Virosalm vaccine for pigeons: instructions for use, contraindications

When using the Virosalm vaccine for pigeons, the instructions should be thoroughly studied to avoid complications. Salmonellosis treatment can not always be effective, ie salmonella quickly becomes resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it is better to prevent this

disease by enhancing the immunity of birds by Virosalm. This injection is common among pigeons, but not everyone knows the subtlety when using it. In order for the therapeutic effect of the medicine to be most useful, consider the instructions for the application of Virosalm.

Virosalm vaccine for pigeons: instructions for use, contraindications Virosalm is a prophylactic agent used to prevent pigeon diseases from occurring.

Content of the article:

  • 1 General characteristics of the preparation
  • 2 Indications and contraindications of
  • 3. Procedure and precautions

General description of the preparation

A liquid, yellowish colored vaccine with a structured suspension that can easily be converted into a homogeneous mass by shaking. The composition includes bacterial salmonella cells and Newcastle disease virus infected fluid. It is available in vials of 2, 10, 20, 40 doses( 1, 5, 10, 20 cm3, respectively), tightly closed with rubber sleeves. The drug is considered suitable for use for 2 years with proper storage. It is recommended to keep the vaccine in a dark, cool place at a temperature of +2. .. + 8 ° С.Remnants of unused funds after 8 hours are subject to utilization.

Before you get rid of the remains of a non-consumable printed vaccine, you should boil the product for half an hour. When disposed of, this procedure is carried out for the purpose of decontamination.

Indications and Contraindications

The vaccine is designed to provide a sustained resistance to the Salmonella and Newcastle disease of the bird organism. Applicable solely for the purpose of prevention. The drug is intended for vaccination of birds: pigeons, ducks, geese, turkeys, parrots, cesarocks, quails, ostriches, pheasants and some other species.

Virosalm vaccine for pigeons: instructions for use, contraindications Vaccination of pigeons by virosalm is carried out to form the immunity of birds to Salmonella and Newcastle disease.

Indications for vaccination are for the following categories of birds:

  • . Chickens that have reached 3 weeks of age.
  • Birds not vaccinated against Salmonella and Newcastle disease during quarantine.
  • Birds of productive age 4 weeks before the expected beginning of egg laying.
  • Birds for a month before participating in exhibitions, contests or other places where there is a likelihood of contact with other infected birds.
  • It is forbidden to inoculate weak, sick and helminthic infections of pigeons. It is not recommended to combine the vaccination with Virosalm with the administration of other immunomodulatory drugs. The period of molting of pigeons also serves as a contraindication for using Virosalm.

    Procedure for use and precautions

    Before using the vaccine, it is advisable to have pigeons treated from worms before using the vaccine. The drug is stirred until a homogeneous slurry is obtained and gently pricked in a pigeon duck.1 bird usually requires 1 dose( 0.5 cc).It is desirable to use disposable syringes for the procedure. Place the injection prior to administration of the vaccine should be disinfected with antiseptic - it is more convenient to use a spray - or 70% alcohol solution.

    Virosalm vaccine for pigeons: instructions for use, contraindications The vaccine of pigeons with this drug is best to entrust the veterinarian.

    The first time the pigeons are vaccinated at the age of 3 weeks, then after 1 month the procedure is repeated. Adult pigeons are given a vaccine twice, every 10 months, at intervals of 1 month.

    If you have the opportunity, trust the specialist pigeon vaccination!

    In order to properly administer a vaccine, you need to take the pigeon to the left hand from the back, fixing with a thumb the wing. The needle of the injection syringe is injected into the chest muscle about 3-5 mm at an acute angle to the head of the bird( if you put the needle in the direction of the tail, you can damage the chest and liver, which will lead to the death of the bird).

    Using Virosalm, you must adhere to the precautionary rules. All vaccine participants should be dressed in special protective clothing. It is recommended to work in medical gloves. When a vaccine is injected into areas of the body or mucous membranes, they are washed with plenty of clean water. If the vaccine has been accidentally administered to a person, the injection site should be treated with antiseptic and seek medical advice. If the product has been spilled, the treatment is also subject to the place where the vaccination was carried out.

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