the foundation for eliminating the serious problems of adult life.

Typical parent mistakes or what should not be done

Here are some typical mistakes that parents may admit to the upbringing of their sons. If you want the child to be raised by a real man, then you should not repeat them in your parenting experience.

  • When asking a child at any age, you must include a search point to resolve the issue at the expense of cleverness. It is not necessary to pre-reveal the algorithm of action, the boy himself must find a way, even if it is a mistake.
  • Own authority is a bad helper in the misunderstanding or inability of the child to do anything. It is strictly necessary to exclude abusive and offensive words, both in relation to the child and in relation to other people( relatives and acquaintances).Time will come, and the son will understand, to be able to do something better than the parents themselves.
  • Boys are not capable of sustaining emotional stress for a long time, so, punishing him for the tricks or tricks, should be laconic and clearly discontinued. The child's brain, during anger, seems to disable the auditory channel, and it does not perceive the information.
  • Evaluation of actions is very important for future men, so it is very important not to skimp on praise for the small, but still achievements and successes. Also, it's never worth putting an example of a boy's girl behavior. Role-playing games involving controversial articles contribute to the modeling of the future status of men and women.
  • Do not retreat at the first defeat, be an ally of the difficulty, try to find the causes of failure and step into the future with optimism - a common family task.
  • Instead of Conclusion

    How to raise a boy Adults should remember that there are no perfect people. The son or daughter have the full right to individuality, and not to be incarnated have not fulfilled the goals of the father or mother. Love, respect and understanding are the key to the development of positive features of the child's personality. Unique talent is laid down in practically every one of us. But the tragedy is that parents, relatives and other mentors do not seek to identify and develop it at a young age.