Why do yellowing leaves and what to do with it

Dracena - a plant that is rather unpretentious in the care: it does not need daily watering, it is not required to light, is not afraid of temperature changes indoors. By giving it a minimum of time and attention, you will get a beautiful flower that will surprise you with its

exotic beauty for a long time. However, it often happens that even with proper care there are certain problems, for example, the drainage falls and yellow leaves. Repeatedly on the Internet you can find the terms "Dracena yellow what to do."But, before tackling the consequences of the problem, it is worth exploring in detail the reasons why yellow leaves of dracaena are yellow.

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Why the leaves of

are yellowed There may be several drivers that cause yellowing and dry leaves. Let's examine the main ones. It's banal, but the answer to the question "why yellow dracena?" May be the age of your beauty. She leaves live about two years, and at the end of this time they begin to yellow from the tip. In order not to lose the exquisite look of the flower - it is recommended to cut off the wobbly parts. But sometimes it happens that the young foxes yellow leaves. Then this may only mean that you are doing something wrong. All reasons why yellow dracaena can be divided into four groups:

  • irregular watering;
  • inappropriate care;
  • lack of nutrients;
  • the appearance of pests.

Why do yellowing leaves and what to do with it

Very often yellow leaves in the dragnen due to improper watering. Make sure that you do not fill it with too much, the soil should have time to dry. In the summer, it is necessary to water 2-4 times a week, and in winter reduce the frequency to 1-2 times. Only the upper layer of the soil should dry out well in the summer, and in the winter wait for a complete drying. With excess moisture, the roots will begin to rot, which often provokes the yellowing of leaves in the dracaena.

This beautiful flower came to us from warm countries. Be sure to consider this feature at home care. But it does not mean that it should be put under the burning sun or near the heating devices. For her, it's just deadly dry air. It is very important for high humidity, it should be at least 60%.To do this regularly spray it, and in a hot period of time a couple of times a month you can arrange the plant summer shower. Place it in a bath and pour water at room temperature. It will perfectly refresh the leaves, the loot of dust has accumulated on them. But make sure that there is no water left in the axes: it also sometimes becomes a factor that causes yellowing of leaves. Also do not forget to observe the temperature regime. The most optimal is the temperature in the range of 18 to 25 degrees. When heavily understate or, conversely, overstate her, the leaves begin to yellow, and soon and completely the plant dies.

Why do yellowing leaves and what to do with it

Flowers need to be fed with high nitrogen content. Lack of this element, combined with irregular watering, as well as dry air, often causes the problem of "why yellow dracaena".Purchase fertilizers in any flower shop and start adding to water when the plant is in an intensive growth phase, that is, from March to August.

You are sure that you follow all the rules in the care. But what should you do if the dracena continues to jaundice? Another common cause of yellowing of drachten leaves may be various parasites. Most often it is a thrip, a spider mite or a shield, as well as a fungus. If you suspect that the plant could have been infected by the above-mentioned parasites, then immediately remove it from other flowers so that the disease does not cross over to them. To get rid of such a problem in a specialized store, buy a solution of insecticide and treat the plant well. In a fairly short time, the former beauty will return to him.

Why do yellowing leaves and what to do with it

Reasons for spots on leaves

Sometimes it happens that the leaves of the flower are not completely yellow, and they simply appear a variety of obscure origin spots. This often indicates inappropriate care as well as various illnesses.

For example, in the summer, you decided to take the plant to the balcony, because fresh air is so useful for dracaena, put it on a well-lit place, right under the sun, but at the same time forgot that she does not like direct sunlight, and can get burns. It manifests itself in the form of yellow spots on the plant. If they have a more brown tint, then it can signal that your flower is in the course of time.

Very often dracaena is infected with bacterial diseases. For example, rot rotates the edge of the leaves, they become yellow closer to the top. Specialists recommend not to treat the affected area of ​​the site, but simply remove it. Bacterial rot often appears due to excessive humidity and too intense watering. To avoid the appearance of such an unpleasant illness, do not forget to add fertilizers with a high percentage of phosphorus and potassium, and keep watering. It is better to prevent the problem than to deal with it.

Why do yellowing leaves and what to do with it

As it becomes clear, there are a lot of reasons why flashing leaves turn yellow. But panic, seeing the damaged area, is not necessary, since elimination of them is not difficult, if you take time to correct the situation.

Video "How to properly water"

This video gives tips on watering, as well as comments on the maintenance and care of the plant.