The most expensive horse in the world: how much is it, description of the breed


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The most expensive horse in the world - known to every thoroughbred horse stallion, successfully launched in England. Amazing muscular animals called English racing. The breed breed

continued in other countries, the name of the demanded breed changed to the actual.

The most expensive horse in the world: how much is it, description of the breed

English horses win in competitions around the world

The popularity of the breed is amazing, as it is found in every corner of the world. The rock breed participates in many competitions, where breeders demonstrate better performance and their power capabilities. With the right training, you will achieve high results, only prizes and the best seats on all races.

Characteristics of the

The most expensive horse is also extremely fast. At a small set distance, the animal can easily develop an impressive speed of 60 km per hour. The horse, however, does not accept any other racing or common breed directly in the racing, where they exhibit the English racer, since the chances of taking a truly worthy place in this case simply do not exist. The speed developed in a few seconds of running is simply incomparable, if it concerns a purebred breed.

The most expensive horse in the world: how much is it, description of the breed

English Horses - Speed ​​Record Drivers


The horse is attractive with suit: it is always one-color and even. The most common tint of a horse is thistle, fester, brown or red. Quite often, among the representatives of the breed can be found animals of gray, hollow or black color.

The height of the animal in the bow is different: you can meet a horse with a height of not more than 142 cm, but other parameters are quite common - 172 cm. All these horses, irrespective of the growth rate, are the ideal representatives of the racers breeded in England.

As for the horse's exterior, it boasts an impressive variety and excellent characteristics:

  • Professionally breeders are distinguished by just a beautiful and strong article, completely dry head, refined neck, expressive eyes.
  • The shoulders are oblique, the large body is exceptionally powerful, but very short.
  • Massive chest, and legs are smooth and solid. Khvist is well placed and planted, and the joints are powerful and strong in terms of racing.

Actively used in professional equestrian sport, an exciting hunting sport. The horse is easily involved in races with difficult obstacles and triathlon.

So, the endurance of the breed, the fastest and most expensive. The horse's heart is strong and strong, and the volume of lungs is sufficient to come to the finish line first, which looks good.

Animals adhere to the established conditions of professional care, balanced and nutritious feeding.

The most expensive horse in the world: how much is it, description of the breed

English horse requires a lot of money and effort to care for

The characteristic appearance of the

Thoroughbred horse and training is characterized by a thin, slightly elegant, constitution of the body and a skeleton with uniform projections that are quite sharply noticeable where the muscles and all the strong tendons are directly attached.

Animals have a beautiful and elastic skin, dense and striking relief of muscles.


Thoroughbred representative of the English breed has a living, slightly energetic, slightly choleric attitude. The horse is distinguished by the increased speed of even the slightest reaction to everything that happens and the full impact of all its forces. Perfect for professional and successful participation in various races.

The most expensive horse in the world: how much is it, description of the breed

English horses are taught to people from the very early age of the

, you can effectively tame a young horse - it is aptly suited to training and correct attitude. It is not necessary to treat the training horse in the future, as it continues to participate in the jumps.

If you misconceived training, unpleasant consequences - the horse does not perceive you as one, which can lead to aggressive behavior.

Horse care and maintenance is recommended to be thoroughly thought over. Only in this case, the horse is different in strength, speed and attractiveness. Thanks to the good content, you will achieve not only positive performance indicators of the horse, but also the longevity of the representative of this breed.