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Klamoxil for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

Do you agree that timely antibiotic therapy can literally save a pet?

In this article you will learn all about Klamoxil for cats - an antibiotic of prolonged action.


  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reviews of the preparation
  • Prices

Instructions for use

You can be sure the veterinarian will appoint Klamoxil with problems such as:

  • Infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Infectious diseases of the respiratory and urogenital system;
  • Soft tissue infections;
  • Postoperative infections;
  • Neonatal Infections;
  • Abscess;
  • Inflammation of joints.

Klamoxil for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats


Manufacturer( and this company "Zoetys", located in Moscow) recommends doing injections subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The weight of the cat should be 15 mg of active substance per kg. As a result, it turns out that the dose of the drug is taken at the rate of 1 ml per 10 kg of weight.

Repeated introduction by recommendation is given in two days.


Clomoxyl is present in 2 hours after administration and retains its activity for 18 hours.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the preparation Klamoxil for cats

What good can be said about this antibiotics:

  • Its peak in the body of the cat Klamoxil reaches in 2 hours;
  • Possesses rapid bactericidal effect;
  • Not toxic.


If a cat had an increased sensitivity to penicillin, Klamoxil can not be given to the cat.

Side effects

In the injection site, swelling may occur, which usually takes two days.

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Reviews about the preparation Klamoxil for cats

Danylo: "I have an absolutely fighting cat that feels free in the country and in the courtyard of the house. He has never been ill from birth and therefore his first malaise did not immediately alert me. But literally, in three days, the cat began to melt and needed professional help. The survey showed that the cat had pneumonia. Assigned Klamoxil. You do not believe that one shot was enough and the cat got back to normal life! "

Yevgeny: " I've always had cats live and various problems have happened, but like with the present cat - never. On one awful day, I noticed that the cat was smothering his eyes and nose. In general, pyoderma was diagnosed. Appointed treatment in pills, but such medications did not even fall into the cat - he all spilled with foam. Thanks to the pharmacist, I recommended the injections of "Klamoxil".Not quickly, but cure the kitten. "

Maria: "My cat got cold. It always seemed to me that domestic cats can not catch cold - at home warm and wool is thick. But, apparently, it seemed to me that it seemed. Trained by past experiences, I did not pull and called the veterinarian home. I advise everyone to do so in urgent cases so as not to injure the psyche of the patient with animal transits. Assigned Klamoxil. Helped with a quick and easy way! ยป

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So we have not found out about Klamoxil for cats? Its value!

In Kiev, in veterinary pharmacies, the drug is sold for 425 hryvnia per 100 ml, and the price in Russia - 840 rubles.

Other about Klamoxil can be found here:

http: //www.zoetis.ru/products/


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