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Warts on the lips - causes, symptoms, types, treatment, photos

Warts are called skin rashes in the form of nodes with a rough surface. Warts can appear on any part of the body, including on the lips.


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Causes of

appearance Important! Warts appear as a result of infection with one of the many forms of human papillomavirus. Since the skin on the lips is thin, the virus can easily disappear inside the body.

Warts on the lips cause, symptoms, types, treatment, photo It should be said that infection with a virus does not always lead to the formation of a warts. Many people do not even suspect that they are HPV carriers because they have normal immunity. However, if the immune status is reduced, the virus may become active, and then a wart or papilloma will appear.

Infection with the papilloma virus occurs by contact. Most often, the transmission of the virus is carried out:

  • for kisses;
  • in the process of oral sex;
  • when using general objects - lipstick, dishes, etc. However, because of the objects of infection is rare, because the virus is unstable and quickly dies outside the host's organism.

Warts do not appear immediately after the introduction of the virus. Even people with a reduced immunity from the time of infection goes from one month to six months. And you also need to know, as the cause of the formation of a warts lies in the virus, it can not disappear by itself. You can read more about this in this article.

Types and clinical manifestations of

tumors There are various types of warts that can appear on the lips. The most common are the following types of warts:

  • Vulgar warts, they are also commonly called;
  • Flat warts;
  • Spinal warts;
  • Hanging warts;
  • Seed Warts;
  • Nitrous Wart, etc.

Novelties differ in appearance, so their diagnosis rarely causes difficulties.

Vulgar warts of the look like a cutaneous knot with a rough surface, like a wrinkled face. The size of the usual warts may be different, sometimes education grows and reaches 1 -1.5 cm in diameter. The color of the vulgar warts on the lip may change over time. If, immediately after the formation, the knot does not differ in appearance from the skin of the lips, then after a while it may become yellowish.

Flat warts look different. This is a small( 2-5 mm) formation with a smooth flat tip, which slightly protrudes above the surface of the skin. The form of formations, as a rule, is round, the color - does not differ from the color of the lips.

The hanging warts of the in the first stage look like a shin, but eventually turn into an oblong "sack" on the stalk. Education length 5-10 mm. The color of education can be corporeal or brown.

Acute condylomas tend to form on the mucous lips. Externally, these formations are similar to inflorescence of cauliflower - with a narrow base and a wide, covered groove top. Unlike other types of warts, warts can cause itching and skin irritation.

Warts appearing on the lips are not only a defect in appearance, but can also cause considerable inconvenience. Education can interfere with and talk. In addition, without that thin skin of the lips around the warts becomes especially sensitive, it may show painful cracks. As a complication, the inflammatory process of the lips can begin - actinic heilitis.

Diagnostic Methods

Warts on the lips cause, symptoms, types, treatment, photo Many believe that a wart is a cosmetic defect, not a disease, but this idea is false. Why? You will receive an answer to this question here.

Warts on the lips require careful research and comprehensive diagnosis. Therefore, when the appearance of tumors on the lips should be addressed not in the cabinet, but in the medical institution, which deals with the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Only after conducting special tests can an optimal method be chosen for the treatment or removal of education.

As a rule, when performing the examination, a dermatoscopy is performed, that is, a thorough study of tumors using a special microscope. If necessary, a biopsy may be prescribed.

Just by making sure that the warts really is a benign form, a specialist will be able to find the most appropriate treatment. Otherwise, the patient is referred for consultation to the oncologist, where he will be assigned a specific treatment.

Treatment for

Wart warts are probably the only type of warts that physicians can recommend therapeutic treatments.

If the education is small and appeared recently, then the patient may be prescribed:

  • antiviral anti-ointment. For example, oksolinovoy;
  • Ointments with Immunostimulatory Effect. For example, "Viferon".

Warts on the lips cause, symptoms, types, treatment, photo But the funds provided by burning action( such as Solcoderm, Ferezol, etc.), used to treat warts located on the lips are not recommended. Since these agents cause chemical burns, this is rather painful and far from always justifiable.

Additionally, general-purpose remedies and vitamins can be prescribed to the patient. The purpose of such therapy is to increase the natural protective forces.

For the radical removal of warts on the lips, the following treatment methods may be proposed:

  • Cryodestruction - destruction of education by cold - liquid nitrogen or dry ice.
  • Electrocoagulation - burning of high frequency currents education.
  • Laser Treatment - Wart Removal by Laser Beam.
  • Surgical excision is a traditional scalpel operation.
  • Important! The choice of the method of removal should be carried out only by a specialist.

    Treatment by folk methods

    Important! Before starting to treat warts on the lips with folk methods, it is recommended to go through an examination to ensure that education has a benign nature.

    Warts on the lips cause, symptoms, types, treatment, photo The most effective and effective tool against any warts is juice of celandine. You need to tear the sprout of the plant and lubricate the education on the lip protruding on the break with orange juice. The procedure must be performed several times a day.

    Similarly, you can use dandelion juice. But this method is recommended only for the treatment of newly emerged warts.

    In winter, red rowan seeds can be used to treat warts on the lips. You need to rub a few berries into a scutcher to apply it to the education, cover with a film and secure the mini-compress with a patch. Keep at least three hours, perform the procedure every day.

    An effective antiviral agent is garlic. For the treatment of warts on the lips it is better not to use fresh juice, since it is sufficiently caustic. It is better to cook infusion, bake three large chopped cloves of garlic with a quarter glass of boiling water. After several hours, the infusion needs to be strained. Soak up infusion and allow the fluid to dry. A similar procedure should be repeated many times.

    Prevention of Relapses

    It should be remembered that with any method of removal of warts does not eliminate the main cause of their formation. The papilloma virus continues to be present in the body, so if you lower the immunity of education on the lips may appear again.

    There is no medication that could help completely get rid of the virus, so the only way to prevent the recurrence of warts is to strengthen immunity.

    In the event of warts on the lips, it is recommended that a complete examination be performed to find out the reason for the decrease in immunity. If any diseases are detected, you will need to undergo the necessary course of treatment.