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Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character

Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character

Each dog has its own distinctive features.
These characteristics emphasize personality and cause love for the lovers of these pets.
Staffordshire Terrier - one of the most controversial dogs.

  • The Staffordshire Terrier has its own history
  • The character of the home friend
  • Care and maintenance
  • Useful video on the subject
  • The rules of safety for the owner of the puppy
  • How to set the price for a pet and the baby's picture

This breed is known by everyone. Dogs are regular news participants about tragic events in everyday life and attacks on defenseless people. The fault of creating an image of a killer dog is a mighty physique and the titanic power of an animal, which is designed to engage in hard work. Stafford, like any dog, requires special care and upbringing. This animal closely absorbs the words and actions of the owner, so you need to train the dog very carefully. The animal is not born aggressive, but it can become such. A photo of the Staffordshire Terrier proves that he has a good heart.

The Staffordshire Terrier has its own history

Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character Man has always sought to use his surrounding animals to fulfill his economic tasks. At the stage of domestication and prolonged breeding, the breeds of dogs were originally intended for official purposes. Stafford is no exception.

What distinguishes the Staffordshire Terrier:

  • Special physical force.
  • Powerful muscle.
  • Reaction Speed.
  • Endurance.
  • The brittleness and power.

These characteristics have identified the voluntary use of stafford power structures. Army and police units are willing to use this breed for official purposes.

The Black Staffordshire Terrier, whose photo can be found on the Internet, looks dangerous and alarming in people. In fact, this breed is friendly. All staffords are happy to play different games. The owner only has to start playing, as the dog picks up the idea instantly. Stafford is happy to be with everyone - from adults to youngest children.

For many dog ​​owners, it is very important for their pet to have good health and not suffer from various diseases. The terrier is not only physically strong, but also not at all demanding in the care.

At the raising of the Staffordshire Terrier, the owners note an interesting feature: the dog is very attentive to the mood of his master. This explains why the dog always looks in the person's face. For a long time it was associated with the aggressiveness of the beast. It turned out that he just tracks the mood and tries to answer him.

The Staffordshire Terrier is a very old breed of dogs. The first information about it relates to the Middle Ages.

Dog breeders believe that the countdown history of the terrier is from 1209.In other words - not far off the millennium breed! For such a time of existence is not strange. What breed has got a lot of names - from pit bull to American boulevier. In this case, the breed has no relation to the American continent. Terrier's homeland is England.

A dog actively used and used by a person in the household. The assigned responsibilities define the name. Tertiaries in the initial period of their existence were used to participate in special battles. It's enough to look at the dog - and you will understand that this is the perfect breed for the battles! This bloodthirsty and barbaric occupation began to flourish in an era in which deadly battles between people went to the past, and the thrust to the crowds of blood and warrior survived. Then the animals came to replace the gladiators.

The pioneers among dogs in this terrible field were mastiffs. They attracted people with their power and enormous dimensions. But during the battles mastiffs often died from the paws of the more agile wild beasts. Therefore, breeders began to think how to reduce the size of the dog, but maximally save its strength and tenacity. After a long trial and study of the results, the dog breeders came to the conclusion that the bulldog and terrier were worth crossing. The result was pleasing to everyone - the dog became much less that gained high speed and trick in battle.

But the main thing - the dog remained as strong, practically not lost in power, and also kept a special bite of the bulldog, which proved its value in fights. The dog can tightly bite the enemy and, at the same time, breathe calmly, without pushing the jaw.

The Staffordshire Terrier, in the form familiar to each of us, has an official birth year - in 1936 the breed is registered in the official register. At the same time she got an established name. In 1976, the name was corrected - now the dog is called the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The character of the home friend

Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character The appearance of the stafford, which is connected with the fighting between the animals, as well as the selection, which sought to make him a true fighter, formed in the inhabitants an image of a cruel and bloodthirsty beast, a place which only in the cage and in the ring.

In reality, the character of the terrier is very soft, which is hard to believe, seeing it on a photo or alive. In normal life, they differ little from ordinary, so popular dogs: staffords are very fond of children and enjoy playing with them. Ask the dog owners for how many sweet "mummies" stafford can withstand from children! Dog owners simply adore their owners - they are the most important people in the world for them. Their orders are the law for stafford. There are rare moments of aggressive behavior throwing shade to the whole breed. At the same time, many forget that evil and aggressive dogs are found in any breed.

Before buying a Staffordshire Terrier puppy, a photo and a price you can ask the breeder, ask the seller of the pedigree of the dog. And in an ideal way - get acquainted with his parents. So you will form a complete picture of the nature of a particular dog.

Stafford education needs special attention. The dog is affectionate, but with unjustified aggression towards him during training, he may be dangerous - yet he is a fighter. Therefore, consult an experienced dog breeder and follow his recommendations strictly. In this case, you will receive a trusted loyal friend and a better home defense counselor.

Care and Maintenance

Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character The size of the American Staffordshire Terrier is quite significant, but this breed is adapted to live only in the home. On the street she can not live. So take care of a special place in the dog house, where he can relax and gain strength.

In practice, the puppy loves to sleep at the beginning with the master in his bed. Get ready for it! But do not apologize! Soon he grows up and in a bed it will be terribly tight and inconvenient. Make a special place for him with his own rug - so the dog will have its place and you have a healthy and strong sleep.

Some owners allow a dog to chew, but only for a short time - in the form of a reward for exemplary behavior. The dream should be in place!

Care should be taken when choosing and arranging a sleeping place for a dog. Protect the dog from drafts and provide a normal temperature for sleep and rest. Stafford is often frozen - the reason is its wool and lack of undercoat. Make sure it is warm enough. The optimal variant of the equipped housing for a terrier is a special cell. It's best if you get her to buy a dog - that she from the first day lived in her "home".

For households, there is one important and valuable board - the dog's property should be treated as a personal property of a family member with due attention and respect. This allows the puppy to adapt more easily and to feel where his territory is. Using a cell allows you to isolate the dog if necessary, and the habit of the dog to his "house" does not cause him negative emotions.

Remember: the dog is very strong and powerful - with its education, take a lot of time to exercise. A kitten dog requires constant loading of his physical work, otherwise his development can go harmful, destructive way.

The program of training and dog walks is developed in each case individually. There are certain techniques that are recommended for the Staffordshire Terrier, but they should be adjusted, depending on the condition of your dog.

Usually, stafford is so flattered that when it comes home, it falls "without rear paws" - for this breed, this behavior is a certain norm. When walking, let the pet learn to run without a leash - this is a compulsory recommendation for all dog owners. And do not forget about communicating with a dog - so you make contact with a new friend and contribute to its development. Stafford will definitely thank you for every joint stroll.

There is one important feature in the Staffordshire terriers. It is love for water.

According to this parameter, they are divided into two groups:

  • Water lovers.
  • Indifferent to the water of the dog.
  • In the first case, the dog will run for you in water and will float to insanity for a long time! The second type of dog requires special preparation before getting to know the water. The owner must start raising the dog before swimming together. It is recommended that you go into the water yourself and call the dog - as soon as the dog goes to you, be sure to praise him for every step. Stafford loves love very much!

    Be careful about the pet! Terriers have a very thin layer of fat and when immersed in water cool down quickly. In long-term voyage, the dog can become very cold, resulting in negative consequences. The owner must monitor the condition of the dog and prevent the emergence of symptoms of overcooling.

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    Safety Rules for Puppy Owner

    Staffordshire Terrier: photo, puppy, price, care, content, character The Staffordshire Terrier is increasingly appearing on the streets of cities. The inhabitants are less and less afraid of this dog - this is due to acquaintance with this breed. They do not pose a danger, despite the terrible look, if the owner pays enough attention to the raising of the dog.

    One of the main recommendations for owners is to emphasize the following:

    • Do not leave one dog in the yard without supervision - it's best to close it at home.
    • Follow the behavior of the dog - do not let aggressive attacks!

    It happens that Stafford is attacking another dog or he himself becomes the victim of an attack. In such a situation you should know the rules of conduct:

  • When fighting dogs never become between them - you can suffer!
  • When darting dogs, you can not beat them - it provokes a protective reaction to the dog.
  • For at least 2 people to separate dogs.
  • Only open the jaw with a stick or other device - so you save your fingers.
  • After releasing the jaws, remove the dogs from different directions - this will save you from repeating the fight between the dogs.
  • How to set the price for a pet and the baby's photo

    A separate storm of positive emotions awaits you after buying a little puppy of the Staffordshire Terrier. When they are still completely crippled, you will not stop rejoicing in the new pet's tricks! Puppies are incredibly restless: they drag clothes and gnaw shoes, constantly worn around the rooms in search of new adventures. The task of the owner at this stage - to instill their education and teach the simplest rules of behavior from the first days.

    Soon the puppy will begin to change his teeth. This happens painlessly, but requires the master of attention and control over the events. After a complete change in teeth you need to buy a special toothpaste for dogs. Cleaning is carried out 1-2 times a day and is carried out with a finger or a special brush. Be prepared that the puppies will not like it! In no way use an ordinary toothpaste - it is very foaming during the cleaning process and can cause stomach upset when swallowed.

    The puppy's food should contain all the elements necessary for growth and development. The specialists in clinics and pet shops deal with the selection of the optimal diet. Feeding babies up to 6 times a day, while you can not have a puppy overeat - it's bad for digestion. From the first day, the dog is accustomed to a strict diet.

    Make sure your dog has always had water! High energy expenditure during the game requires constant replenishment of water supplies. As the feeding increases, it is reduced to 3-4 times a day, but the volume of the portion increases. An adult dog already eats 2 times a day.

    The price of puppies of the Staffordshire Terrier varies in a tangent range. It is not recommended to buy dogs "out of hand" - sellers are sometimes not very responsible and give dogs with diseases. In addition, you will not be able to trace its pedigree, which is important for fighter dogs.

    An official nursery is the ideal place to buy puppies. Here you will receive reliable and verified dog information. She will have all the necessary vaccinations. And the kennel specialists will give you a valuable recommendation for the care and education of a new friend.

    Stafford is a great dog that will appeal to everyone. At first acquaintance, he can cause fear, but it is worth spending some time with him, as you will love the terrier and become his great admirer. Breeding a dog requires attention and will allow you to get a better friend, and your children - a caring nanny. This pet pet gives a lot of happy moments to the owner. In addition, the Staffordshire Terrier provides its owner with reliable protection.

    Risk! Get Starfford - and you get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with these unusual and fun animals!