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Photo of small dogs: breed, name from photo, in the world, herself, video, hin

Photo of small dogs: breed, name from photo, in the world, herself, video, hin

It is certainly not known when the dog became a reliable friend of the person, but instead offered her food and a roof. Already existing breeds of dogs differ in external characteristics, weight, likes, but unites them one thing - they are our loyal friends.

  • Chinese bobtail dog - only for the most creative
  • Griffon - excellent cleverness and sharp mind
  • Malthus - luxurious wool and noble posture
  • Bolognese - Italian beauty and refinement
  • Toy terrier - domestic dog with brave heart
  • Useful video on the topic
  • Japanese Hin - Jewel of the Imperial Palace
  • Papillon - Legacy of French Charm
  • Pomeranian Spitz - Fun Dwarf Bear
  • Yorkshire Terrier - Courageous English Hunter
  • The MinuteThe best dog in the world - chihuahua

Some people are delighted with the huge dogs that can cause greatness with their terrible appearance, while others are perceived from the crumbs with amusing ears and fluffy hair. The false idea that the representatives of both sides will be able to reach agreement, a man who is proud of a German shepherd, will never be fond of cute chihuahua. Even the photo of small dogs causes a storm of emotion.

According to statistics, small dogs make the most beneficial effect on the human psyche. A small fluffy glomerulus with one look and eyes-beads can cause a smile on your face, calm down, relieve nervous tension. Such dogs are constantly near, due to their tiny sizes, so on emotional level, the mood of the host, and in a hurry to calm him and cheer up.

For dogs special interest, which of the breeds is the most miniature in the world. You can make a hit parade of small dogs and try to resolve the dilemma.

We will consider the smallest dogs, photos with the name of the breeds and their features.

Chinese bobtail dog - only for the most creative

In the rating of the most tiny pupils, the Chinese bobta is the largest: its height is 30 cm and the weight does not exceed 5 kg. This breed is suitable for extraordinary people, because the external data of the breed are unusual and not to everyone beforelike youOn the body of dogs there is almost no wool, there is only a small bang on the head and a brush on the tail. Therefore, the people made a legend about the origin of Chinese chubby breed. A tiny, fluffy dog ​​was running in a snowy forest, but suddenly her attention was drawn to the crying baby. The animal shook all its wool on the baby, and he warmed up. The gods were very surprised at such a courageous act, so returned the parents to the child, and the dog joined them.

Photo of small dogs: breed, name from photo, in the world, herself, video, hin

There is a Chinese parable about this breed. A dog without hair with bangs on his head accompanied the Buddha in his heavy journeys. His mission was to walk around the world in a simple dress and carry good to others. When he tired to go further, the little boy turned into a huge lion and carried him further on his mighty back.

Chinese bobta is endowed with a wonderful character: smart, caring, aggressive against humans and animals, never will just be barking.

Griffon - excellent wit and sharp mind

It is worth noting that the graffins are divided into Belgian, Brussels and smooth-haired. These dogs appeared as a result of the mixing of different breeds, but most of the pudding features predominate, which is immediately visible by the characteristic muzzle. The bells look very cute: the small nose is flattened and proudly lifted upwards.

Griffins are absolutely not aggressive. They are completely devoted to the owner, friends with other animals in the apartment, they adore being in a large company, and they are saddened and suffering from loneliness. They have a habit of emulating the character of a person, reaching to the fact that they are trying to absorb the movement of the master. However, you can not too spoil the crumbs, it can turn into a domestic tyranny. Griffins are great for keeping in a city apartment, because their growth is not more than 40 centimeters, and weight up to 6 kilograms. Also for a dog you need to choose your own place for rest and sleep. The peculiarity of the breed is the ability to hide the beloved belongings of the family members, so the animal got the nickname barabaska. Such a wonderful dog should be very often and long walk, but if the owner is a sports person, then it will not turn into a burden.

Maltese - luxurious wool and noble posture

Dog has a rather spectacular appearance, like a white fluffy cloud descended from heaven, the same ephemeral and almost unimportant. Snow-white children were extremely popular among members of the royal family. And their value equated to the Chinese silks and precious stones. And still the price of small puppets is very high, which explains their beautiful external data. Now you can see a cute muzzle of a bellock that looks out of a handbag of a glamorous lioness or star of a show business.

For the first time, maltesees appeared in the UK in the year 55 BC, thanks to merchants and Roman legionaries who grabbed cute crumbs with them. The dog is a wonderful companion, she is always ready to accompany the owner. Although it looks like a maltese, like a fluffy toy, it raises the toy appearance. A dog is the embodiment of a positive mood and joy, has a relaxing and therapeutic effect. She never mourns and is always ready to raise the mood of the host, as he thoroughly feels his feelings and depression. It may scare a loud cry or a sharp sound that will cause loud barking. A dog is very interesting and can walk away to walk to explore the unknown territory, so you need to keep her on the leash. Also, the Maltese swamp has a fearless character, so it is always ready to defend its ruler, who is boundlessly devoted.

Bolognese - Italian beauty and elegance

Bolognese is a very beautiful and good-natured dog that differs not only with good external data but also with the ability to learn, savvy and memorized. Its weight does not exceed 5 kilograms, and the height at the withers is about 30 centimeters. Bolognese is naturally endowed with a furry coat, but taking care of it is not very difficult, most importantly, you need to regularly allocate to the procedure for some time.

Photo of small dogs: breed, name from photo, in the world, herself, video, hin
Children simply worship the Italian bloon, playful, funny, good-natured and always ready for mischief. To the joy of adult family members at home, she behaves peacefully and calmly, but on the street it is empty and runs. Thanks to the magnificent exterior and pleasant pleasure, Bolognese was a favorite of Empress Catherine the Great and the Marquis de Pompadour. Bringing a dog best of all since childhood is to educate other people, animals and harsh street sounds.

Toy terrier - domestic dog with brave heart

The toy terrier is confidently in sixth position. This breed is already familiar with what was brought out by domestic breeders. But thanks to the beautiful exterior and characteristic features very much enjoyed by people and gained enormous popularity. The appearance of the breed belongs to the middle of the last century. Breeders of the USSR got the task to bring the domestic dog to make it look like a very popular English breed. The Russian terriers received recognition not only in us, but also in the territory of Europe.

Dogs are captured in miniature sizes, and for some time were considered the smallest breed in the world, while chihuahua did not lead.

If you have a large family, all households should learn to find a common language with the terrier who loves to be in a human society and not tolerate loneliness. Such dogs are sociable, friendly, like to play and have fun.

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Japanese Hin - Jewelry of the Imperial Palace

Japanese Hin in translation means "jewelry".This breed has appeared for a long time, but it is surely known that only very rich people could afford such a dog. To the Imperial Dogs was attached an army of doctors who were watching their health. Japanese hin became a symbol of the imperial court, and notable persons wore babies in bamboo cells, attached to the sleeves of kimono.

The popularity of quinas is increasing day by day. They can often be found in the park or on the street, and find out the flap of the muzzle and long straight fur coat. This is a friendly and cheerful dog, which is really difficult to train. It is not suitable for keeping in families where there is a small child, given that the baby can injure a dog. For kids over 8 years old, the Japanese hin will become a companion and will make the company play.

Papillon - the legacy of French charm

These dogs come from exquisite France, their name was due to the raised fluffy ears resembling butterflies. Kings and queens worshiped the papillons, then the fashion extended to the nobles and aristocrats, and then they acquired popularity and love throughout the world. In our country, you will not often find such a dog, but if you want to buy a royal dog, you can always contact the nursery.

Papillons are very devoted to the master, but also worship all family members, they can not stand alone. Dogs are so peaceful and obedient that they will never bite the host if he accidentally hurt them.

And finally, there is a great triple of leaders.

Photo of small dogs: breed, name from photo, in the world, herself, video, hin

Pomeranian Spitz - a funny dwarf bear

It has been originated since the 16th century from the territory of modern Germany. So I want to hug and pat you this fluffy animal, it seems like a real little toy, although it has a brave and brave character. He does not like to be at home with pillows, he is always ready to go for a walk to explore new territories. If he does not provide enough physical activity, then at home there will be power to jump and play. Dogs of this breed are very devoted to the owner and will follow him in the apartment everywhere, become a true friend and companion. The truth is that there is a lot of trouble taking care of the baby's hair, so it should be put to a person who can allocate time for regular care, bathing and combing the pet. If you have to spend a lot of time at work, then the dog of this breed will not suit you.

Yorkshire Terrier - Courageous English Hunter

Yorkshire Terriers were taken out in the middle of the 19th century by ordinary people in Northern England. People have taken such a breed of dogs to overcome the invasion of rodents in factories. Due to the small growth, hunting instinct and thick wool terriers became a salvation from mice and rats. Then they saw the indescribable charm and the beauty of a little dog, and she gradually moved into fashionable salons and exhibitions. Yorkshire Terriers are very small, their height does not exceed 26 inches at the withers, and weighs about 3 kilograms. But Yorks have all the qualities of the character of fighting dogs, they are stubborn, independent and courageous. On a walk, you do not have to let the terrier off the leash, because he can provoke a fight with larger dogs.

The world's smallest dog in the world - Chihuahua

The photo of the smallest dog in the world does not transmit its true size. They are real crumb - their height does not exceed 15 centimeters, and weigh less than one kilogram. From Chihuahu you need to be very delicate to lead yourself to accidentally not injure, so they can not be started with families with young children. The child will behave with a soft dog, as with a toy, can cripple the pet and damage the soft tissues. Even if the chihuahua from the sofa comes in carelessly, it will turn into a serious injury.

It is also necessary to protect the insolvency from overheating and cold. Due to the rapid metabolism in the body, the dog begins to freeze and tremble. Never walk with them in the cold, and for cool days the best way out is to buy a special suit. In hot weather, the baby can get a heat and sunshine, so treat her with care and auspiciousness. Particularly vulnerable place for babies - the neck, and the collar is strictly contraindicated. It is better to buy a special leash, which is fastened under the paws.

If you liked the article, you can always look at the cute little dog photos in more detail in the photo, and if you even want to buy it, you can not measure the cares and loyal look of a fluffy pet with no money.