Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas

Orchids - this is an unusual beauty of flowers. There are many plants in the photo of the premises. If the apartment has these flowers, it shows the presence of sophisticated taste from its owner. These plants are decorative and greenhouses, which very beautifully bloom. Today, the

has a lot of admirers of these flowers, as orchids in the interior of an apartment or home always look original.


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Where to place the

Orchid, in fact, really loves when there is a lot of light. This means that the period of its flowering depends entirely on the amount of light it enters on it. But they do not tolerate the bright direct sunlight. Proceeding from this, one should conclude that the plant should be placed near the window, and from the western or eastern side of the apartment. Also, if the whole room is sufficiently well lit and ventilated, the plant can be located in the center of the room.

Set up orchids to grow in farms of all kinds, because they have a huge variety of varieties, but only some eat at home. The most popular varieties for domestic growing are Dendrobium, Cattley and Phalaenopsis. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas Some people sometimes make a mistake, based on the idea that this flower will best live in the part of the apartment where it is put by the owner. But this is just a rumor. To locate it, you need to pick up the placement correctly, based on some tips and recommendations for growing the orchid in the home.

Where to put an orchid - this can be determined based on its health and behavior. If the place is selected correctly, the flower will constantly appear more and more new roots and leaves, and even more - the plant will be every year very beautiful to bloom!

Determine whether a plant is healthy can be based on the color of the leaves. For example, if they become very dark - very little light falls on it, and if there are spots on the leaves or they are yellow - that means that there is too much light, and this requires something to do.

If you've ever seen photos of this plant, how it grows and blooms in wild conditions, then you probably noticed that it likes to "cling" to the nearest stones or trees. It is also worth considering when growing them at home.

So, there are a lot of options for locating this beautiful, wonderfully beautiful plant. For example, it may be a living room. Here the plant will only decorate the room, giving, besides, the unusual, tenderness and uniqueness. You can see this by looking at the photo below. Here is a pot with a flower standing at the level of the eye. And you can put it, for example, in the chest or table you dine, maybe you have a curtain-bed - it will very much look like this flower. Even a good option may be a coffee table. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas When you create a flower arrangement, keep in mind that this plant must necessarily stand out against other objects. They should be invisible and not very bright so orchids in the interior of your apartment looked very harmonious. Try to put it, for example, in the background of different subjects, make a photo and when you compare them, it will be clear that it is best "fits" into your design.

You can also beautifully arrange a serving dining table. Plant several plants one by one and veal. Another way of placing an orchid is to put it in the bathroom. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas If the room for hygiene procedures is sufficiently spacious, well ventilated and there is enough light there, you can also place orchids there. Since the flower is very fond of moisture, its location, for example, on the table near the wash basin will be very much to the point. Maybe you have a chest of drawers or a closet - there you can also put a pot with a flower.

The location of this type of flower in the bedroom today is very fashionable and stylish. Here the flower will add the tenderness and extravagance of the style. Excellent location will be bedside tables near the bed. Placing in the "woman's corner" will be extraordinary. In the booth's table, for example, an orchid decorate the situation. You can do a photo in this part of the room, not going specifically for this, in the studio.

Of course, the most desirable place for a flower is at the window where the plant will be lit directly by the daytime sunshine. You probably paid attention when looking at the photo that the flower looks like a window in the living room and the office where you work.

In the kitchen it is very beautiful to put flowers on the windowsill, along it. Even if it will be different plants, the overall look will be beautiful. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas

Select the color of the orchid and the pot

Depending on the location of the plant, choose the color of the orchid and a pot, in which your beloved will bloom. Gardeners are still working on creating new varieties and colors of orchids. In our turn, accordingly, it's all the more difficult to make a choice of shade of a plant to fit perfectly into the interior design of the apartment, combined with the color of the walls or sofa. There are basic principles by which designers recommend making a selection of color schemes.

A great option would be if the flower is a bit more intense than the main interior. Then he will stand out in your room. Choosing a flower is worth having a photo of your room, in which you decided to put the beauty of the orchid. Harmoniously in the interior look a combination of white with blue, blue, green, red. Very beautiful and gracefully fit in the room of the plant's purple color, especially if on their background on the wall hangs a panel under the color of the sea wave. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas You have probably seen in the photo how beautiful white flowers look on the background of a white interior. Also, on a white background will look like a flower of such colors as burgundy or yellow.

Choosing a pot for this type of flower, you need to take into account some points, because the orchid is a root air development system and they need to cling to. That at home, this flower grew and developed properly, it is necessary that the pot of the correct form and crushed bark of the tree as a soil - it can be seen on virtually any photo.

If you choose a high-quality plant, it can be planted in an open-plan pot where the root system's access to the soil will be completely free.

When picking up a container under the plant, be sure to take into account that the orchids love moisture, but it should be a moderate amount.

They can also survive with its lack of. But if it is a lot of it - it has a very negative effect on the plant. Therefore, in a pot necessarily should be thought out system of removal of excess water. Orchids in the apartment interior: photos, compositions, ideas Specifically for this species, plants have come up with transparent pottery from ceramics! Since their inner part has a rough surface, the roots of the plant cling to it, and the transparency of the container allows the light to flow into the root system, contributing to the development of the plant. The

Orchids that are properly selected by color and type are very original to fit into the design of your interior. And now you know how and where to put the flower, so as not to harm his health, and that he will gladden you regularly with his flowering.

Video "Orchids in the interior"

The video contains interesting ideas for placing various types of orchids.