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Chihuahua: reviews, pluses and minuses, owners, opinion, story, pet

Chihuahua: reviews, pluses and minuses, owners, opinion, story, pet

Chihuahua is one of the most popular and favorite breeds among small decorative dogs. So here we have collected reviews, pluses and minuses of Chihuahu.

Maybe they'll help you finally decide to get one.

  • Maria about her pet, Arkhangelsk
  • Discussed by Olena Anatolievna, Yekaterinburg
  • Reviews from Olena Anatolievna, Yekaterinburg
  • Useful Video by Theme
  • Opinion Irina on Chihuahua, Ufa
  • Story of Vladimir, St. Petersburg
  • Pros and Cons of the breed from Katerina, Tomsk

Maria about his pet, Arkhangelsk

Fanny, girl, 5 years old
Malyatko Fanny lives with me for five years now. From the moment of appearance in my house, she began to attract all my attention. A tender, almost weightless puppy, needs constant care and burn, now she has turned into a zaintynice, ready at any moment to laugh and surprise me with their antics.

In the first year of her life was nervous - I was terribly afraid of leaving Fanny one. It was difficult to accustom her to walks to the street in order to meet the needs - diapers she liked much more. Sometimes she gnawed some things, especially if she stayed alone for a long time. Having studied all the reviews about chihuahua, pluses and minuses of the breed, I realized that it is normal. Now there are no such problems.

There was never a problem with food - the breeder immediately explained everything in detail and told what kind of food was better. The change in the teeth was very calm, there were no health problems.

My child can talk with one eye, especially if she wants to get some kind of luscious piece. It is simply impossible to resist this look, but I try to educate myself and the dog.

Fanny is very devoted and always in exchange for care and good attitude meets boundless love. She is my best comforter, will always be pleased and will raise me up with my cheerful tail and endlessly cute smiling face.

Chihuahua: reviews, pluses and minuses, owners, opinion, story, pet

Discussing the owners of the breed Katerina and Anna, Moscow

Chuck, boy, 3.5 years old
If you are looking for yourself not just a dog, but a merry friend who will always cheer and relieve boredom, then chihuahua is better than you will find. There are almost no problems with them, but the pleasure is simply the sea! These are gentle and kind pupils who will constantly laugh at you with their funny tricks.

Chihuahua, like any dog, needs to be fed and walked, although some dogs prefer to diaper need. The health of this breed is also very strong, they only need standard preventive vaccinations. Sometimes you have to contact a veterinarian when changing the milk teeth or if you need to clean the tooth. A separate item is castration and sterilization. Usually it is always recommended to do it, if the owners in future plans do not breeding puppies.

According to my personal experience and the responses of other owners, I know that the beautician's cosmetic procedures are quite limited to bathing, cleaning the ears and trimming the claws. Our Chuck loves to wash, but it's not possible to endure cutting your claws and measuring clothes. Apparently, this is its main disadvantage, because in winter it freezes even in the apartment.

Well, of course, the main feature of Chihuahua - they are great manipulators. Be careful, these little humps will make you the most delicious piece and take the warmest place, and you will not be against it.

Reviews from Olena Anatolievna, Yekaterinburg

Kerry, girl, 4 years old
When Kerry appeared with us, there were not a lot of changes in our house. In addition to minor changes in the interior( removing carpets from the floor and all the dangerous items that could damage the puppy), the atmosphere itself has changed. We care about the happy and carefree life of our child, and she gives us a smile and a good mood.

All "baby" problems have already been left behind. Now Carrie goes to the diapers without any complaints, knows the most simple commands, patiently waits for our return home. It was sometimes difficult, especially when the teeth were changed, but it is hardly easier for other breeds.
Chihuahua: reviews, pluses and minuses, owners, opinion, story, pet
Now there is mutual understanding and full harmony between us. Although she does not leave trying to taste the taste or climb under the master's blanket. And what a touching look at her after she hurts! It's simply impossible to get angry. From games with her there are always a lot of emotions - so much joy when holding on your hands such a little trembling miracle that needs your love and care.

There are no health problems in Kerry. The main difficulty is the clipping of the claws. She cleans her ears and teeth quite well, and she is dressed in the winter, it seems to me she loves herself.

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Opinion of Irene about Chihuahua, Ufa

Wright, boy, 7 years old and Lada, girl, 2 years old
I am the hostess of two dogs of the Chihuahua breed. We first appeared in our house Wright, we chose him as a friend and companion for a daughter. Not long ago he had a girlfriend Lada. The time of the dog is taken away quite a bit, there is no special concern - feed, time to walk, wash once a week. We combine them when it becomes necessary. Chihuahuas do not shed much, but sometimes they sometimes have to suffer a brush, especially a fluffy Lada.

When the owners at work, the boys play with each other, do not get sad and sad, so leaving them alone we never experience. Moreover, we have long hidden everything that could be dangerous to them. Wright and Lada are very quiet dogs, never raise extra noise, do not get their neighbors barking. If you believe the opinions of the owners of Chihuahua, then there is nobody about this problem.

They are, of course, loved to eat, and sometimes they compete with each other: whoever will eat more of them. They eat dry Acan ', according to reviews, this is the best food for Chihuahua. As a prize or simply a treat, we give them some chicken or a little baby biscuit.

Attention our kids require a lot of them - they compete for a place on their knees, climb to the arm, to stroke them, to run ahead of the ball. Chuhuahua - cute and sociable creations, with which you definitely do not bother.

Story of Vladimir, St. Petersburg

Magda, girl, 1 year
I chose the dog myself, and it came up with all possible responsibility to do this. Somewhat frightened by the difficulty in bringing up a puppy, and the responsibility for a small creature is very serious. The chihuahua breed attracted me to a small size, loyal, easy character and the possibility of trouble-free content in the apartment.

Everything that I've been expecting from a puppy has come true! Magda is a real miracle, true, full of love, attentive and very obedient. We walk it every day, except for bad weather( the dog is trained to the diaper).
Chihuahua: reviews, pluses and minuses, owners, opinion, story, pet

The breeder advised to feed her by Hills, and we were very pleased. Magda is good at eating, completely healthy, vibrantly jumping in the apartment and growing day by day.

In the process of upbringing, some complexities appeared only when trying to accustom it to the diaper - this process was delayed somewhere for 4 months. But now everything is fine.

The most important thing is that we now always look at the bottom, so as not to accidentally step on the crumbs. But most of Magda's time is spent on someone's knees or on the hands - she really likes attention, caring and caresses.

Pros and cons of the breed from Kateryna, Tomsk

Mina, girl, 4.5 year old
Our little chihuahua Mina is just a gift - not indignant, does not require much attention, always finds what to do, and will not interfere withlegsIntelligent, attentive and self-sufficient dog is always a joy to the masters. At the same time, she is very playful and sociable, never mind to leave the ball or just lie down beside the masters.

We eat it only with natural food, mostly turkey, chicken, cheese, sometimes with porridge and vegetables. Mina always dresses with pleasure and calmly decomposes. And although bathing and eyelashing is clearly not her favorite occupation, she carries them, like a haircut of claws, for a reward.

Like all dogs of this breed, Mina prefers to stay home than walk in cold snow and dirty puddles. For me, this is one of the greatest benefits of Chihuahua.