Why do geraniums leaves yellow and what to do with it?

Home plants can be found in almost any home. A variety of species and varieties will satisfy even the most delicious tastes. Many supporters have a pelargonium, or, as is more commonly called geranium. This plant is valued for unpretentious, ease of care and,

definitely, for its incredible beauty. It gives the home a positive energy, and is also a home doctor and a good anti-depressant. But even such unpretentious plant can sometimes fall ill and lose all beauty. One of the common problems is the faded leaves. By studying why the leaves of geranium are yellow, it becomes clear that there are quite a lot of reasons. And what would be understood, what to do with these problems and how to eliminate them, it is worth exploring in detail for each of the reasons.

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Geranium is commonly referred to as persistent and enduring plants that do not require special care. Below are the main factors that can cause a plant to start jaundice, as well as ways to address this problem.

  • inappropriate capacity;
  • irregular watering;
  • inappropriate soil;
  • inappropriate fertilizer;
  • improper care in winter;
  • Pelagon Leaf Disease.

Why do geraniums leaves yellow and what to do with it?

Necessary Care Policy One of the possible causes of a problem with geranium leaves is yellow leaves, which is inappropriate for a pot. When choosing a container, you need to focus on the size of the roots. Many mistresses may make a false impression that the larger the capacity, the more comfortable it feels like a plant. And this is a mistake that can lead to the fact that leaves of geranium will start to turn yellow. But also it is not necessary to strongly suppress the plant. Ideal one can name a pot with a diameter of 12-14 cm, and a height of 10-15 cm. It is with such dimensions that the pelargonium pill will feel comfortable and will be able to please you with a beautiful and healthy look.

If you begin to observe that the flower is sluggish and rotting in some places, it indicates an excess moisture. Inappropriate watering is often an answer to the question "Why does geraniums yellow leaves?".In general, this flower can be attributed to drought-tolerant plants. But do not over-dry the soil too much. In this case, the leaves will turn yellow from the edge to the middle, and then it will completely fall off. Check: once the top layer of earth is dry, you can freely water. Also do not forget to loosen the ground from time to time so that the roots get better air.

Why do geraniums leaves yellow and what to do with it?

An important role is played by the choice of soil for your favorite. Inappropriate land often causes the problem of "why geraniums yellow leaves".The ready ground for pelargonium is best to buy in a specialized store. If this does not work for you, you can safely make the appropriate substrate of the house. Mandatory condition is the nutrient level of the soil. Geranium loves a mixture of peat and garden soil. Do not forget about drainage, it sometimes reduces the possibility of rotting the roots, preventing yellow fever.

Never forget about feeding. Pelargonium is very fond of various organic and mineral supplements. But do not overdo it with fertilizers based on nitrogen, as this in most cases causes the problem, why the geranium is yellow. Stop focusing on phosphorus and potassium-based fertilizers. You can also water geranium iodine water. It has a very positive effect on the flower, and the leaves will not yellow. In the case when you save on fertilizer for your pet, you should not be surprised why the geranium is yellow.

Why do geraniums leaves yellow and what to do with it?

Wrong winter care may be the cause of the problem of why geranium leaves are yellow.

Watering at this time of year should be reduced to 1-2 times a week. In winter, adding fertilizers to water is not necessary. The plant needs to be hidden in a darker place. Make sure there are no heaters and drafts alongside. But keep the temperature below 12 degrees. The best option is to transfer the pelargonium from the window sill to the glazed balcony.

In the winter, you can not transplant or multiply the flower, as it can adversely affect the plant. In early March, when the plant begins to wake up after a hibernation, it is necessary to carefully remove all dead leaves and form the desired size and shape of the flower. If the winter period was successful, and you did everything right, then from the beginning of March and practically until December, the pelargonium will please the surrounding with its blooming beauty, and the leaves will not yellow.

Why do geraniums leaves yellow and what to do with it?

In addition to yellowing, your favorite can be infected with various illnesses. The most common diseases are:

  • bacterial diseases. On the leaves begin to appear different sizes of stains. In most cases, they are brown and begin to hit the flower from the bottom. There is also dryness and flaccidity of the plant. In order to avoid the development of this disease, it is worthwhile to clean the leaves of the blizzard in a timely manner, to monitor the correct watering and not to forget about drainage.
  • "rust sheet".This disease can provoke pathogenic microorganisms. On the leaves there are yellow spots and spore pads. Impresses the flower from the bottom and, if you do not draw your attention to it, completely destroy it. To prevent this unpleasant disease, always clean the ground from weeds, do not fill up and loosen the ground well.
  • "spotted leaves".Also, this disease is well known under the name of the fungus. It manifests itself on the inside of the leaf in the form of a small spot-bubble. Treat the pelargonium with fungicides, and if it does not help, it's worth getting rid of the affected plant, otherwise the disease may pass into other flowers.
  • Now that you are familiar with all aspects of the problem of "why the geranium is yellow," you will be able to successfully avoid them, and your favorite will be able to please your eye with its excellent health and beautiful colors.

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