2017 Year

New Year's wreath with its own hands 2017. Wreath for decorating the New Year

New Year

Christmas and New Year wreaths allow you to fill any New Year's atmosphere with any house. They are the symbol of the main New Year's holiday and give a truly New Year's mood. By the way, it's easy to make a New Year's wreath with your own hands.2017 is already on the heels, and this

means that it's time to start preparing for it.

The New Year 2017 decoration wreath can be made from virtually any material. The main thing - to show fantasy and spare patience.

The base of the wreath can be made of spruce branches, cones, from dry branches and even from foam.

We make a Christmas wreath of spruce branches.

As a rule, New Year's shades are: green, red, golden and white. Since the Symbol of 2017 is the Cock, it is best to use golden and red shades. For the base you need to pick up some spruce branches. It is desirable that they be thick. You need to create a circle from the twig. You can use a wire to fix it. As additional elements you can use sprigs of mountain ash or grass, berries of wild rose. They can also be fastened using thin wires or threads. To the wreath you can add spiky orange peel or orange patches. You can also use currant sprigs and spruce cones to decorate. Bumps will look beautiful on the wreath if they are painted with golden or silvery paint from the cartridge. Instead of the cones, you can tie small Christmas balls or stars. In short, the decoration for a wreath is abundant, but do not overdo it with it, otherwise it will look too sloppy and ugly.

New Year

If you put such a wreath on a flat surface, you can put a few candles in its center.

New Year Wreath of Cones.

New year wicker from the cones to make it even easier than the spruce twigs. As a skeleton you can use an old, thin wire hanger. Hook hangers do not need to touch, but the rest will have to first straighten out, then to make a circle from it.

New Year

Hanger can be painted in a different color at once. One end should be left free so that it can easily be put on the bumps. To the top of the cone it is necessary to stick small plastic rings. Then these cones should be carefully threaded on the wire. To give a wreath more festive, bumps can be covered with artificial snow. The final stage will be the design of the fixture. For this you can use a beautiful satin ribbon of any color. It should be attached to the hook of the hanger, and the new year's wreath from the cones is completely ready. If desired, you can add some bright berries or a necklace to decorate a Christmas tree here.

Such stunning wreaths can be used not only as a home decor, but as a gift to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

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