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There are ten reasons why cats are washed, or a clue about the cleanness of the morlin

Show the owner who would not have seen his favorite fan. Such, of course, no. From the beginning, cats were considered to be the finest beasts - 60-70% of all time they sleep, 10% - go to games and food, and the rest 20-30 - for washing. But are the

boys managed to become so dirty that they spend so much time licking? Actually no. Let's try to understand why the reason for such frequent reception of "bath procedures" or why cats are washed.

The first reason is gene

Perhaps the most important reason for such frequent washing is laid in Murchalk by distant ancestors - representatives of the cat family. In wildlife conditions, lions, tigers and other big cats are hard to feed. They can watch their lunch for hours. No, they do not try to cut time by washing. Rather, on the contrary - before hunting, wild cats carefully pour themselves off so that the future booty could not hear them. Simply put, washing procedures help to repel the smell.

There are ten reasons why cats are washed, or a clue about the cleanness of the morlin

Reason number two - hygiene

A person is much easier - went to the shower or took a bath - and ready: he is clean. Many domestic cats, however, do not really like to swim. The second reason for washing - a purely hygienic procedure. Probably many people noticed that the chickens after the visit to the tray licked under the tail to remove the remains that could get on the coat.

Third reason - weather conditions

Yes, yes, it's weather, because due to one or another method of washing a cat is able to adjust its temperature. The owner, in order to get warm, can drink a cup of hot coffee or tea, and the cat breaks out, stimulating the little layer of hook in the language of the lower layer( undercoat) of his fur coat. In addition, the careful laying of the fur coat keeps the heat more qualitatively.

And if the host is hot, he will turn on the air conditioner, drink some cool beverage or take a cold shower. A cat can not do any of this, therefore, and starts to wash thoroughly.

Almost all mammals, including humans, begin to sweat plenty during the heat, but in cats, whose bodies are abundantly covered with wool, sweat glands are only on the paws under the pads. The amount of sweat emitted by them is too small to get rid of excess heat. Tongue pets smooth their fur coat so that air that circulates and cools the skin easily penetrates between the villi.

There are ten reasons why cats are washed, or a clue about the cleanness of the morlin

Cause Four - Cleaning and Mildew

Of course, the fourth reason is something similar to the second, hygienic, but has its own differences. Deaths and fallen hairs from a fur coat the cat removes by washing. In the autumn-spring period, he is the same period of molting, kitsa dressed and upgrades his clothes, depending on the heat or cold. But far from all the villi that need to be replaced, will fall on their own. Therefore, with its frequent washing, the cat throws off the unnecessary ballast.

However, the warm, dry air of the room also causes loss of wool and the formation of dampers. To avoid problems with dead hairs, the cat easily removes them with their tongue. In addition, loose pure wool, which appears due to regular washings, greatly reduces the risk of skin diseases such as fleas and ticks.

There are ten reasons why cats are washed, or a clue about the cleanness of the morlin

Cause Five - Communication

The process of washing can be seen as a way of dating. Kittens, whose age is no more than 3-4 weeks, forcefully shed their brothers, sisters and mom. In this way, they not only get acquainted with each other, but also, under the supervision of mom-cats, learn all the hygienic procedures. With age, the habit of licking all fades away, but the instinct remains, and the teenage kitten is washed by itself.

Sixth cause - hard-to-reach places

Owners of two or more cats have repeatedly noticed that one hat may lick another head and neck. This is due to the fact that it is quite difficult for a cat to bring beauty in these places, so it needs help. Moreover, one can safely say that this mutual washing is nothing more than a cat's form of communication, a manifestation of friendship and love.

There are ten reasons why cats are washed, or a clue about the cleanness of the morlin

Cause No. 7 -

massage Every cat is nice when a loving owner scratches his ears or strokes. But it happens that the owners just do not have this time. In addition, if a person has something itch or flushes, he can self-excite or scratch the place. The cats are far more complex, so they wash well, stimulating the skin and doing a massage. A massage, as you know, brings only positive impressions and produces a relaxing effect.

Eighth Cause - Fear of

It is fear or confusion that can be the cause of washing. Being scared, the cat begins to lavish the coat abundantly. Some felinologists pair with experts who study the behavior of animals, converge on the idea that washing helps the cat calm down, overcome emotional conflicts. At the same time, the massage, which was mentioned for the seventh reason, gives a relaxing and calming effect on the cat.

Reason number nine - protection

Strangely enough, but washing also performs a protective function. Pouring out the wool, the cat in its language stimulates the glands that are located at the base of each villa, for the active development of oily secretion - sebum. It is sebum kitsa during washing it spreads on its fur coat, which promotes lubrication, prevention and protection of fur from moisture.

Sebuum contains cholesterol, which turns into the sun needed for vitamin D for bones and teeth. Thanks to this vitamin in the body, your pet collects phosphorus and calcium. It turns out that washing helps the mustache-striped provide elements that contribute to the formation of important vitamin.

The Tenth Reason - Instead of Conclusion

As this is not the case, it's just a small experiment to prove the cause of No. 8.Probably every owner watched his favorite on the battery, the window sill or the bed peacefully sleeping. During a dream, the cat practically does not control its body and can, if something dreams, accidentally fall on the floor. Now you need to watch - that the kitsa will do right after the fall? Correct, suspiciously recovered, and without finding an irritant, will return to the place and rest and will begin to abundantly wash!

There are many reasons why a pet is washed, but there simply is not enough space for this. Each owner can independently understand why a cat is washed, if he watches for her for a long time.