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Russian to-terrier: price, photo, dog, qualities, benefits, conditions

Russian Terrier: price, photo, dog, quality, benefits, conditions

Russian terrier is a great and unique dog.

It has a lot of energy. It will always be interesting for the owner to spend time with her at home and on the street. No difficulty in the content of this breed of dogs is not.

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  • Dog Benefits and Disadvantages
  • Dog Temperament and Habits
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Also, the future owner must take into account that this dog breed mayspoil the furniture interior and badly perceive host commands. In some cases, it may be aggressive. At the same time, it is a smart breed of dogs that can easily be trained. Therefore, it can be raised by an adult or a child.

Any person at the age of 8 can create such a breed of dogs. She perfectly brightens the loneliness of the person and will have fun at the whole family. Under control should be the communication of a dog with a small child. The price of Russian to-terrier depends on the breeder.

Key features and characteristics of the dog

Let's turn to the consideration of some characteristics of this breed of dogs:

  • Standards: weight up to 3 kg, sizes 20-28 cm, state - Russian Federation, time of creation - 20th century, FCI( group, section, number) - 9.9,352.
  • Cost: "hands" - 300 $, classes "PET" - 400 $, "BRID" - 700 $, "SHOW" - 1100 $.
  • Care: low degree of care, care for hair - minimal, bathing depends on the cover, living conditions - the house, live - up to 13 years.
  • Education: below average, may be brought up by children from 15 years of age.
  • Purpose: decorative rock, human friend.
  • Behavior with others: outsiders - distrust, children and animals - normal.
  • Activity: above average, walking - 60 minutes without games.
  • Russian Terrier: price, photo, dog, quality, benefits, conditions

    The advantages and disadvantages of the dog's establishment

    In practice, some advantages and disadvantages were found in the establishment of such animals.

    Let's take a look at the benefits:

    • differ in mobility and cheerfulness;
    • is an excellent watchdog;
    • have a longer life span;
    • requires minimal care;
    • is the best friends for active people;
    • is the best friends for fashion enthusiasts.

    Russian Terrier: price, photo, dog, quality, benefits, conditions
    Let's turn to the disadvantages:

    • these animals are rather fragile;
    • in winter, winter warm clothes are required for their maintenance;
    • in the absence of attention there is a lot of activity and barking;
    • is not suitable for sweepers;
    • is not recommended for families with children under 4 years of age.

    Dog temperament and habits

    Breed dog Russian terrier, a price and photo which can be found below, has a unique character, easily finds a common language with others. Her behavior is controlled by all family members. The control should be constant, but not obsessive. If you do not do this, then the animal will remind you of yourself. The dog will behave more aggressively. As a result, you will need to seek advice from a vet. It is also necessary to walk this wonderful animal to get rid of excess energy.

    Therefore, this breed of dogs is a great choice for self-living people and couples. He will be fine with children from 4 years old. But if she is given attention in the family and the dog is constantly being raised by all family members, then she will be pleased to be in such a company. Peace and complacency depend on the time of walking this dog.

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    Dog maintenance and care rules

    It's easy to take care of these little animals. Depending on the length of the wool, such breeds of dogs are long-haired and short-haired. In the first case, they should be combed and bathed up to 6 times a year. The second option is to bathe several times a year, and if the dog is dirty while walking. Wipe a dog with a wet terry towel. Caring for a pet is his walk. For this animal it is necessary to teach the team "Апорт".Experts recommend a joint walks with a dog.

    This dog breed must be fed with standard feed. For this purpose the optimum diet is selected. You can agree with the veterinarian. This dog can be given dry and natural feed. In the latter case, you will need a little more money. If you talk about the use of dry food, then this will be the best option for feeding the dog.
    Russian Terrier: price, photo, dog, quality, benefits, conditions

    Significantly saves the owner's personal and free time as well as his cash. Specialists recommend the combined use of dry and natural feed for these animals. This will allow them to look healthy and cheerful. They will constantly enjoy their master and react calmly to his voice intonation.

    Forage needs to buy high quality. As a rule, it is bought at specialized shopping malls or pet shops. Products must have a quality certificate. It is better to buy feeds from German manufacturers. In this case, there is a guarantee of the purchase of quality products from a proven manufacturer. This will solve a huge range of tasks and keep the health of the pet for a long time.

    Correct dog training and education

    This dog breed is easily trained. After all, she is very smart. It easily assimilates and quickly executes various types of commands regardless of their level of complexity.

    A dog training sequence affects team memorization. The owner needs to teach her the main line of teams "to me", "near", "place", "fu", "sit", "lie", "apport", "give". The main thing is to teach a dog to do it without excessive repetition. A dog must perform teams at home and outdoors. For effective dog training you can hire a skilled specialist, as well as get acquainted with different methods of training on the Internet and other outsize resources.

    It is also recommended to visit specialized forums where people communicate the experience of communicating with these animals, as well as some features of their behavior, care, breeding. Here is all the necessary list of questions. After that you have to choose the necessary technique and constantly engage with your dog. In some cases it is recommended to hire a specialist to engage in a dog.

    The breeding of this dog breed takes a minimum period if the owner performs the training process correctly and consistently. Dog behavior rules should be established from the moment the puppy appears in the family. Only in this case, the dog will know its place, the location of the toilet, will not gnaw extra things and household items, take food from others, will not bite their hands during the game. And ultimately, it is always pleased to meet their masters. This dog can perfectly raise a 8 year old child. To carry out constant and effective control it is necessary to actively walk the dog.

    Russian terrier is a unique and smart dog that can be easily trained. Does not require special conditions of detention. The acquisition of a dog has its advantages and disadvantages. Dog is recommended to buy active people. It is suitable for witches and families with young children( up to 4 years old.) This Russian terrier is a worthy gift to the family, and everything will depend on proper dog training by the owner and members of his family.